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  1. I simply appreciate that there are simmers out there who are willing to take the time to do these more complex informational posts in the first place. I don't necessarily injest all of the information presented, but it is a good resource to have available when looking for some current MSFS development tidbits. The efforts of all involved are appreciated by me 🙂
  2. The clamps on the yoke do appear to be the same size as the ones on the Bravo Throttle. The screw portion of the clamps on the Yoke measure at about 2 inches. Hope that info helps you. 🙂
  3. I have the following components for sale: Virtual Fly TQ6+ $250 US (in good shape with no known defects) Honeycomb Alpha Yoke $100 US (in great shape with no known defects-have all original packaging) Honeycomb Bravo Throttle $100 US (in great shape with no known defects-have all original packaging) MSI AMD RX 6900XT Video Card with 16Gb memory $500 US (barely used, in great shape-have all original packaging) Please feel free to DM me if interested and we can discuss shipping, payment etc.
  4. Concur with this. I used his video and information to get FSLTL setup the first time, and it really helped me understand how to tweak the settings as I've gotten more used to using the program.
  5. When I first heard of Flow and saw some release info for it, I thought that oh, looks nice but probably not much more useful then the default toolbar. Then, I watched a few in depth review videos and my mind started to change. So, I went ahead and purchased the pro version, and now for the last few weeks I have found it extremely useful. It it super customizable and I love the interface. For me, it does indeed flow. Would I suggest it for everyone? Not necessarily, but I would highly suggest that if you are slightly interested, then do some deeper research on the capabilities and options and also watch some in depth use and review videos. Then make a more informed decision. Overall, I find it extremely useful and an excellent application. And, no effect on frame rates or sim performance for me.
  6. This same thing has happened to me as well as some others across the last couple months. It is annoying to say the least. It's never happened to me before, until this last little update that we had a few weeks ago.
  7. That is one great video! Loved it! Happy New Year to all my fellow simmers 🙂
  8. I concur with the other MFG users above. They are some of the best sim rudder pedals availble now days. I bought mine around 5 years ago, and they are working as best as they were when they where brand new. No issues at all. Supper smooth, easy to set up and strong.
  9. Sorry for the late response, I have been away from home for a few weeks. As to why I like the Virpil stick, it's because it is much more sensitive and smooth, and has LOTS more buttons and hats to assign controls to. Also, the grip itself is more comfortable in the hand, there is an adjustable hand rest as well as a twist axis that can be turned on or off. I use the twist axis for nosewheel steering on large jet aircraft. My Warthog stick is by all means well made and there is nothing wrong with it, but it just feels outdated compared to the Virpil design, in my opinion and experience.
  10. I am a fully retired military Veteran with no children, so I can pretty much sim whenever I want...when I am home, that is about 6 hours a day. But, in the winter I am skiing a lot of the time, and in the summer I am on Jeep trips, camping and hiking trips pretty often. Doing everything I want now is making up for the 28 years of service where I was not home very often and worked long, late hours.
  11. +1 And, I also really miss my A2A B-17 and A2A Piper Cub. I don't think the current Cub variations in MSFS have anywhere near the character that the A2A Piper Cub had.
  12. @theskyisthelimit I wanted to reply to this post sooner, but it was late last night when I first got around to reading it on here. Anyhow, here is some feedback that might help you with your decision process. I own both a Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle. I think both of them are fine products when compared with similarly priced products that they were originally aimed at competing with (Saitek/Logitech yoke and throttle and CH products), and I never had any of the problems with mine that some others have reported. There are a few things I personally didn't like though. For the Alpha yoke, plenty of buttons and the mounting options worked fine for me, but as fly GA and Tubeliners, all those toggle switches just wern't working out for me with my jet setups. For the Bravo Throttle, it is helpful to watch a few YouTube videos on getting it setup the best. My only real negative on the throttle is the throttle handles themselves just feel small and minimal I guess. I wanted a chunkier feel so to speak. So, looking at alternatives, I tried the Turtle Beach Velocity One. Thank goodness for Amazon. That controller is shabby, and I don't use that term lightly. It feels very cheap, the throttle levers have no tension and are very loose, almost to the point of falling down when you push them up and take your hand off. The whole product felt more cheaply made than even the Saitek/Logitech controller. It has plenty of buttons, sure, but that does not outweigh the cheap feel. I returned it to Amazon after one night of trying to fly with it. I now use a Virpil flightstick and a TM Warthog throttle (I already had the TM HOTAS before I got my Honeycomb stuff). I think a HOTAS setup is the best for MSFS because it is flexible and gives you lots of options when flying a variety of aircraft. I also want to mention the MFG rudder pedals. I got a set of those over five years ago and have never even looked at replacing them. They are solid, well made and work great. There are lots of options out there for flight controllers, so I hope you find something that works best for you.
  13. Well, I use GSX, FSLTL and FSRealistic all at the same time and my CPU is overclocked and I do not get CTD's...not at all. It's seems strange how some PC's have it and some don't, but every PC is so vastly different that it is so hard to nail down a cause sometimes.
  14. Great update and some wonderful screenshots to go with it! Thanks! Looking forward to this.
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