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  1. It is already entered in that section, presumably after entering it into the EFB EDIT: Okay, figured it out. My Simbried username was one character off. Doh!
  2. Guys, I cannot get my Simbrief flightplan to import into the Fenix. It worked perfectly in Block 1. I have input my Simbrief name into the EFB, I have updated the Navigraph data in the Navigraph hub, I have rebooted my sim and MSFS a few times now. I keep getting the message that no Simbrief flightplan was found for my username
  3. I do not know of any Vincent, but that is pretty cool! And Corona is another locale I am familiar with from growing up. 😊
  4. I do not know of any Vincent, but that is pretty cool! And Corona is another locale I am familiar with from growing up. 😊
  5. Well, if you have MSFS Deluxe, then I wholeheartedly recommend the Pipistrel Virus SW121. That little plane is really fun and easy to fly in the sim. It does not get enough spotlight.
  6. Happens to me too, after every update and I've never figured out a way around it.
  7. Great work Vincent! I used to ride ATV's out in the Ocatillo Wells area when I was a teenager, so this will have a little nostalgia for me 😁
  8. This is exactly how I have mine setup, V-Sync OFF in MSFS, but forced ON in Nvidia control panel settings (under MSFS). Great results for me as well, no shimmering or tearing. Been running it like this for about a month now.
  9. Maybe that is why I don't see it, because I have never been a fan of 'motion blur' or 'bloom' in MSFS.
  10. @Noel I have been using a RTX 4090 for over a year now, and I have never ever noticed any flickering anywhere of any kind. That goes for the PMDG 737's, Fenix A320, the BKSQ TBM850 which I am flying right now over Australia, the A2A Comanche, the Kodiak, the new DA-42....nothing but great performance and smoothness that has been talked about for a while with the 4090's. It just works for me. Sorry you are experiencing flickering, because that would drive me nuts. I cannot stand flickering or flashing. I hope you figure out what is causing it. Is the 4090 you acquired new, or second hand? Not saying it's hardware, but it could be. The only time I have had flickering problems with my PC display in anyway, it turned out to be hardware related. This was before I had a 4090 though.
  11. @vbazillio Vincent, you're continued efforts are as appreciated as ever. Keep up the relentless work 🙂
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