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  1. EBBR is indeed one of the best developed airports in Europe for MSFS as of right now. And, as for KBOS by FlyTampa, you will be most happy with that one too. It is another super well done airport and FT has done an excellent job with it.
  2. This is not just a problem the last few weeks. It's been an ongoing problem since MSFS was released, and to my knowledge, I have never heard that Asobo has acknowledged it as a problem or concern of the MSFS user base. It will happen to me a few times during a day of flights, then no issues for weeks, then it happens again. There have been many threads on this subject over the past two years.
  3. Like some others that have posted, I keep lots of downloaded files on a separate SSD that I just for that purpose. Everything on there is organized in folders by type of download and what platform it is for. I have been doing it this way for many, many years and it has proved handy on many occasions when I needed a previous downloaded file for whatever reason. The main reason I do this is for organization as I may not remember where I got all these downloads from in the first place. But having them orgranized on one drive helps remind me where I got each one also that I actually have them. Also, you never know when your internet access might go down, so it's nice to have your own little server of downloads.
  4. Yep, sure does. It's not a Fenix specific button or anything, it's just the normal MSFS pause system. But, yes, if the household commander needs your help and you get back in 15 or 20 minutes, your Fenix flight will be okay.
  5. I bought both the Fenix and the PMDG 737-700 when they both were released, and I have been flying both since then equally as much. They both perform well, and although my system is much stronger now, when I started with both of those aircraft last year, my system was more like yours. And, I never had any performance problems with either. As someone mentioned earlier, when using the Fenix livery manager app, be sure to install the 4k liveries, and NOT the 8k ones. In the early days of the Fenix, installing the 8k liveries was a common source of performance challenges. The 4k liveries look every bit as good, and nowadays even with my current system I still use the 4k liveries. I have also never had the Fenix app crash on me or do anything strange. You DO have the option to start the Fenix cold and dark, ready for pushback and also ready for takeoff. And although you cannot save your flight and panel state in flight, you CAN pause the flight and come back a while later unpause, and no altitude changes suddenly happen like in some other aircraft. That is one of the benefits of the Fenix app being run outside of MSFS. Sure, when it comes down to style, one might like flying a Boeing or an Airbus more then the other, but the Fenix is every bit as good as the PMDG line of 737's and the FBW Airbus. Each of them has some advantages over the other, but all of them are really good. And, the Fenix has a very well done EFB, if that matters to you. Don't be worried about Fenix being a new company either. They have shown since the A320 release that they are very responsive to customers and are diligently working on updates to the Fenix.
  6. Does anyone remember the Dornier DO-27 from Digital Aviation? That bird was one of the first complex aircraft that I used back in the FSX days. All the aircraft systems were simulated, and further complicating for an English speaker is that all of the controls in the cockpit were labeled in German. Still, the sense of accomplishment just getting that bird started was so fun. Then, getting it into the air, even more fun. It had so many cool features that were not seen on other sim aircraft at that time. So much nostalgia with that little aircraft for me.
  7. I use a 1440P ultra wide screen and also use TrackIR so all I have to do is lean forward a little if I need a closer look at a control, panel or screen in the cockpit. Very similar to real life if you were sitting in your car and wanted a closer look at something on the dash panel, where you would just lean in a little.
  8. That is some excing news! I love the Black Square Caravan, and I am looking forward to the Baron, and now the steam guage TBM too!
  9. Here is my list, in no particular order: The Fenix A320 and PMDG 737-700 and 600. The AAU1 update The Got Friends Wilga The Black Square Caravan addon Here's to looking forward to what exciting things happen this year 🙂
  10. I have had my MSFS assistance settings messed up twice in the past with two different MSFS updates. I now check those settings first thing after an MSFS update, because as you have experienced, it's very frustrating when it happens and you are not aware of it. Glad to see you are getting it sorted though. My bet would be the assisted throttle setting causing your problem, but that is just a guess on my part 🙂
  11. This is ridiculous....as a professional retired military sniper with 28 years of service and experience, we trained ALL of the time when we were not conducting actual missions. That said, with my job I still practiced on my own at the range, with my personal rifle, very often to hone my skills even further. I would submit that many professionals across all crafts and trades do similar honing of thier skills with whatever is available. For example, at one time in my career, we stood up a new unit that had no equipment assigned yet, including any sniper rifles. So, we went to the local hardware store and purchased some air pellet rifles. Could we practice and work on our long range 1000 meter shots with those? No, we could not. BUT, we could work on our trigger, breathing and basic principles of marksmanship skills with those pellet rifles, thereby honing our skills even further so that when we did recieve nice new 7.62 sniper rifles and went to the long distance range we were that much bettter. For any professional that wants to further hone thier skiils and dial them into the best, whatever training options they have available is a major training multiplier. It seems that you just don't understand this principle.
  12. Well, this is encouraging and when they actually accomplish this work on the PG quality and solid bridges I will definitely give it another shot. I would love that it worked everywhere, all the time, because when it does look good, it looks great. But, for me, one melted building in a sea of good looking buildings ruins the vibe for me. Ever seen Inception? Reminds me of that scene where Leonardo goes back into the city him and his wife created and it is all detoriating.
  13. I had forgotten about the solid bridges and also the missing light effects with much of the PG. Those are two other reasons I don't like having it turned on. Especially those solid bridges...they just look horrible to me. And, I don't fly over the scenery at 100 feet all the time. Mostly, I am flying the Fenix A320 or the PMDG 737 or similar aircraft. Even when I fly smaller aircraft like the C310 or C414 I am up pretty high. The things I notice about PG that bother me, I notice too often no matter what altitude I am flying at. At some point, I am taking off or landing, and then I typically see many PG discrepancies that annoy my. So, I keep it off and BINGO, no annoyance 🙂 Seems simple enough.
  14. Well, I have been keeping up with this thread as well as @Jazz 's woes regarding the steering. So, last night I loaded up my copy of the PMDG 737-600 and started a flight at Orbx EGHI. I have MFG rudder pedals and also a Virpil flight stick with a twist rudder action. I have the rudder pedals assigned to my 737 rudder, and the twist action I have assigned as nose wheel steering axis in the MSFS controller settings. Then, I ensured rudder+tiller was enabled in the 737-600. With this all set, I was able to easily steer around the airport at normal ground operating speeds using my twist action on my Virpil operating the nosewheel steering. For further testing, I DISABLED the twist action in the MSFS controls and ALSO set the 737 to rudder only. When I did this, my steering was atrocious. Not as bad as @Jazz experienced with not being able to steer at all, but it was very difficult to steer and I would have to use differential braking like @flyhalf above. Without differential braking, my rudder only turns were super wide with not much radius. Turning my twist action back on for my Virpil in MSFS control settings and enabling rudder+tiller in the 737 made it all steer great again. What does all this mean? I don't know for sure. I know not everyone has the option for two rudder like controls with thier flight sim hardware setup, but just trying to provide some more insight and information on the vareties of this issue.
  15. I am another one who does not like flying with the PG on, but I DO abolutely leave the Bing data on. Melted buildings and monolithic trees are something I just can't look past. They drive me crazy when I am flying along in the sim, enjoying the scenery and there is a giant melted blob of a building. Or a building that looks like it was shelled with artillery. Every once in awhile I will try PG on to see if has changed at all. I am always disappointed when I do that. But, the non-PG scenery looks very good on it;s own, so it works out for me.
  16. As I travel out of KDEN in real life very often, it will be nice to see these updates for the airport in MSFS. Maybe, just maybe, FlightBeam can finish thier updates before the actual real airport is done being worked on. At the rate of the real work, FlightBeam has at least 5 years to get it done 😁 I have seen the line for security going on as far as the eye can see, almost out the building! One whole side is shut down while the upgrades are being worked on. And I am not exaggerating. At least we don't have to deal with that in the sim 😎
  17. I am looking forward to the NZCH release. Very happy with the other product releases I have in MSFS from this developer 🙂
  18. This goes for me as well. I am constantly switching between the PMDG 737 variants ( I have the 700 and 600) and the Fenix A320. Prior to MSFS, I never flew tubeliners and was exclusively a GA sim pilot. But, I got into both the 737-700 and A320 when they both were released and have enjoyed them both. As soon as I have a few days of flying in one bird, I want to go fly the other one. And so, back and forth it goes. I do agree that the PMDG 737's peform better in MSFS in regards to smoothness and FPS, but opn my system the A320 still performs smooth and well also. Just not quite as good. But, love both aircraft in MSFS 🙂
  19. Got it, thanks. That is what I wanted to confirm. Much appreciated.
  20. I have a kind of on topic question regarding the RTX 4090. I have one on order, and I just wanted to confirm that with the 4090, it is recommended to have HAGS turned ON. Can some current 4090 users confirm or deny this?
  21. This is exactly what this mod C152 needed! Thanks!
  22. I simply appreciate that there are simmers out there who are willing to take the time to do these more complex informational posts in the first place. I don't necessarily injest all of the information presented, but it is a good resource to have available when looking for some current MSFS development tidbits. The efforts of all involved are appreciated by me 🙂
  23. Concur with this. I used his video and information to get FSLTL setup the first time, and it really helped me understand how to tweak the settings as I've gotten more used to using the program.
  24. When I first heard of Flow and saw some release info for it, I thought that oh, looks nice but probably not much more useful then the default toolbar. Then, I watched a few in depth review videos and my mind started to change. So, I went ahead and purchased the pro version, and now for the last few weeks I have found it extremely useful. It it super customizable and I love the interface. For me, it does indeed flow. Would I suggest it for everyone? Not necessarily, but I would highly suggest that if you are slightly interested, then do some deeper research on the capabilities and options and also watch some in depth use and review videos. Then make a more informed decision. Overall, I find it extremely useful and an excellent application. And, no effect on frame rates or sim performance for me.
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