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  1. AI Traffic Nightmare

    As someone who devotes hundreds of hours of my spare time into making AI repaints, AFCADs, flightplans and even the odd model or two and then gives them away for free to be enjoyed by anyone there are no words to describe how disheartening this post is. An absolute knife in the back. You are complaining that models and repaints are now better and more detailed than ever before.........Seriously? You are aware that most people are not running their sim of choice on a PC built 20 years ago right? There have been enormous advances in processing power, RAM, graphics cards and even the underlying sim platforms since the last decade? As has been said if you want AI from the 90s with terrible, basic models and awful DXT1 textures there are plenty of payware packages that will give you exactly that with just a few mouse clicks and you can be spared from all the terrible time and effort that you clearly find so bothersome. I honestly just don't know any more what will make people happy.
  2. WOAI traffic in P3D v4

    Yes FAIB and FSP models all work flawlessly as they are fully native. AIA also released an FSX model update pack here in the library they also work. Don't despair there are large scale efforts within the AI community to update as many models as possible. Doing it properly takes a bit of time though. Just a word too about these AI packages. As things stand only WOAI are authorised by almost all freeware authors to use their works. Anything else currently is pirateware. The sad thing is nobody ever asks, if someone who wanted to create one of these packages by co-operation with and working with the freeware AI community we would happily talk about it just like WOAI did. But nobody ever bothers they would just rather rip off.