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  1. Same here.I have all of them but onair is my favorite.It is continuosly updated and support is good.
  2. I'm trying to figure out if the bravo is worth getting.So I watched truckloads of YT videos and I'm not any wiser.Most of the videos seem to be sponsored and not so credible.Many of those youtubers claim the product is very good and good quality and sturdy whatever yet when they move the levers the quaadrant seem to be moving around as if it was a cheap a. plastic toy. Any of you honeycomb users will to share some honest opinion on the bravo ? Thanks
  3. I might be wrong here but.Don't -16383/16383 and -0/1 overlap ? -0 and 1 value/points are between -16383 and 16383 ?. I'm still struggling with assigning axis and axis advanced mode.
  4. I'm using MSFS,the aircraft is the fsreborn 500 and the hardware is xtouch mini. Awhile back I created a general profile with spad.next (change spd,hdg,alt,vs)that works for all airplanes .So I installed aao again and and tried to replicate the same profile.Most events work for aao too.So far only sync hdg and ap_alt_var_dec and inc 100/1000 wouldn't work "out of the box" with aoo.
  5. Sorry for not being clear.I'm looking to assign a button(rotary) - x-touch mini- using aao.I need ap_alt_var_dec100 but I can't find it in key down events.
  6. ap_alt_var_dec100 and *dec1000 seem to be missing here. I can't find them here. what am I doing wrong ? Thanks
  7. I used to get errors similar to the above when importing data from simbrief into the fms. I then downloaded/used the 789 bsimbrief profile from their discord when planning and all was good again.
  8. Sorry it didn't work for you. I also bought it on justflight and it worked for me.
  9. Go to settings hit restore.Go to update manually and update.Download and install.Done.
  10. I can't figure out how to have trackir5.exe start _before_ msfs ? I have trackir5.exe in the options->additional options section and it auto starts when I click the launch simulator arrow but it starts after the sim and I see no option to have it start before ? Thanks
  11. Quote: (FREE) Google Maps Server provide the best resolution when flying low and seems very update to date. In some places, google servers are blocked, you should setup a proxy first. Free version has original color from Google Maps and the data maybe older than pro version. (PAID) Google Maps Server (Pro) provides tuned color and resolution. In some places, google servers are blocked, you should setup a proxy first.Server 2 is a backup of server 1 and only has 1 server to use.
  12. I am interested in the CRJ as well. But. I watched a few videos on YT and the cockpit textures I have seen look bad to me (too bland).Did Aerosoft update them textures ? I searched the net for mods but couldn't find anything that resembles the real thing. Any hint/help appreciated.
  13. Can it you create your own in sim panel ? Say you want to bring up the pilot2atc window can you do that ?
  14. Imo, none of them mentioned in the subject.You can't beat Pilot2atc (support included).
  15. Is a black panel included in the steam gauge overhaul king air package ?If not is there a black panel available somewhere ? Thanks
  16. If you ask or get vectors does FSHud line you up with the runway or does it direct you to the final fix ? Thanks
  17. Thanks.Will try. I never had this issue with earlier versions tho.(that I remember of) 🙂
  18. I installed the latest public beta and now after p2a connects to the sim it [p2a]basically disappears. I still can see it in task manager but the window is gone and I cannot bring it back. anyone ? Thanks
  19. Would it be possible to have an in-game panel for p2a like navigraph charts ? I'm running p2a and msfs on the same pc and alt-tabbing to access p2a is not so great . Thanks
  20. I continue to have problems with this software. I have purchased the new honda jet.So ,with aao,heading works, vs works, altitude even with 100 or 1000 to the side of the box does nothing at all. Aileron and elevator work. Throttle does not work at all.Nada. So i tried removing the default sim assignments and tried using aoo.nothing. I tried using "select simulator event" no luck.I tried using "select simulator axis" and again nothing. I mean AOO sees the throttle as a matter of fact I see the numbers going up and down below the "move joystick axis box" but it does nothing in the sim. If I choose throttle1 from the "simulator axis" and push the throttle all the way forward ..the engine goes to 50% or so and comes back down to 0% right away. I checked the manual but I'm not any wiser ?
  21. I use Xtouch mini also with xp11 with the x-keypad software.X-keypad has a box that when ticked shows you the last command used. So… if you turn a knob say hdg, alt or vs it shows the command that you can use to tell Xtouch what to do. Does AAO have something similar somewhere ? If not would it be possible to create such a function ? Thanks
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