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  1. jfv

    KSNA autogen weirdness

    And what version are you using, and is it generic or do you have anything installed over it?? FYI, I COMPLETELY uninstalled the scenery thinking something got corrupted, then reinstalled it... It made no difference, still buildings on the airport area, not only that but I think the ground textures were the wrong type for the airport as well. SO, I figured ok, enough of this, and I again uninstalled the scenery, then went into Program Data, made SURE all remnants of scenery were deleted. Finally, then installed my old scenery which was, then restarting the sim, and sure enough, KSNA now is clean and looks as it should. So, there is something wrong with the scenery, of course I asked about this over on the P3D forum, and have heard nothing but crickets. I have been thinking about buying Orbx Global, I'm wondering if this scenery error would still occur, after all it seems like an autogen/landclass error and not texture. Opinions??
  2. The other day I decided to do a GA flight in SoCal, happen to pick KSNA, and was annoyed to see houses or some kind of buildings scattered about the airport landscape. I am using 3.4.14 but I can't say for sure that this wasn't there before as I am not in the area that often. Can anyone else check if they see this or if something is corrupt with my system. I actually uninstalled 3.1 and installed 3.4 from scratch. Any suggestions on what to do about it? Thanks,
  3. All this fretting about subscriptions, in the first place if you looked carefully at the article its for "Enterprise" customers, not for home or prosumer, I think people just love to hate MS Further, subs surround us, there is a cost to doing business, see how you feel if your paycheck stopped because your employer just hated having to "subscribe" to your expertise, ahem
  4. jfv

    Wilco Falcon 7x

    Its funny reading this thread, after so many years it seems like the same type issues happen over and over again with Wilco, it used to drive me mad how it "almost" works, er except for the ILS or except for the altitude control.... Clearly they need to get a new gauge programmer And people try SO hard to be positive in some ways, they don't deserve it, they put products out that never get fixed, they just move on to the next thing to rip people off with. The only answer is to steer clear of them.
  5. jfv

    Loss of Yoke and Pedals mid-flight V3.1

    Sounds like the problem I had with USB on Windows 8.1, something that seems to have been fixed in 10, used to drive me crazy trying to unplug and plug in my yoke to get it back BTW, I have Saitek but same basic design I believe.
  6. jfv

    Blackbox A330s in P3D V3.1?

    I just tried installing Widebody prologue v. 0.81.5, had the migration tool active, the installer gave me the choice of FSX or P3Dv3, oddly when the migration tool was disabled it only seemed to see FSX, but I choose the later. It installed fine, then I loaded a 330, the only issue seemed to be it started with engines and apu off, once I started the engines, however, everything seemed to work. I did not have time to try flying it right now, but all displays including the MFD worked. Maybe you needed to start your engines? I still am spoiled by the Aerosoft Airbus, but this certainly seems to be functional if you have the migration tool (something I've found is a MUST buy). Cheers,
  7. jfv

    Blackbox A330s in P3D V3.1?

    Ya, at the rate its been going I wouldn't be surprised to see Aerosoft bring a product to market first I own this on FSX so I can give it a try and see if I have any better luck than you.
  8. Could it be that you have the tiller set? I've flown the BBS A330 off and on for a year, and sure its not perfect, but I've never seen a problem with the rudder, I have Saitek pedals, and have done manual approaches without any problem.
  9. Its not the framerates that make SE the big deal, its because when they rebuilt the source they used the newer C++ compiler which has all kinds of improvements over what was available in 2005-6, or whenever MS actually last compiled the app. Compilers are like hardware, when Intel releases new processors families they have many low level goodies that will only be used if the compiler knows how to do so. The newest compiler has native thread support that wasn't there back in the day. I suspect its these types of reasons that the VAS handling is so much better, more efficient garbage collection. The money you spend to buy SE is like getting a service pack for FSX, in fact a better one than any before, its money well spent
  10. jfv

    I'm Shocked!

    You don't need a new installer for the MD11, the standard one works fine.
  11. I also went through a complete uninstall of FSX Gold and SE, then made sure everything was cleaned up. Finally went back to FSX-SE, this time did all the simconnect installs, and finally installed the MD11, 747, and the 777. The MD11 Dome now works, as well as the 777 Could be it was just that I had installed one of the simconnects, not sure.
  12. I don't see how it could be an 8.1 issue, because FSX Gold installed on it worked fine. It is interesting that it worked on 7 though Jim. Do you have anything changed in the SE install, I did nothing, just installed it, no tweeks or changes?? Oh wait, the one thing i did was update simconnect from the SDK.
  13. I recently build a new Haswell machine, and figured I might make it easy on myself and buy SE. It has 8.1 Pro on it, and after the OS install I just installed FSX-SE, then I installed the MD11 and 747. Now, its true that it MOSTLY seems to work, but I ran into something funny that made me suspicious. I was doing a night flight, and as I started to set things up I went to hit the DOME light and it didn't work, odd because other lighting worked. I also find that SE is prone to those random sim crashes that I so hated and had finally gotten rid of over a few years on Win 7. SOOO, much as I hated taking the time, I completely uninstalled Steam and FSX-SE, and reinstalled FSX Gold, and then the MD-11 again.... you guessed it, the DOME light worked fine , and at least so far no crashes. I'm reporting this so PMDG and anyone else with the MD-11 can check it out. I do believe that SE is better performing due to the recompile and all.... but something is not completely stable here and nothing drives me more crazy than an 8+ hour long haul that crashes in the last hour :( Here's hoping it can all be sorted out...
  14. jfv

    Losing Vox panel

    It clutters up the view anyway, so using 'o' to toggle it on and off is nicer IMHO. OH, and the 'o' key only will work after you've enabled it btw.
  15. This is something peculiar to AXE? I have a Saitek setup and it works with no adjustment same as it does on PMDG or anything else, see nothing special about the AXE.