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  1. hockey_fan

    P3D AI traffic for military and freight aircraft

    Thanks, I already knew MT6 had shortcomings. But so far it looks like I'll need to keep at least 2 AI add-ons around, and maybe 3 (for GA). So I still see this as a partial, however acceptable, solution.
  2. Hello all, When I fly airliners, I appreciate having all different categories of AI traffic (airliners, GA, freight, military). It is particularly nice to fly a charter to an AFB and land with a plethora of military aircraft on-site. For this reason I have been using MyTraffic6, which includes all 4 types in a single add-on. Are there other AI traffic packages that include all of these types together? When I have checked into the latest AI traffic options, not all of these aircraft categories appear to be supported in 1 add-on. Am I missing something? What do others do, are there excellent add-ons to combine to produce all 4 AI traffic types? I would prefer not to have a hodgepodge of add-ons to get this to work. So I've stuck with MyTraffic6 because it's got everything together, but I'm curious if there are better options. Best regards.
  3. hockey_fan

    Prepar3 vs MFS Deluxe Edition

    I upgraded from FSX to P3Dv4 a few months ago. I would say there is a strong benefit to upgrading, especially if you have lots of add-ons. With FSX, I always had to tone down the add-ons from their original capability just to avoid OOMs. Or I had to constantly adjust configuration files in the (usually futile) hope that lower settings would allow me to complete the flight without crashing. This was true even with fast and expensive hardware. With P3dV4, I can run the add-ons at or close to the limit of the hardware I have. Even if I had to purchase some of the add-ons again (and often the upgrade was free), it was worth it, because essentially for FSX I had purchased add-ons without really being able to use them. Now I use all add-ons at their capacity, and the difference is stunning and game-changing! Also, I haven't yet had to edit a P3D configuration file by hand. All the settings can be handled through normal P3D menus. Some may still benefit from careful tweaking of configuration files, but I've had very satisfactory performance without having to worry about tweaking. The only way I would say not to upgrade, is if you have few add-ons and you are happy with the FSX performance as is. Bottom line, if you've invested a lot in flight simulation, you're going to get a great return on investment if you upgrade to P3D. If your investment is smaller then the gains will also be smaller.
  4. hockey_fan

    logging of flight data and pilot input

    Ouch, I meant FDR and not CDR.....:( Sorry for the obvious acronym screwup. I will definitely take a look at simFDR, it sound very promising to what I am looking for.
  5. Hello, Is there add-on software available that will capture flight data and pilot input for post-analysis (similar to a CDR)? Or might it already be built into P3Dv4? I once had a flight (big iron) with possible failures simulated, where the autopilot disconnected and I could not control the airplane. P3Dv4 restarted and all the evidence of the crash was eliminated. I sure would have liked to know what the actual failure was, and how my inputs either contributed to the problem or that I otherwise did not correct the error in the proper manner. The other major use of a CDR I can see, would be (for modern airliners) to monitor how well I stayed within the flight envelope. Some add-ons give grades for flight performance (fspassengerx, fscaptain) and I would like to know, for example, that I ran into the speed or pitch protection for that particular flight. Knowing that I was relying on the built-in protections from the airplane might also imply that I wasn't making the correct pilot input (and thus maybe my grade should really be lower). With a simulated CDR, I would be able to analyze both scenarios and potentially improve my flight simulation skills. Anyway, I have a profound appreciation of this hobby, and if no one has made a CDR yet, I'd love to suggest someone build it. I would buy this add-on in a heartbeat. I think it would add immensely to the simulation experience, especially with higher fidelity add-on aircraft.