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  1. Hi Guys, Can anyone point me in the right dirrection as to how to add thses to msfs please. Thank you in advance Rich
  2. @ dogmanbird, Thank you for the information, looks like the Reverb is. @ eslader, Thank you also for that, although Beat Saber is not my thing
  3. Thank you for that, I'll bare that it mind. May I ask, is the plug you plug in, HDMI or display port?
  4. Thanks for the advice but I'm glad to say (for now) that it's sorted. You see my Quest 2 has died and I'm not replacing it with another. I'm looking into getting either a Reverb G2 or HTC Vive (both used) as they plug in graffic cards. If you know of any going, please let me know.. Thanks
  5. Once I get the best result, I do not change anything. The setting's are retained and are the same next day but liken I say, the sum does not run the same. One thing I have noticed and not heard anyone say anything about it is when I start the sim is, when the logo video for ASOBO plays, it will stick/hang for a split second, not sure why. BTW, FPS is not a problem, I can live with what I get. Just want smoothness.
  6. Hi everyone, looking for help. Everyday, I spend hours trying to get msfs to run smoothly and most times I succeed. However, every time I shut down the computer for the night and start it the next day, I'm back to trying to get it back to how it was the night before. Every time.... Any ides would by helpful. This only applies to vr. I'm using quest 2 with openxr toolkit, oculus tray tool on Windows 11 Thank you in advance. Rich
  7. Thank you for your help, but I'm resolved to a change now. Too much trouble for me. Rich
  8. Hi, The quest 2 is fine until I connect it to the pc, either link cable or air. When I start it, I see the desktop fine, I can move my head and there is no lag or distortion. When I fire msfs, it starts to lose tracking and resolution. And when I come out of vr, back to the desk top, it goes black. When I go to the oculus home page, it like watching water go down a plug hole. I've also spent hours trying to get it to look right and smooth but to no avail. I' be used all the recommended software and reinstalled it move time's than I like to count, so I'm after a dedicated headset that plugs into the RTX rather than USB. Thank you for your time and advice. Rich
  9. I currently have a poorly Oculus Quest 2 and to be honest, I've not been to impressed by it using MSFS. I'm currently looking into either a Reverb G2 or a HTC Vive, and I'd like some advice into which one is best to run on a RTX 3060. Thank you in advance. Rich
  10. https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024693814--Downloads-Flight-Switch-Panel There you go. Download the Flight Switch Panel driver, check it's version 8.0.313.0. Install and it should start when you fire MSFS up.
  11. Here is what I do after reading about the problem. 1. Sign out of the Microsoft store. 2. Sign out of the Xbox app. 3. MOST important, restart computer. 4. Sign in to Xbox then Microsoft store. 5. Start the sin. Try that.
  12. Yes Bobsk8, simming since MS98 I appreciate the input and I didn't find it condescending.
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