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  1. I tried to mix up the camera views in the Hong Kong landing, with the cockpit side view landing as seen in some real videos! What other views would you suggest? Yeah I think I went a little too crazy on the bloom in that one😂
  2. Thank you so much! What about the others? Apparently the La Guardia one is a little too dark? Could you comment on that?
  3. Hey so I've made a couple of videos on YouTube for X-Plane 11 after migrating from FSX, just wondering on your opinions! Here's one but there's a few others on the channel if you'd like to check them out and give me some feedback?!
  4. Probably been discussed before but i'm intrigued. Lets say you have no experience in real world aviation, yet you have many many hours in flight simulator using the a2a, aerosoft, pmdg aircraft (the 'realistic' ones). And suppose you are on a jet liner coming back from holiday or a business meeting - you name it - and a very unlikely event of both pilots becoming unable to fly or help - Would you step in to help? If you were the only person on that flight that had any idea how planes operate, would you take on the responsibility of landing a jet liner with only flight simulation experience? So like the title says -- the question really is apart from the burden of great responsibility in real life aviation, how close to reality are modern day sims with all these new addons? Discuss, Will.
  5. As in most cases, its probably just a corrupt file. If you haven't already try reinstalling it, making sure you fully uninstall the PMDG 747 through the programs and features control panel. Regards, Will.
  6. Hello, Like Bert said above, could really be an endless amount of things. Most commonly, as in my case the only way I was going to get a constant 30fps with heavy addons and scenery was to spend close to £1000 on a tailored FSX rig. And it worked. My old AMD rig would give me 30fps one day, and the next day give 9 fps. Thats when I had enough. Start by telling us your specs? Regards, Will.
  7. I am aware of that but NVI isnt just made for FSX, its a tweaker for your GPU. I never said it will definitely work, but i'm sure there's no harm in trying? It has been successful for some it may be successful for you or anybody else who gives it a shot. If doesn't work you wont be suprised;) Cheers, Will.
  8. I was skeptical at first, but I probably took a day out of my life to watch a few videos - the one that helped me most was Matt Davies FSX Settings 2015 which he shows you the best NVI settings. For me it was a massive success - I gained about 5-10 fps maybe a little more and all the horrible flashes and jaggedy edges all vanished. Ill send a link to a print screen of my settings, please understand im not saying it will help you, but its worth a try eh? Fiddle round with it see what you can do. If nothing improves then I cant suggest much else. http://tinypic.com/r/314frdz/9 thanks, Will
  9. Okay it must be a problem with the views so i'm thinking a corrupt cfg file, I doubt its an FSX problem because the 3D panel is fine. So its a view panel problem most likely. Do you run steam edition or boxed? and have you tried re installing the aircraft?
  10. Can you confirm you are using the default FSX aircraft or addon aircraft?
  11. Yes I think your're right especially when the aircraft is on final. I tried watching real cockpit landings to try imitate the camera movement and integrate it into my videos, but I think there is maybe too much on that final leg! Thanks for the comment!
  12. Hello! Go into the 3d virtual cockpit and see if the same thing happens, also test if it happens in the external views, then we can narrow things down! Thanks, Will
  13. I am planning a new NGX video along with a 777 video just don't know whether to do just landing or take off aswell, and where the locations should be hmmm :/ and thanks for the sub! Thankyou very much sir! I appreciate it!
  14. I made sure there was nothing "proprietary" in there, and I made sure I told him to back up his own .cfg before trying in case it didn't work, which it didnt and which he has obviously done. Will
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