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  1. Many thanks for the speedy reply, Alex. It's a great tool! I tried deleting the cache as suggested and that cleared the problem. It would be a shame to lose the elevation data though.... Regards John
  2. Has anyone nopticed a problem like this?. The ground profile in the centre of this flight plan is much exaggerated. No way are the hills in the centre of England almost 10,000 feet high! Rest of the ground profile looks OK.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Looks like I'm on the road to solving it... I found a spare USB interface DVD drive and used that. While I still had problems double clicking the setup.exe I managed to start the process by right clicking the drive icon (for some reason I get one for the USB drive) and selecting "Install Flight Simulator X". The on-board DVD works for other applications, 'twas just FS-X that was being dificult but since I managed to get it going and am now half way through adding the Acceleration stuff it looks like I'm on my way.
  4. After installing Win 10 Anniversary edition my PC seized up and would only function in safe mode. Never mind, I thought, I have everything backed up. I'll do a Windows Reset. Even though a reset trashes your apps, I thought that's no problem. The reset worked fine. BUT.... Trying to reinstall FS-X, my DVD wouldn't work. Actually the PC didn't seem to see my drive... After some work with MS support I have got to the following position.... I know its not the drive - I put another (USB) drive on and couldn't install from that. I know it's not the FS-X DVD disk. I tried starting the install on another PC using the same DVD and the same (USB) drive and that works. It looks like it's the Anniversary Edition because PC 2 has Win 10, pre the anniversary edition. Could be the difference between Win 10 64 on my PPC and Win 10 32 bit on PC 2, though I guess. Then I tried to install another DVD based game on PC 1 and that works. The only difference between that and the FS-X DVD is that the FS-X DVD uses something called DVD Check.exe. I'm tired of watching MS support try all the same things over and over again without getting anywhere. SO...... (1) Think carefully about updating to Win 10 Anniversary Edition if you're likely to need to re-install FS-X. (2) Anyone got any bright ideas?
  5. There is also a Dove set of sound files on www.britsim.com with some Dove specific starter files which I've used.
  6. I posted the sound file problem at the Just Flight board and they have come back to me saying the ms_starter and xms_starter sound files are default Microsoft FS-X sounds and should be in the FSX/Sound folder. I don't have them there which I guess could be the result of years of modding and tweaking but I don't recall having done anything that might have removed these files. Has anyone else got them?
  7. Aahgh, sorry folks that should have been "Table 473". be77solo - I used AAM from http://www.difusco.de/fsd/aam_ini.htm Correct. it's a typo. Apologies.
  8. A useful fix has been identified to the trim problem on the Just Flight forum... table 437 is missing from the air file : copying one in - the author suggests the one from the default DC-3 - gives a more believable behaviour on the pitch axis.
  9. Nutikati: OK - you are right, I don't have those either, I mis-read the sound.cfg file. You might get a better effect with the Aeromusica sound set for Derek Palmer's FS9 Dove over on Classic British Files (britsim.com) and there is also the Gary Jones file developed for the same purpose here on AVSIm (http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=156938). Both these work ok with the Just Flight Dove as far as I can see and doing as you suggest with just the starter files seems to work too. On balance I prefer the Aeromusica startup sounds but try for yourself. :smile: Ckyliu: I fear that you might be right about your reaction... :wink:
  10. A good book on this is subject is "Empire of the Clouds" by James Hamilton-Paterson : available from your favorite book vendor..
  11. Which files are missing for you, my directory looks OK....
  12. Well, if there is one, I haven't found it yet. :smile: I suspect it's behind this door but there doesn't seem to be any way to open it. I've tried hammering on it but there's no answer, even though according to the fuel/payload settings there are passengers loaded. Obviously in today's airliners we can't have passengers getting into the cockpit so I guess here they're stopping the pilots getting to the passengers. It's not something that bothers me too much. I've been seduced by delightful cabins in the past only to find I never look at them, but you're right - there doesn't seem to be one.
  13. One little treat turned up at the week end - the new De Haviland 104 Dove from Just Flight. It's certainly worth a look for the very claustrophobic feel of the two man cockpit and the well rendered VC. (There's three versions of the cockpit - two civil (one with modern avionics, one traditional) and one for the military Devon variant. I'm not sure I have the trim sorted entirely yet and there's one or two features I'd have like to have seen rendered differently (those cockpit communication boxes for a start) but there's a good manual (worth reading as some of the switches are in odd places) and for UK £19.99 its not bad value. Good set of liveries (there's also a repaint pack with 4 extra liveries for £3.99 but free with the base pack if you download today). http://www.justflight.com/product/dh104-dove-and-devon
  14. Problem solved - there was a file missing from the original upload - its been added to the library now.
  15. Can anyone explain exactly what is meant by this instruction in the installation documentation from the new Greek Airports Project LGTT?"Also if you are using the ATTICA_PHOTOREAL scenery found athttp://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=...a_photoreal.zipand developed by John Dermitzakis, you will have to replace the following files which will help smooth out differences in the photoreal scenery. In this case you do not need to keep backups since these files can be in the compressed file attikatatoi.zip in the installation.Step 1:Please place the files provided with in the [Your FS directory] AddonSceneryATTICA_PHOTOREALATTICA3texture folder overwriting the existing files.The original files can be found in the "texturebc" folder provided.Step 2:Locate the ATTICA_AF_OBJECTS and remove the following files:AF2_LGTT.bglLGTT_objects_OB1.bglBackup of these files are also provided." I managed to do step 2 but I cannot find the "texturebc" folder and I am not sure which files should go where for step 1.Any help welcomed.
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