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  1. Ah, thank you, found one system in addition to the non-sharklets.
  2. ZSPD pretty much their last product. They will only update their products from now on, no more new ones.
  3. With the latest update, my FSlabs pretty much broken. Keep going into Alpha Floor, TOGA LK while speed is in normal range during cruise, and then this happen very soon after. No icing, nothing, just mess up the whole flight. Applied full power the aircraft still descend with speed going below VLS and so on.
  4. If there is more I'm more than happy to know Thank you
  5. I believed people so hype for the sharklets mainly because of the visual (better screenshots I guess). Nothing new regards to system, just burn less fuel and more aerodynamic which makes the control little little bit different from the normal non-sharklets ones ( I'm not sure if FSlabs will implement it into their Sharklets update because I only can see the small difference about the handling during approach and landing IRL) In addition to that, people also demanding the NEO ones. If FSlabs release an update only add the visual and use the CEO performance, most of guys will be satisfied.
  6. They have some promises of continue updating this and previous product, and probably update compatible with MSFS. They just not going to make any new sceneries. And, probably, currently this is the only option for Pudong.
  7. It's released btw https://secure.simmarket.com/wf-scenery-studio-shanghai-pudong-international-airport-zspd-p3d4.5_p3d5.phtml I heard the news, I believed something internal is more likely than about the piracy.
  8. The price is "quite" high as usual... By looking at the pictures, it's outstanding! https://www.islandsim.com/index.html
  9. Probably have to find that G spot again, it's not big, but when you touch it, it will be wild 😛
  10. Could be terrain / elevation error like we have when crossing bridges?
  11. Some of those updates in the beginning when users post in their forum they got denied, from PMDG forum "it is normal" and showed bunch of log info about it, but then, yeah, users were correct...
  12. Probably there ain't any...
  13. We have had 2 BIG hype that turned into "little bit" nightmare recently, so don't show them your excitement yet. Yes, yes, yes! I still remember that, feel like yesterday. Release an unfinished product with very beautiful promises. The excitement was huge back then, I couldn't believe we have been so easy on our money since that day! So is Airsimmer..oh, where are they now?
  14. To be little safer. Before I fly any sectors, I go to each airport and slew around in day time and night time. Checking the elevation, textures, buildings, gates, dynamic lighting,etc... I have had several "incidents" that when I first installed them, they were working perfectly fine but after a while, with some changes to the scenery and addons / settings, it messes up the scenery. I just had it yesterday, the airport I tested in the morning was working normally, no issues. Shut down the computer, go out, when I came back and power P3D up, the scenery went wild with big problem with elevation and ground texture, had to rework the AFCAD. No idea why that happened! I'm in the middle of descending and suddenly my ATC window doesn't work anymore, cannot open GSX menu. Basically no ATC, no GSX after 9 hours of cruising.
  15. Yeah I can see that but thank god because of bitcoin, we don't need to get new graphic card, because we can't! Anyway, in P3D it shows I have 6.7GB available, with PMDG or FSLABs at some major airports I get max to around 4GB only, so still plenty of room.
  16. I'm very sorry to hear that. Simulator since early days was already miss and hit. Same addons, same installations on different computers can result in different performance and / or stability. If many users have same, common problem(s) while others never have one, if we have a database to collect the information from everybody, I believed we can find out the root cause, I don't know if LM does it or not though. P3D has been very stable with me and I'm only using intel CPUs and nvidia GPUs for many many years, I guess there is something to do with the hardware also.
  17. Is it just me being very lucky or because of the settings? I have been using V5 for months with all kinds of heavy addons together (total more than 500GB of them), never had a single error due to the sim. CTD few but due to the addon and can be fixed immediately after that. I don't have a rocket system so I just put everything at medium to high only, works perfect. May the force be with me, I guess
  18. So could be the developer not responding and / or not supporting the product any longer in the end, not buying it...
  19. The airport is no longer at Simmarket, anybody knows what happened?
  20. Just finished a flight with B748 and I was thinking to try again the 777, of course...it slaps me in the face immediately Thrust LIM page, stuck with 100% take off power, cannot change anything except CLB 1 and 2. Was ok before the latest updates, so frustrated, I think I'm done with it
  21. Paid 70$ and never had a normal flight without issues. Yes, we are too easy with our money nowadays.
  22. I know they are talking about the engines not wobbling but wow.... the whole airplane does! I thought I'm going to have a good time with it after this release, probably not...
  23. I dont know why, but I laugh so hard
  24. Hello, Is there a place on the Internet to find the daily use SIDs and STARs and the runways at certain airport? Lots of airports have many runways, SIDs, STARs but in real life only use couple of them as main. For example, my local airports can have 2 pages of approaches but use mainly couple of them for each runway. Just want to be as real as it can get. Thank you
  25. I used FSlabs product to study my initial training of the A320 family. After several years flying the real one, I came back and raised my comments/suggestions and report the errors which could make their product better. To my surprised they don't care, no reply at all. So either they are happy with it, or they too confident with their beta testers.
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