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  1. as I said above the phrase after the push is complete - 'ground equipment is removed, pin is out, good engine start, see you on the left hand side'
  2. could you remove the agent's 'good engine start' phrase after the pushback is complete? engines are not always started up to that point.
  3. no. I launched the sim took shots on fslabs then restarted the sim and took shots on pmdg
  4. hi. on the fslabs airbus agents are too far away even with slider set to 'very close'. here is the comparison with pmdg
  5. its disappointing. I believe there is a weighty reason behind that decision. it was a cool and useful feature.
  6. hi. during the migration to orbx and initial setup I noticed that was offered to choose the folder for the presets. does it mean that presets wont be stored in the cloud anymore?
  7. are you planning to implement PM and right seat simulation?
  8. uninstalled, manually removed Roaming\Ultimate Ground Crew X folder, reinstalled, reloaded scenery data in sim and still wrong stands for marshalling and follow me car and airport map is blank. correct stands appear only when parked at stand after arriving.
  9. hi. again pushback never stops with toggle pushback method unlike the previous beta 1.3 and after requesting follow me car menu window offers wrong gates/stands and airport map viewer is empty.
  10. have you found out under which exactly conditions it happens?
  11. then GSX pushback should not stop as well. but it does stop and I dont have any issue with GSX
  12. what was wrong with the previous system?
  13. yes it is computer defined route (didnt test user defined) and no, I did not have that issue with 1.0
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