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  1. I never complained and reported him. Even if it would have been deleted from fsto he will publish it somewhere else.
  2. I have a similar story. About five years ago I have created an excel sheet for A319/A320 takeoff and landing performance calculations. They were based on conservative calculations from tables available in fcom and qrh. It took me few months to complete the project including creating my own design, developing formulas, enter endless data and testing. Then I published it on the FSLabs forum but some day I saw it on flightsim.to. I recognized familiar appearance on the screenshot downloaded and found its exactly the same spreadsheet with slightly modified colors and hidden A319 data. The so called author never asked permission and somehow hacked my spreadsheet as it was protected by password. Judging by the comments he is pretending he is a creator and craziest thing he accepts donations by paypal link in the description 🙂 https://flightsim.to/file/11740/takeoff-landing-performance-calculator-a320
  3. we understand but then please be so kind and you too do try to understand our situation. when UGCX released there were a lot of complains regarding the high price, lack of features and poorly implemented existing features. but you were assuring everyone that it is a long term project with a huge roadmap. now two years later you left us deceived with a half baked product. the fact that MSFS has been released unexpectedly and you changed your plans and did not stand your word is not our (customers) problem, is it? I personally was expected at least: 1) the ability to control and properly configure intercom and PTT from the cockpit in order to communicate with ground crew like the way it is working on FS2Crew. now we have only two options either continuous "listening" ending up with a random response for an every single sigh and cough, or PTT assigned with a modifier key that is not handy at all. both options are terrible tbh. You did a great job on FS2Crew for 747 in this regard. one needs to set up the ACP correctly to listen and transmit otherwise you wont be heard. That is how UGCX was supposed to be working claiming its simulating the ground crew. 2) more phrases variety both as a trigger phrase and as a response from the ground. 3) more vehicle and people models. 4) improved animations. 5) more voice sets. 6) better and intuitive user interface. 7) voice control for other services like towing and engine start at stand. 8) FS2Crew integration. each of these items was discussed here and on the beta team forum, noted by you and Manuel and added to that mystery roadmap. I suppose the same applies to FS2Crew for FSLabs - improving it when/if they release the SDK, adding SOPs and etc. It is not going to happen. Kind Regards
  4. so what about UGCX future? what about a "huge road map", "long term project", promised features? almost 2 years have passed from its release.
  5. does it mean UGCX development is stopped and no FS2Crew updates for P3D products will be available?
  6. I am not asking you to modify the cockpits 😀 How it works on the fs2crew? One shall configure the audio panel properly in order to talk to the ground crew otherwise you won't be heard. By ptt in the cockpit I mean e.g INT switch functionality like on fs2crew 747.
  7. I meant push to talk in the cockpit not the keyboard button.
  8. Sorry but there is nothing impressive in 2.3 according to the changelog you published. At least any integration with fs2crew is still missing (e.g working intercom, ptt from cockpit). Seems a huge roadmap you were telling about after the initial release is abandoned.
  9. any news on UGCX? We were promised a bunch of features back in 2019 and year and a half later it does not seem many things changed/added/fixed. p.s I wish you a quick recovery
  10. as I said above the phrase after the push is complete - 'ground equipment is removed, pin is out, good engine start, see you on the left hand side'
  11. could you remove the agent's 'good engine start' phrase after the pushback is complete? engines are not always started up to that point.
  12. no. I launched the sim took shots on fslabs then restarted the sim and took shots on pmdg
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