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  1. Please doublecheck that with him. Im almost sure no airline could change this procedure. no, that's not. he turns off all of them not necessarily, consider long pushbacks, atc delays, aerodrome restrictions that will not allow start engines during pushback and before reaching startup points and etc. and even it is a matter of seconds it is not a reason to neglect the procedure 😀
  2. it is a Boeing FCOM. Just like on any other Boeing (at least 737, 747, 757, 767) packs go off just before starting the engines and its a part of engine start procedure.
  3. hello Bryan. first of all thanks for the update. but its really disappointing that ECL functionality is not supported. It destroys all immersion. maybe there is a possibility to add an option to the config menu which makes FO to press CHKL button when asking him for a checklist and we go through the checklist by ourselves, after completion saying "checklist complete" FO presses CHKL again blanking the MFD. I think it would be better than the way it is working now: firstly one completes paper checklist then has to go through the ECL making things twice. it is crazy 😆 also I have discovered some issues. - at the end on the preflight flows FO opens and closes ALTN GEAR EXTEND NOSE/BODY cover for no reason - FO incorrectly configures fuel pumps on before start flows switching on all pumps and xfeed valves regardless how fuel is filled in the tanks - FO used to turn runway turnoff lights before taxi and leave them on after landing only during nighttime, now all the time - FO switches TERR radar on before takeoff and never switches it off neither in flight nor after landing nor after shutdown - during before taxi procedure FO brings Status page to the MFD instead of Flight controls page - FO says "Landing gear up and off" (after takeoff checklist). there is no OFF position on -8 - FO does not press RECALL during his descend procedure flows - FO still turns the packs off during before start procedure. as I said before its incorrect. packs should be turned off during engine start procedure: packs - off, announce start sequence, "start engine(s) ...", pull start switches, fuel control - run. I suggest to make announcing start sequence as a trigger for turning packs off. - Doors and PMDG vehicles. I spent plenty of time to understand how it works and I didn't. First of all if some doors has already opened (loaded panel state or turnaround) FS2CREW will not close them and will not open the ones are closed. if all of them are closed they will open or not randomly. sometimes nose cargo door opens at 5-8 minutes remaining and never closes (elec source configured correctly). - please add an option which eliminates need for phrases "before taxi procedure" and "descent procedure" making it working like on NGX: FO automatically starts his flows after engine start and approach briefing. again it ruins the immersion of real procedures. I remember you explained it is done for those who uses panel states with running engines so it would be great to have an option to choose making happy all of us. 😀 win 10 x64, v4.4, 748F Thanks
  4. keight

    Fuel temp pred

    thanks gents, but the question was is it normal that the message stays there after the condition has gone (transfer occurred and fuel temp is higher than temp entered in FMC)
  5. keight

    Fuel temp pred

    in case of low fuel temp conditions it offers to increase airspeed or change altitude to increase TAT
  6. hello got a caution message "Fuel temp pred". qrh says: fuel temperature is predicted ti be low after reserve transfer occurs. but the message remains there although transfer has already been occurred and fuel temp (-27) is higher than entered in FMC -37. is it normal behavior? thanks
  7. do you have a SEATBELTS OFF memo on EICAS when switch the selector to OFF in flight?
  8. that is what I said first: "then SEATBELTS OFF not appearing at all" at all - neither on ground nor in flight 🙂 I have already reported this, hope it will be fixed
  9. yes, that is what I'm saying. if selector is OFF SEATBELTS OFF memo should be displayed on EICAS, but it's not with default state.
  10. if the selector on OFF position there should be a memo on eicas
  11. then SEATBELTS OFF not appearing at all
  12. seems these indications are missing on the ND. will they be implemented in future?
  13. keight

    EFB - Runway missing

    selecting all runways in the configurator solved the problem. thanks Dan
  14. Runway 09-27 is missing in EFB for Amsterdam. rescan and EFB restart didn't help. Does anyone have the same issue? win 10, P3D v4.3, B748F, EHAM Fly Tampa