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  1. That is what I am experiencing too. The log files are NOT on the desktop but in the folder "C:\Program Files\Parallel 42\Immersion Manager\Logs". Sent Email already no answer. Not a good start for this new system with ORBX. Regards Ralf
  2. I am experiencing the same problem, Episode 4, both with Chrome and Internet Explorer. Download starts slow and then failed network error. I can resume but after some time again failed network error. I am downloading from Germany. Regards Ralf
  3. Not necessarily. Only if you are established in conditions which allow to continue visual (e.g. no or below clouds). Otherwise you continue with a 3,5 degree descent as depicted on the chart until you can establish visual conditions and then decide to land or perform missed approach.
  4. All RNAV "Approaches" at Paro are Cloud Break Procedures which means their purpose is to get you below the clouds from where you continue visually. You should have noticed that the programmed RNAV procedure in your FMC leads you no lower than the missed approach altitude which is 10320ft at PR808. And PR808 is just over the airport which has an altitude of 7364ft --> you are about 3000ft high above the airport if you fly the RNAV vertical profile until PR808. Kind regards Ralf
  5. I have the same problem. Version 0.3.1 P3D v4 PMDG 747-400ERF. Cinematic view is far far away from the airplane.
  6. I have the same Problem, Chaseplane wants to update, but is stuck at 0% forever. Annoying. First Report here was 6 hours ago and still no Response from FSPX.
  7. Just a guess. May this VAS issue related to the new feature with the airport data for the static camera since Chaseplane has to load several, if not many camera positions at greater airports? Maybe a developer can comment on this. Regards Ralf
  8. Hello,just writing here to mention that I also experience such stutters every time when the waether is updated. With ASV Enhanced and also before with ASV5 and ASV2004 it didn't occur and I didn't either change settings nor did I change the way I am flying, as it is every time online with VATSIM.I will try your above mentioned solutions and post if the stuttering goes on.Let me end with saying that I am still impressed with your product and love to fly with ASV.GreetingsRalf Stock
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