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  1. I've always run Affinity Mask (84 on my 8 core, and 14 on my quad core) without issue and ASN doesn't change what I set. But if your not setting it yourself what is ASNext setting it to for you? In some cases you may not want or even need that setting in the cfg and it doesn't hurt anything to comment it out and see what happens. I use ASNext along with TrackIR and UT2 and GTN's. I also have FSUIPC so I can monitor VAS quickly and for the dll it provides which is supposed to help with certain fsx crash scenarios. Is fsx your only program that exhibits this behavior? How about theUIAutomationCore.dll? Also, I'm still on (and staying with) W7 Home Edition on both my rigs and am very careful about what windows updates I allow (manually) to be installed to the OS. Both my rigs are on the original OS and FSX installs for 3 and 5 years respectively, and most every occassional crash I've ever experienced I can say is VAS related so I use FSUIPC which rings an audible bell sound when I get close to a shutdown of fsx. And believe me with all the addons I run at the same time (mentioned above) and all the scenery and plane related dlls running coupled with my addiction to running very high graphic settings I'm surprised I don't melt down more often than I do. I don't believe I've ever suffered a problem as a result of a video driver and all of the ones I've mentioned above were very stable for me if I kept my graphic settings reasonable. I also do not change drivers unless I read convincing info that there is a benefit or feature added that makes sense. fsx is ancient history software (and so are the steam and various P3Ds even though actively being fixed - they are still the same old base code). Nvidia driver updating seems to be aimed at the most currently released games. fsx in dx9 is the only "game" I play. If a driver release does provide any benefit to fsx I'd be willing to bet that it's purely accidental. I'd also venture a guess that if any of the above drivers I mentioned doesn't resolve the issue then you problem lies elsewhere.
  2. Currently 353.06, prior drivers used with no issue: 337.50 / 331.82 / 327.23 / 320.49 all on nvidia 580 and 780 cards (I have 2 rigs) If it's not VAS depletion, I would most likely back up my cfg and try a virgin one with HIGHMEMFIX=1 as the only tweek and see what happens. You may have a lot of [TRUSTED] dll's to approve upon rebooting with a fresh cfg but that's not really a bad thing, especially if you don't approve/load stuff your not flying/using of late.
  3. I've been anxiously awaiting this. I run a pair of 750's in the T-Duke V2 and love'em.
  4. Curious, I ran the update after installing the Comanche, and while I believe the core was updated, the installer told me the Cherokee and P-51 were "up to date" and nothing was installed for those two. I expected something to DL and install unless it ran too quickly for the video card to register and send to the monitor.
  5. Yep, I found that to be a real nice surprise, I wish the Cherokee had that as well.
  6. I had the "can't find the FSX installation" issue, and even after pointing it to my FSX folder I suffered error codes , CTD's, all sorts of strange issues, some of it eventually turned out to be of my own doing. I gave plenty of detail in my posts and Tiberiu at F1 went the extra mile to get me fixed up. Sent me an E-mail and some substitute gauge file entries to try and surprisingly, had me reinstall the 750 from the sales page right over top of my botched previous 108b install (which windows was telling me was missing a file and couldn't be removed-my fault). You would generally believe a clean install would be the way to go but not in my case. For me.It seems to have fixed all my issues. Unfortunately there is only one of him to field questions and troubleshoot. The fact that so many aren't having issues speaks for itself, but I understand, when it happens to me I get a little...excited.
  7. I have the A2A 172, 182, and Cherokee. My personal favorite of the 3 is the 182, love the way it handles and it feels more substantial, as a platform, than the 172. I pick the Cherokee 2nd, it has a retro appeal for me, adds some significant differences to the 182 or 172, and might be just what your looking for. As a bonus all 3 allow for full integration of the F1 GTN gauges if you so desire. The A2A J3 is a gem also, no coffee breaks flying that one and take an empty plastic bottle along. The best first plane I can think of to suggest to learn about stick and rudder flying. I also suggest checking out the RealAir Duke Turbine V2 (also can integrate the GTN) and the Lancair Legacy, very different to any of the above and having their own special qualities, not the study level planes (within their level of complexity as aircraft) of the A2A's but wouldn't be without either. The T-Duke config will let you opt for no GPS if you like. We should be getting a V2 Duke B60 in the near(?) future if you want a piston twin instead of turbine, and I suspect it will offer the same GPS options when released. I hope to be surprised at some point down the road with a GTN patch for the Legacy as well. These are my personal choices to fly most of the timetaking all into consideration yoiu've got a nice path to learn and enjoy from J3 to Turbine Twin.
  8. Interesting. I just ordered IR5, curious to see which one I can get to run smoother with which software. Although I must admit, once I figured out which combinationof settings worked best for the type of flying I prefer using IR4 and 5 series software it's as smooth as using a hat switch and infinitely more easy to get back to front and center. I started touring Aerosofts French Polynesia addon this morning, hadn't done it for a while. Track IR makes for an awesome ride.
  9. Question: I'm running Track IR4 Pro with the trac clip. I'm running it with the 5.2.2 software. If I purchase a Track IR5 can I just swap the hardware? As in no need to uninstall reinstall the software/drivers again. I've got a second rig so the old unit it won't go to waste. Thanks.
  10. Just came across this thread. I run 2 sim rigs, one for Orbx scenery products and another for F1 and Aerosoft scenery products. I want to add GEX A&A for the Australia (and NZ) textures. But I have Aerosoft Antarctica installed also. I'm uncertain as to whether the Aerosoft (being a phototype scenery?) will show on top of GEX Antarctica as long as it's active in the scenery library. Anyone tried this combination yet? Thanks.
  11. FLighT01

    777 1.6 Update

    AACCHH!! Your right, now I'm really confused as I don't even have the Captain Sim 777! Why would they even send me an update E-Mail for a plane I don't have? I saw 777 and that says PMDG to me, the C.S. wasn't computing. LOL.
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