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  1. I've been anxiously awaiting this. I run a pair of 750's in the T-Duke V2 and love'em.
  2. I had the "can't find the FSX installation" issue, and even after pointing it to my FSX folder I suffered error codes , CTD's, all sorts of strange issues, some of it eventually turned out to be of my own doing. I gave plenty of detail in my posts and Tiberiu at F1 went the extra mile to get me fixed up. Sent me an E-mail and some substitute gauge file entries to try and surprisingly, had me reinstall the 750 from the sales page right over top of my botched previous 108b install (which windows was telling me was missing a file and couldn't be removed-my fault). You would generally believe a clean install would be the way to go but not in my case. For me.It seems to have fixed all my issues. Unfortunately there is only one of him to field questions and troubleshoot. The fact that so many aren't having issues speaks for itself, but I understand, when it happens to me I get a little...excited.
  3. Flight planning had me perplexed at first but with a pair of GTN 750's in the Duke I put up the flight plan page on one and the map page on the other and use the map pan feature, so far so good. Smaller planes may not have panel space to allow this I guess.
  4. I see, went back and re-read yourt post. 80 euros converts to about $97 US - 3 times what I paid ($33 with shipping). And thats just to get 1 file, apparently, from that disc. And that probably doesn't include shipping. Is it a markup issue or a conversion issue, dollar versus euro? I went back a few pages on the F1 GTN forum, somebody in the UK indicated they purchased the disc locally back on Dec 20 for 17 pounds. Currently that's $25.77 US,
  5. For whatever reason I can not cut and past anything here. Go to - http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1gtn Scroll down and you'll find the info you need for both US and International customers. If you've already purchased a unit you really should register on the F! GTN Forum. There is a gotcha with respect to the WW terrain. The instructions that come with the disc are incorrect apparently what you do is copy over 1 file only from the DVD to a folder on your GTN install. The instructions that come with the disc are not quite right. The correction is posted in that forum. Edit, well the link I posted above is incomplete and the system will not allow me to correct the address. Should be an "om" after the .c. There's got to be some trick to this, I tend not to post anything from a third party - just go the the product page, everything you need is there. Your right, that's why I'm hoping for more RA planesand perhaps A2A to provide this kind of simple install config tool. I don't know if doing it manually with the GTN install tool will look as good.
  6. The $25 terrain map is what I ordered (and got confirmation it shipped 2 days ago) The link Zoran posted shows the additional costs for a 1 time update or subscription which means the annual updates in all categories keep on coming I guess. It is a bit pricey and broken down into Nav Data, Flite Charts, Obstacle, Safe Taxi, etc. Looks like one could easily spend several grand for complete everything and up dating service. At this level you probably want to be beyond "serious" as a simmer.
  7. Good question, I ordered the $25.00 DVD for the world terrain map coverage. Haven't gotten it yet but one thing that floored me was when on a flight I opened the charts icon on the #2 unit and pulled up the airport charts for the AP I was going to land at (plus a lot of other useful info). Hopefully all this extra documentation is included world wide DVD as well. There's so much stuff here to learn, I'm still ploughing through the manual but made my first flight yesterday from KMCE to KBOK, over 3 hours after I had put in a dozen waypoints, gave me time to investigate all the icons on the #2 unit, and kick back, relax, and enjoy the views over Orbx NCA. As someone previously mentioned, it's a game changer for me. I've spent most of my 17 years of MSFS'ing bush flying where a precision approach and landing depends on how well you manage the stick and rudder with the terrain and weather conditions, but now I'm stoked to get focused on learning doing proper instrument flights and landings. The default instrumentation just never got me fired up enough to get invested. For those using RXP or other GPS software it's probably old hat but it's given me renewed enthusiasm.
  8. I purchsed the T-Duke upgrade on Jan 1, the GTN 750 on Jan 5. Aside from a steep learning curve (for me personally) with the GTN I was amazed by: 1. How little, if any, impact its had and I'm running 2 side by side in the T-Duke. 2. How easy everything is to read. 3. The amazing wealth of information available from the units. 4. The RA config app made installing the 750 easy and idiot proof. This is my first addon GPS so I have no experience with RXP but with support and any future development of RXP questionable and my past good experiences with all F1 product, the GTN was a no brainer. As always for me FPS and smoothness always boils down to a combination of LOD and Autogen setting, nothig else seems to matter, Bufferpools 0, water on High, etc, no big deal. Even ASN weather has liitle impact by comparison with LOD and autogen settings in combination. I have a couple addons with glass cockpit, very pretty but more time consuming and harder to read for me than steam gauges, and kills my smoothness. A quick glance at a steam gauge is like a quick glance at the arms of a clock, I know exactly where things stand. With a glass cockpit I spend to much time hunting for and then reading what I need to know. It sounds like RA is going retrofit the P-Duke and Lancair config panels to allow easy insert of these guages (after they address the P3D installers for those who use it). I'm hoping A2A will do something similar for their 172/182/and PA-28 as well as those 3 aircraft and the 3 RA's get 90% of my flight time. Just my experience, but I highly recommend the F1 GTN750.
  9. Thanks fellas, now that that's cleared up I'm going to move ahead with the purchase.
  10. From reading this thread it appears that several of you are using the F1 GTN units in the new T-Duke. I have no experience with any avionics suites other than default FSX. Since I can't get access to the F1 GTN forum until after I buy and register the products it's a limiter on doing any pre-purchase research. I do have a couple of questions I think someone here may have the answers to. 1. What is meant by "Fully Integrated versus (?) "Not Fully Integrated"? 2. How many planes does the F1 licence permit one to install the GTN units into in? I keep seeing mention of 2 but is that per plane or does it refer to any 2 planes of however many you have in your FSX install? I have downloaded the video tutorial from the Garmin site and will dive into that next week. I also have the RA B-60 and Lancair and would anticipate paying whatever RA needs to charge for an update to both to use the GTN's with. Thanks
  11. I've been jumping between the Duke V2 and A2A 172 the past few months and always forget to change the realism settings to exactly match the devs recommendations. Something squirrelly always seems to happen. I then bang my head on the yoke and correct the situation. :lol:
  12. That's been my experience as well with the V2. To me it indicates an overload of some sort, the hand usually comes back if I give it a minute or two. I've been able to force it to happen with slewing, jumping views from F9 to F10, 11 and 12 quickly, or playing around in the menu bar to often or for too long. Perhaps something to do with texture loading/reloading. If I sit tight in the cockpit (like flying a plane in RL) it doesn't happen that I can remember. Still, the Dike is one great ride.
  13. The issue I was having early on was whenever I put the gear down, all 3 struts would extend fully but there was no tire on the left strut(!). Craziest thing I've ever experienced. Thinking it might be just a visual glitch I attempted to land several times in that configuration and ended up a pile of twisted metal. After setting up the realism tab exactly as shown in the manual, sliders and checkboxes, problem solved. And it is a great plane to fly, especially on longer hauls. I have all the planes RA have released for FSX and I keep separate copies of the realism settings pages from the manuals handy because they do vary so much from one model to the next. And the number of times I've gone from the A2A 172 to the B60 the past few months and realised too late I wasn't going to be able to land...
  14. Check the owners manual, set up the realism settings exactly as they say to.
  15. A note regarding the A2A 172: After reading Rob's post I got to thinking about the fact that with the exception of Affinity Mask I've got just about every freekin tweak ever mentioned in my fsx.cfg. I went and commented out every one but left in HighMemFix and the WS ones. I kept frames locked at 30, LOD at 6.5, Autogen at 4, T_B_M back to 40. I commented out the DisablePreload one as well. Given all the various mentions about possibly using the default flight, or fsx Safe flight, or loading a default plane first, etc., with these newer planes, I couldn't figure whether or not it would have a positive/negative effect so I commented it out as well. I then went and reapplied the 1.03 patch to eliminate the Hotfix patch(s). I ran my standard test flight on GPS from Edwards to Nellis taking off just before dawn utilizing landing and taxi lights, half way through the 2:15 flight I paused the sim and changed the time to late dusk so that when I got to Vegas all the lights would be on which crushes both my rigs even in the daytime. True enough, frames dropped to about 7 momentarily at their worst as I paralleled the Vegas strip but I got all way to touchdown and taxi to parking never losing clickspots at any time. Watching those landing/taxi lights illuminate the terrain/runway/taxiways and parking ramp opened my eyes very wide. All during the flight I kept switching views, panning around, flipping switches and adjusting light intensities, into windowed view to see what was going on in Task Manager (Working sets and free memory) as well as NVI monitor to see what my GPU temps and usage were. As the landing lights started to illuminate the ground and runway at Nellis I kept checking and never once lost clickspots. I need to do more flights but my optimism meter is on the rise at this point. So if you, like me, are a member of the "tweak it till its broke" club this might be something to look at. So far I've only tried it on my 2700 rig. My 4770 has an almost identically blinged cfg. I installed the AUS SP4.003 patch on it, took off at Canberra, switched to the 172 - clickspots lost immediately. I7 2700 @4.6, 8GB @ 1866, NVGTX580, C=256SSD, E&F=600 V-raps, 30" Dell, CH/Saitek Prod. W7-64 (REX, FEX, GEX, UTX, OPUS, AeroSoft, Fly Tampa) I7 4770 @4.3 16GB @2133, NVGTX780, C=1TB Samsung, Sony 40", CH?Saitek Prod, W7-64 (REX, FEX, Orbx)
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