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  1. I would not waste any time with the autogen creation since simply no sufficient data exist with what Scenproc can works with. In every case even if you configure it perfectly you will have only some houses + almost 0 trees in large metropolitan areas. Its due to lack of data in Openstreetmap (yes even in cities like London). The results with ORBX or custom airports with some terrain around are far better. Even stock P3D autogen is far superior than this. But the Ortho4XP tool makes an awesome job if you just skip the autogen and render Tiles in ZL15 (best for speed + sharpness). In areas where you usually just flyover with at least 10.000 feet or higher it looks awesome. You cannot tell anymore from like 15.000 feet if the trees and houses are real or just a "flat earth". It does also an awesome job when you create mountain regions like European Alps, Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon... It looks then the same like in the trailers from Flight Simulator 2020. There is also of course always a down side, in many areas in the world are not really good Ortho data avaiable. The US is covered pretty well with Arc, BI and GO2, same with Europe. Even in large areas of Africa there is some good data from Arc and GO2 avaiable. Asia is a whole other story tho, most areas there have crappy Ortho coverage...
  2. Looks pretty good. Could you provide the script you used? What do you used as autogen source OpenStreetmap? Thank you! Greets Nytro
  3. Well you can do create autogen manually but I can tell you its a total waste of time. There is no sufficient script out there which creates even reasonable autogen. After creation there are areas where you have 0 autogen, next to an area with 100 % autogen. Next problem are the houses, normally it creates the same house over and over again, the houses are to small and not in line of roads it looks just awful. I think there is no way to automate this process, instead it requires manual placement from autogen by hand. I mean look at what ORBX does. Most of there autogen is hand placed or hand edited not even them (as multi million dollar company) have a automated process. So its a total waste of time in my opinion to do that with ortho4xp and Scenproc even on a small scale. You better of to just disable ortho4xp tiles on areas where you want to land and stick to good old default fsx scenery (or have an ORBX scenery in that area). Over areas where you just fly over on high altitudes you dont need autogen on the ground anyway.
  4. Well the autogen generation manually works for me with the script from Arno. However the autogen is so few and so many areas in rural and/or urban areas that its not bearable. So it doesnt matter much if autogen creation works automated or not, its not usable. First we need a script which creates more autogen and not always the same small houses. It looks even better without autogen at all to be honest. So what I do right now, is the same I did before. I simply only activate these tiles over areas I will never land and just overpass them on high altitude. As soon I land in an area i disable that tile and land with the "default" P3D landclass or region. Since I have most of the stuff from ORBX its not to bad to land there.
  5. Same problem here, texture folder is empty. I also put in manually the batch attributes as suggested from Ortho4XP for Scenproc. It opens and closes but it cant create because of this error message (check screenshot below) I do ran everything as Admin and set up Scenproc before launching in for P3D V4 + checked the folders and osm data, everything is there, but no files in texture.
  6. Yeah I searched already around about scripts & tutorials to that Scenproc program, but sadly I found nothing that helped me. I have absolutely no idea how that works and it seems like to me it works only on a very small area and not on a large scale for a complete tile. Having said that Im open for someone who give like an noob step by step example. I watched a YT video from a guy who did that on a very small island in Holland, but he did not show how he got the osm data in the first place. Plus I have no idea how I tell the program the location of buildings and trees. After building a tile with ortho4xp you have around 70 - 300 bgl files, every one of them from a very small area of that tile. 1. I dont know the coordinates of that area + the exact "sector" 2. Even if I would know how to, to do that on every of those small bgl files would take a very very long time. So it must be like an automated process were a a program automaticly places autogen based on osm data per tile I assume. Greets Nytro
  7. Are there any news about adding Autogen generation to that great tool? Ortho4XP for P3d v4 works awesome so far. Im impressed whats possible if you choose the right satellite providers :) I really hope you could add autogen generation in tiles. That would be awesome, then we wont have to wait for ORBX anymore :)
  8. Hello, for me it appears to be you ran into the same problem I did couple month ago. There was a bug that if to many addons get "opted in" via the C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder... What I did was, I manually added all addons that get injected from the Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder to the regulary scenery.cfg file. So dont add new Addons via the addon.xml method! So for example the addon Washington X from DD. I open the add-on.xml and I see it accesses the folder "C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Addon Scenery\Washington X" Now I delete that Washington X in the "Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons" folder and add the scenery manually to the scenery.cfg under: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 For example... [Area.246] Title=UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X Local=C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Addon Scenery\UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=246 [Area.247] Title=Washington X Local=C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Addon Scenery\Washington X Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=247 This fixed it for me.
  9. Thank you, just read the OP in their forum. Corrected my post ;)
  10. As no one talking about it, I do. DONT GET FOOLED! Photoreal means = ONE SEASON. Means all year even in the worst winter conditions you have green trees and no white at all on the ground. No fall, no spring, summer all day even in December. Therefore that photoreal stuff is completely useless for me. Well, just read the original post in the ORBX forum. They offer 5 season support. Dont know how big that addon gonna be, 50 - 60 gig per region? WOW... Lets see what happens. :)
  11. 4K 60 fps is absolutely no problem if you dont fly in LAX or JFK. LAX clear skys minimum around 30 fps in approach with full autogen etc. You dont even need a GTX 1080 or something. I have a GTX 1060 and play all the time in 4K with 2x SSAA and on almost max settings in all cases. It costs not more performance like FullHD. But finally in 4k 100% of my graphic cards get used. Its a weird engine, but you have to find the sweet spot. Dynamic Lightning off! in all cases, breaks the whole performance in the sim. Never use 30 Hz or stuff like that. Always fps on Unlimited. Limiting fps costs fps in P3D. In FSX it was worth it to limit fps here not anymore
  12. Yeah and they also did that with Europe and North America also. Here is the actual release map from OpenLC SA https://s19.postimg.org/6onpf93rn/Untitled.jpg According to this the next will Africa/Middle East then Asia split in 2 regions.
  13. Yeah im aware of the upcoming ORBX LC products. However I dont think they get released anytime soon as they seem to focus on FTX Italy, France etc right now. I would love to see the whole world covered by ORBX :) OpenVFR is far too expensive I think. Whole Africa terrain 50 $ without autogen and objects. ORBX LC will as always deliver all that stuff. OpenVFR should consider to sell a package for the whole continent for at least 40 $ or something including autogen and objects. Because I doubt their quality is anything close to ORBX LC which costs only 50 $ per region (and btw bought them all on sale for 25 $ or something) :D...
  14. Hello guys, over the weekend I did some test flights over Africa + Asia. Well not really a flight from point to point, more or less I picked a city or region on the continent over Google Earth and then started a flight there. And then compare... I found out that even in fast growing areas in the chinese mainland (source: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/03/which-are-china-s-fastest-growing-cities/ ) the metropolitan areas are very accurate. As well I started some flights over Kenya, Africa and found out that even smaller cities are there where 7 years ago were nothing but jungle. To compare data I also used SceneryTech Africa and Asia landclass and must say they are pretty much outdated since they are from 2005 or so... BUT, I will say this: I found a few areas in Thailand where with SceneryTech Asia / Indo Pacific smaller cities are there, where in standard P3D v4 landclass is nothing just jungle. So maybe I was just lucky and found a few regions where P3D v4 has never landclass then like 20 years ago? Does anyone have informations how old the landclass from P3D v4 really is? Maybe some P3D Devs could respond to that. :) As well Im interested to hear from other players their experiences! Addons I use: ORBX Global + Vector, ALL OpenLC packages avaiable, and FTX Regions NoCal + SoCal. Greets Nytro
  15. Can someone with FSG NGU oder FS Global 2010 try Phuket Intl. airport? Is the elevation for you incorrect as well? I tried with their AFM tool but its getting worse when I using it. Weird is, even when I disable FSG NGU the elevation is still wrong.
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