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  1. Usmcmba

    Titan V

    For comparison, GTX1080Ti = 11 TFLOPS, Titan V = 110 TFLOPS
  2. I have a curved 4K 49" TV and I don't think the immersion is like what some will claim. I think this is more subjective and you should go see for yourself and decided you if the extra hundred fifty bucks or so is worth it for a curved TV.
  3. Usmcmba

    P3D V4 Frame Rates - Awful.

    I just had a new build, an i9-7900x with gtx1080ti and two m.2 SSD at RAID 0. Theoretically this system would have exceptional performance. It was super smooth with high frame rates when I first installed and used P3Dv4 even with Pmdg, orbs and other add ons installed. However, the performance started to degrade drastically when I tried to tweak the system such as changing the .cfg file, setting Nadia inspector, I was getting low 20's and sometimes mid teens in FPS after the tweaked, when before I was getting 40's FPS even in more intense areas. My fix was getting rid of all the tweaks, create a new, default .cfg, setting NI to default and getting rid of it completely, dial down on the OC and settings, and experimenting with vsync in p3d and NCP. Hopefully when you do all this, you will have a much higher FPS and you can start to dial up the graphics settings.
  4. Usmcmba

    P3D V4 Computer specs question!

    I have a system similar to this, MSI X299 Pro Carbon, Intel I9-7900x. If you want to get a high end system, I would suggest getting 2x M,2 SSD and make them RAID 0 for the ultimate I/O. Also I would consider a custom water loop. As far as ram, 32GB seems too much. I have 16GB and seems to be sufficient. I would get the 32GB if you are considering creating a RAM Disk.
  5. Hey Rob, Great Results. I have an I9-7900x build as well with gtx1080ti and 2 m.2 SDD at RAID 0. With close to your settings, I am getting 27-30 FPS in SoCal even with PMDG 777, orbx global, and SoCal terrain addons. The issue I have is I get stutters during turns on a new 4K Tv even though I am getting 30 FPS. It may be a monitor issue (vsyn) as my old 1080p monitor didn't seem to have such pronounce stutters. Great resolutions though on the 4K. Do you have any suggestions? thanks!
  6. Usmcmba

    I9-7900x Build

    Hi all, I just completed an I9-7900x build and was able to get it running last night. So far I haven't done all the benchmarks, tests, tweaking etc, but have managed to install P3dv4 with PMDG 777/747 along with FTX Global, openLC NA/Europe and several of the regions (NC,SC, PNW etc), just to see how this thing initially performs. Since this is the first time I am using P3dv4 (I did use P3dv3 prior), I am not sure what seems to be a "good" frame rate you all are getting with v4. So far in the limited flying, on all sliders to the right, no road or air traffic at all, I am getting almost 60 fps on the PMDG 777 in the default airport, high 30's to low 40's in SFO area, Mid to High 20's in KSAN - KLAX area (I remember this used to be in the low teens in my last rig)., 60's in low level cruise (8,000') in Nor Cal. Here are some of my specs: CPU: Intel I9-7900x with HT on, but I haven't put in the affinity mas, OC at 4.7 (got to 5.0 but not stable without further tweaking) MB: MSI x299 Pro Carbon Gaming GPU: GeForce GTX1080Ti FE (no OC yet or settings in nVidia inspector) Storage: 2x Samsung M.2 EVO 960 SSD set at RAID 0 Ram: 16GB TridentZ RGB a @3600 (no OC) Both CPU and GPU under EKWB cooling loop OS: Windows 10 Pro Curious to hear what performance you all are getting on v4 for comparison. Thanks!
  7. Despite how bad the resolution is in Oculus CV1, I find it very difficult going back to a 4K, 55" even though the graphics are superior to the VR. The immersion factor of VR is just incredible, literally like you are inside the cockpit.
  8. Just some pics I took today during the unveiling of the 787-10 especially unique with Air Force One in the background, enjoy!
  9. Before you make major changes, I would clean the contacts between your CPU and cooling and reapply the thermal paste. I have the same CPU, had it overclocked to 4.7 and ran fine for couple years until one day I would get BSOD when I start a flight on P3D. Reapplying new paste worked .
  10. Usmcmba

    Voxatc beta 7.2

    Hi all, It's been a while since I have used this app (v6) but one of the functionalities that seemed to be missing with flying the big jets is the ability to add the word "Heavy" to the airline calls signs such as "American 123 Heavy". When using this along with the 777 and 747, it didn't seem as realistic without being able to annunciate that word in the callsgin. Would the v7 be able to support this feature? Thanks.
  11. Since Nvdia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang didn't even mention this at the 2017 CES as anticipated, I am assuming we won't see this video card for quite some time?
  12. I bought my Oculus Rift earlier this month from Amazon. I don't know how I managed to find this deal but Amazon allowed you to select a package deal of $599 total for the Rift and a $100 Amazon gift card. You had to buy both which I did, so essentially I got the rift for $499 with $100 to spend for gifts for others. I have heard supposedly the Rift was coming down in price. I agree that the Rift does have a long ways to go for the product to mature. The resolution does need to get better. I suspect though the next generations we will see soon would focus more on how VR can adapt to the home game consoles like the XBox, PS4 and also lower performance PC's as these are where the major revenues are generated. Oculus and HTC are not going to get rich by making better resolution units to satisfy a small segment (like us) when they can target the larger segments who can't support this technology today. I would think it would be many, many years before we see VR even come close to 4K, which by then 8K may be the norm in television. Despite the grainy graphics of current VR, I have to say, the immersion is still incredible and something I find myself doing more in flight sim than the traditional monitor that I have been accustomed to.
  13. I recently took the plunge and got the oculus despite the threads about how bad the graphics are. I have to say, the first time I put the oculus on, I was totally impressed and couldn't stop saying WOW despite the low quality of the graphics. I do not see VR getting close to the quality of graphics you may see on a 4K monitor for many years as I see this as a technology which will take a while to mature. The experience you are gaining from using VR is the immersion, the fact these googles tricks you in thinking you are really in a cockpit. It's been a few weeks since I got the rift and I do find myself using the monitor less (despite the better graphics) as the VR experience is just too immersive, something even the best 4K monitors cannot match.
  14. Usmcmba

    The demise of my copy of Prepar3d in 24 hrs

    Reading this thread makes me think of the recent issues I have been having with P3D since I introduced the Oculus Rift and the apps that comes with it along with the hotfix issues with the v3.4. Being in IT, nothing irritates me more than to have to come home and troubleshoot my own computer and I was pretty disgusted at P3D for the apparent issues I was/am dealing with. However, I was thinking, at work, where I deal with probably one of the most complex IT environments, introducing a new app to interact with what you have is not as simple as it is. There are quite a lot of vetting just to see how well the apps work with each other, and the versioning issues just add a whole new dimension. I am sure P3D without any 3rd party addon is a very stable application, however we tend to add many addons from many different 3rd party vendors which increases the likelihood of problems quite significantly. I am sure if you plan on going to another platform such as XPlanes, if you start putting 3rd part software from multiple vendors, you will no doubt see these kinds of issues again at some time.
  15. Usmcmba

    Neat 747-8 documentary

    In talking to sales and marketing guys at my work, it seems the "hub and spoke" model is a thing of the past as travelers would rather fly non stop rather than having to stop somewhere just to catch another flight to their ultimate destination. This along with the challenges of having a high load factor on large capacity jets is the reason why the B747 and A380 will face many challenges in securing more sales especially when the fuel prices start rising. The model that many more airlines are pursuing is "long and skinny" where you carry less passengers on longer route flights. What the airlines found is now with an aircraft like the 787, they can be profitable on routes such as nonstop Shenyang to San Jose (China Southern) or non New Orleans to London (British Airways), routes which no one could have imagined with the large capacity, four engine guzzlers.