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  1. 🙂 somehow they wanted to increase performance, all the FPS chaser guys now happy with a default plane sitting on the appron showing 100 fps 🙂 vram can be tricky, very sensitive for CTD we will see, v4.4 no issue so 🙂
  2. V4.4 on my side working nicely with all my addons no reason to chase any new one :))) What i saw dont thing it worth the investment especially if i need to re buy addons, i will keep flying with v4 until the new sim arrives and we will see
  3. is it compatible with standalone MCP and EFIS hardware? I have the VirtualAvonics MCP,EFIS and on tablet the FMC
  4. What about MCP, EFIS hardware those are working with the new or we need to pray to get a driver update ??
  5. Interesting, I never had CTD - switch view. Before i had chaseplane no problem after I bought chase plane switch views did not cause CTD, I had other small problems but most are gone with the updates.
  6. ok i believe in you, just i think that part of the simulation for that kind of upgrade price a bit overkill. but its just a personal opinion,
  7. nice one, hope its free for the normal GSX users, i dont want to buy walking zombies upgrade in order to have this.
  8. yep would be nice to use my MVP and EFIS with other planes :))) but its a dream only :((((((((
  9. Pro ATC X works like a charm
  10. hmmm...... looks like i stay with openlc EU more than enough and no performance issue----
  11. I think the simple rule worth to follow, don't overload your sim with tons of add-ons dont chase FPS but FLY 🙂 , totally useless to have a full Australia or USA when you are flying in EU. Fly high IFR you don't need the same stuff than for VFR. I also only have those planes I'm flying at the moment, 2-3 max, and with only a few liveries. useless to have 23 airplane and 54 liveries when I'm flying the same VA and Same plane 🙂 I have ORBX Base, and OpenLC and only airports ( where my VA flying) .
  12. Would be great i have the efis and mcp and FMC on Tablet 🙂 for NGX 🙂 so i want on my Airbus too these Lovely products: )
  13. your AA settings? if SSA forget it tablet not working
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