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  1. Ifly not bad at all and PMDG fans its not against you, but you should check the cockpit geometry of the NGX, baaaaaaad, yes textures are nicer ...etc but its far from perfect, the ifly geometry a bit better..
  2. I think the source of the problems - expectations!! This sim is for other type of simmers than FSX SE or P3d thats it:) long story short: a nice vfr-ish ga sim. P3d already a scenery simulator :) I dont think this new going to be your next platform for your 737/777/AIRBUS Ailiner sim. thats it.
  3. FSX-MS

    Thanks guys all those GREAT explanations!!!! I used that site and currently HT OFF and i have this in fsx.cfg I have FSX SE [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=62 Im going to change it based on your posts and check the result.
  4. FSX-MS

    Hi Stevie, Tried few settings but a bit unclear- i have 6800K HT off what should be the AM? and is it worth to check with HT on ??
  5. Typical Hype site....strong call to actions but less details...all about clicks....
  6. Let's see, competition is always good for us. However a CPU is a CPU , dont think we are going to see huge performance increase within the Sims, maybe on 64 bit maybe. Lets see how the motherboard vga working together with this cpu. But only for flightsimming and if you are already using some new cpus i dont see reason to upgrade. Did somebody see major difference in terms of performance using a 2600K 6700K 6800K still playing with 30FPS
  7. Cool, would be nice to add an option to modify airport datas or add new one (any addon airports) so people can add correct runways il's freq..etc and these datas could go to cloud or data base so others can access it. I can imagine an option ( maybe a dropdwon) next to the airport name in the popup and within the dropdown user can select default or custom airport data....just a draft idea:) but thanks for the map
  8. No GA developemnt its a big problem, REAL AIR was the best for the money!! A2A is great just a bit boring plane choices ...
  9. Cool, thanks, so these are the default airports yes ?:
  10. Yes its true but maybe thats why it was a bad idea to develop such a complex system into this old 32 bit environment, users installing addons all day they are on the hype of videos on youtube all want the same look and feel, so devs doing these products which is nice but i think we already reached the edge of this platform already i think the NGX was the last one anything more than that has huge impact.....Dont get me wrong this Bus is great the platform is sh....te
  11. FSX-MS

    any discounts to those who cant use the previous version in FSX SE???
  12. Thanks Chock for the summary very informative!!!!
  13. Dont get me wrong im just curious can you explain a little bit more? Everybody now saying its uber realistic etc.. but in what aspect? The flight model? or the system behind those buttons? Im not a Bus driver so thats why im asking in the old days i had PSS which was not bad that time,my only worries its made for Dual pilot operation but in the sim you are doing alone everything which is not the ideal way of doing those.
  14. thanks man I have the PMDG OP center, showing my NGX is the latest, and fs2crew working so i will ignore that message THANKS
  15. HI, I installed a new Fs2crew version if i click on system check in the fs2control center i got a message Sp1d Fail but everything working and i have the sp1d installed in FSX SE, so the question should i just ignore the fs2crew system check list ? The program itself working did 3 full flight , but i got one error after the flight when i tried to close fsx