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  1. Hi, I1m looking for also some advise, I have the Efis and the MCP and need some kind of desktop holder - CH has its own but because VA has different size its not good, but I had a chat with VA and they said they working on a desktop holder.....
  2. What happened to Virtual Avionics?

    HI All, I have a Virtual Avionics MCP and EFIS module - Desktop one. I'd like to put them into an Aluminium desktop bracket on my desktop. Do you know if it's available or any idea how to do one? I checked CP flight selling it but it has a bit different size. Thank you.
  3. Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Sounds good:) and did you install only the client or content and scenery too? I moved from FSX to P3d when 4.1 came out so im not that familiar with the update process:) and as lot of other guy i dont want to re install everything :)
  4. Experience with FSAerodata?

    Yes however If you fly lets say an NGX those Sid Stars in your FMC anyway i have a navigraph subscription, and you not going to use the default gps for that ,so i think the free one has almost the same features and free, but yes if you want to pay you can have it:) but for me the free one is enough.
  5. Experience with FSAerodata?

    Hi, There is another solution, a free one, http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html Im using it on p3d v4 i used on fsx too great easy, now my EU airports has a valid ILS freq and other navaids.
  6. Interesting, and I'm sure those are valid problems, but i really like their products so I placed my order, they were very friendly and helpful, so let's see when I get my yoke, I will write soon as it arrives and I'll do a small review.
  7. Stansted i have its good, not as good as LOWI in terms of performance but no problems.
  8. i have Gatwick and Stansted, any other good for p3d v4? heathrow i have from another company. any adivse ?
  9. VirtualAvonics Virtual CDU great product, easy install the only thing is i the va interface select PMDGNGX as a default profile thats it, works like a charm, fast response.
  10. HI Adam, Sorry if I was not clear enough, yes im using your preset, applied the HDR settings to in p3d.cfg and yes dawn and night time. FXAA OFF
  11. Thanks for the great presets and the informative topic, i tried yours and looks very nice my only complain in the NGX VC the displays are too bright and saturation is also a problem hard to read anything on the screen, HDR maybe bloom settings? how can i change things to have normal instruments display just like without HDR?
  12. Misleading marketing of sim products

    The whole Game industry is doing this no surprise :) However, yes you are 100% true, its misleading info, nice YT videos about the products and when the final user starts to using it Performance issues and totally different experience than on the Pictures or VIdeos. Of course, we all want a nice environment, and smooth flying experience so we chasing those videos dreams..... and also the HYPE is another thing, saw some hypes over here too before some product release and after that, the product was a huge BUG. for 59,00 EUR :))))
  13. YOu can set the brightness of the screens in the cockpit maybe its easier
  14. Fed Up

    I think the source of the problems - expectations!! This sim is for other type of simmers than FSX SE or P3d thats it:) long story short: a nice vfr-ish ga sim. P3d already a scenery simulator :) I dont think this new going to be your next platform for your 737/777/AIRBUS Ailiner sim. thats it.
  15. affinitymask i7 7700k

    Thanks guys all those GREAT explanations!!!! I used that site and currently HT OFF and i have this in fsx.cfg I have FSX SE [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=62 Im going to change it based on your posts and check the result.