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  1. Hypofx

    737NGX - are panels UHD standard

    also there was a non official vc texture update, very nice panels crisp HD. But PMDG had a problem with it so its hidden on the internet 🙂
  2. Hypofx

    TFDI 717?

    Interesting, i never had that CTD because of switching views, the only downside for me is 2xSSA is not working with the 717. the tablet not usable if you set 2xsssa. I did lot of flight with it and no CTD ( maybe luck )
  3. Hypofx

    EFIS737 Pro and PMDG737NGX

    did you check the software and from the drop-down select NGX profile? also there is a new version of the software on their website. plus in the manual there is a section about what needs to be changed in pmdg ini file dont remember by heart something like broadcast=1
  4. Hypofx

    QW787 update 1.1.2 out

    No CTD at all even WX on, but i don't use chaseplane, or reshade or tomato
  5. good for 29.99 walking pax .......:))))
  6. Hi OK so based on the video it looks like something sending some key presses or mouse thing to the G1000 thats why the knobs jumping. But now you said its not happening all the time, so interesting, i think there is some kind of conflict there... I had once a similar issue, one of my throttle had a mouse button, and it conflict somehow with other instrument - trim wheel- so i had to change it.... m,aybe you have something else but only checking your video i thought its a similar issue.
  7. Its a key setting issue, do you have any hardware with custom key bindings?
  8. HI I have the mcp the efis and the virtual cdu, question can i use the mcp with other planes? maybe using something similar Linda ?
  9. I'm not using that feature, I have FTX Global and OpenLC EU.
  10. I just upgraded from the previous version, removed the old ones, installed the new ones. did a short test, looks very nice, i think it a slightly smoother in terms of performance. Dynamic lights look nice, with 2xSSA still good performance using NGX. A few days ago upgraded to Milan Malpensa prof as well, very nice too. so Kudos to Aerosoft. and by the way their customer support GREAT.
  11. Hypofx

    P3D V4.2 blurry non-focus picture

    Hi First I would try without inspector, just pure P3d, also what is your Full-screen settings in P3d?
  12. Hi, I1m looking for also some advise, I have the Efis and the MCP and need some kind of desktop holder - CH has its own but because VA has different size its not good, but I had a chat with VA and they said they working on a desktop holder.....
  13. Hypofx

    What happened to Virtual Avionics?

    HI All, I have a Virtual Avionics MCP and EFIS module - Desktop one. I'd like to put them into an Aluminium desktop bracket on my desktop. Do you know if it's available or any idea how to do one? I checked CP flight selling it but it has a bit different size. Thank you.
  14. Hypofx

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Sounds good:) and did you install only the client or content and scenery too? I moved from FSX to P3d when 4.1 came out so im not that familiar with the update process:) and as lot of other guy i dont want to re install everything :)
  15. Hypofx

    Experience with FSAerodata?

    Yes however If you fly lets say an NGX those Sid Stars in your FMC anyway i have a navigraph subscription, and you not going to use the default gps for that ,so i think the free one has almost the same features and free, but yes if you want to pay you can have it:) but for me the free one is enough.