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  1. How about that if you land in outback Australia you have to check the aircraft for snakes or spiders before you take off again?
  2. Some suggestions: an actual FBO - a real space in which to compile / submit flight plans, order fuel / service, etc. actual walk-around inspection, with chance for failures if inspection is missed These ideas come from the 'Flight Unlimited'sim by Looking Glass from 1995 - that had an FBO as the 'menu' It would be great to have a virtual space for these functions rather than abstract menus.
  3. It just has to be as good as Forza for me. Forza is a brilliant example of what they could do with FS. There's Forza Racing - for the 'serious' enthusiast and Forza Horizons for the more casual type. Same engine, both groups covered. Good DLC, occasionally bonkers but that is actually quite good fun! Don't want the not-so-serious DLC? Don't download it! Simples! Also consider an in-engine repaint system as good as Forza Horizons. Yeah, I want my Maule painted sparkly-glitter-colour-changing-pink-leopard-spots. Who wouldn't?
  4. OK, I didn't watch the video - but was it the Maule? That thing was superbly modelled in Flight, and it was my absolute favourite aircraft in it. I used to really enjoy the "aerocache" challenges, and landing rough on some of the tiny and challenging strips on the islands. I can remember some great nights spent in multiplayer putting on airshows, practicing formation flying, and having 'who can land there' competitions. The really easy multiplayer system was one of the best aspects of Flight; and that t didn't have the massively intimidating feel of VATSIM. I've flown sims for er, a lot, of years (FS2 on C64, you do the maths) and I still don't feel I would be anywhere near the standard that VATSIM seems to require. Also I doubt my Maule (or whatever other slow plane I'm flying) would welcome at an airliner hub; and that's all VATSIM seems to be. Give me the wild freedom of Flight any day! I miss it.
  5. Wow. Really? Did you actually ever try it? One of the really sad things (and you can go back to late 2011 / early 2012 forums here and look) is that Flight was utterly panned by a very vocal subgroup of flight simmers. None of them ever downloaded or even tried Flight, but they utterly poisoned public perception of it. Why? because of the business model MS chose for Flight - a single area for free, along with a modest selection of planes - and paid DLC to expand it. Yes - please remember that - MS FLIGHT WAS FREE. Many people forget that little fact! Funny thing - DCS lives using exactly the same business model. MS latest foray? There's clearly knives out already; hopefully MS is better prepared (no pun intended) to weather the storm this time.
  6. It's ORBX Vector. Uninstall that and everything returns to nice smooth frame rates. Something about Vector seems to cause P3Dv4.2 to do big 'pauses' of about 5 seconds, every 20 seconds or so when flying over complex scenery (KLAX, Paris, London).
  7. Yeah, the language used in the control panel is not exactly clear.
  8. I have Skyforce, and yes the clouds are pretty; but the weather engine.... it just doesn't work for me. At all. Clear skies everywhere, all the time, especially lately at YSSY when it was raining all Sunday - SkyForce said, no - clear skies. The few times it has actually loaded weather, SkyForce has crashed about 20mins later.
  9. Its worth it. The Epic Victory is my all-time favourite aircraft. I love it. Forget the bloody tubeliners, I want to get there in style, in my own plane. And if I want to fly it at 8,000ft all the way I will because its just so much fun zooming around the clouds in the gorgeous little thing. I love it.
  10. Lorby-Si's excellent Addon-Organizer for P3Dv4 helps immensely; but the OP is right. It really ticks me off when developers; and not just for P3D, this also applies to Windows apps, Autodesk apps (don't get me started); ignore published SDKs that make things crystal clear and go and do their own thing which ultimately screws up your entire system. Example - Autodesk's insistence on using outdated DRM that relies dodgy block-level editing of your system disk, provided by an even more dodgy DRM provider with proven links to certain global intelligence organisations. Essentially it's a rootkit, which is why they tell you to switch off your AV when you install it, and on top of that all their software demands that your users must run as Admin (because it needs block-level disk access, right?). What could possibly go wrong with everyone running as Admin? (Ok, I got started). LM P3D is utterly benign, and the default install is damn near perfect. 100+fps with default install at only mid-range settings on my mediocre rig and it still looks better than FSX:SE at max settings and IMHO looks as good as X-Plane. Actually better then X Plane - because I fly mostly in Australia. My first attempt at installing P3Dv4 was disastrous when I simply installed all my addons - I was left with a glitchy P3D install that CTD's frequently and framerates in the low TENS. I deleted the whole lot and started again, this time using a directory-change-management tool (FolderChangesView by NIRsoft) and Windows Shadow Copies for roll-back when addons inevitably screwed with stuff the SDK clearly tells you NOT to screw with. I used Lorby's Addon Organizer to build my own XML files; and guess what? I've got full ORBX, OZx, FS Global 2018 terrain, high-res textures, dynamic lighting, dynamic shadows, full Traffic X 360 at 50% for airliners and general av, detail levels at mid-range and I'm getting solid 30fps at busy airports, and solid 60+FPS at altitude / VFR country. Who knew following the published SDK procedures would work so well?
  11. Fix for those following - (don't you hate it when someone says they have a solution, but then don't say what it was?) So - I had tried the Experimental option of CP (not 'advanced' - the EXP option that changes to a v0.4+ beta), and had left this setting when I unistalled and reinstalled. it was trying to reinstall the EXP version - which installed correctly, but for a yet unknown reason doesn't work with my setup. Reverting to the v0.370 version, then uninstalling , rebooting and reinstalling fixed the no-controls issue and it all works again. I'm still troubleshooting the v0,4+ issues, but at least the v0.370 version works correctly.
  12. Hi Keven, We're already discussing it in email - I'm the one from Sydney, Australia
  13. Hi all, I bought Chaseplane about 2 weeks back. When I first installed it - all worked well. But then I did something fatal to P3Dv4, so I reinstalled it. Now I absolutely cannot get Chaseplane to work at all. It loads, it creates cameras, but there is no control of P3Dv4 whatsoever, either by controls set in CP or by using the camera slew tools in CP. I've tried reinstalling CP, made sure I have the right Simconnect (from FSX-XP2 folders in P3Dv4 - the ones CP itself installs.) made sure joystick buttons aren't assigned in P3D (they aren't). I even tried using a totally different controllers - an Xbox controller and a Spacemouse - both disabled in P3D (ie, unassigned). They didn't work either. I'm at a loss to what to do next. Log file from CP attached. Hopefully something may be gleaned from it. <removed log file>
  14. As long as you're careful in bringing across the right gauges and effects, it does work. I've got the Lancair working in P3dv4. Some gauges like the Hobbs gauge, won't work properly as they are 32bit dlls. Of course, this isn't supported by ORBX and is totally at your (my) own risk! In general for migrating FSX-era aircraft into P3Dv4: If the gauges use CAB files or 'unpacked' XML gauges - they will work If the gauges use GAU or DLL files - you're out of luck, they won't work. If they control something critical, the whole aircraft wont work. (Eg, ORBX Vans RV4 - you can't refill the oil) Copy all effects required If the aircraft was modelled prior to FSX:Acceleration (ie, pre-DX10) or is stated to be DX9 only - the visual model probably wont work. DON'T copy stuff into your P3Dv4 main folder. I REPEAT - DON'T. You will probably do something horrid requiring reinstall. Learn how P3Dv4 structures it's addons, and google "P3dv4 Addon Organiser" - download that, read the help file, and transfer away! I've got the airliners, the Lear and almost all the aircraft except the F18 working in P3D. Not that I want all of them mind you; just fooling around to see how things work. And yes, I have reinstalled P3Dv4 about 4 times in the past two weeks after I screwed something up! You've been warned!
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