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  1. Hi, thanks Roland for this WX Radar. Carenado CJ2 : [Vcockpit01] //gauge06=EHSI_CJ2525A!Gauge_EHSI, 1,640, 384, 380 gauge06=RolasnRadar!ORadGauge, 60,702,263,249, sweep|beam|icing|starton|ghost [Window08] //gauge00=Radio_CJ2525A!Radio, 0, 0, 711, 1024 gauge00=RolasnRadar!ShellRadGauge, 0,0,200,250, sweep|beam|icing|starton
  2. Time for progress pic: -2d popup "Info page" now available for each plane (independent gauge is WIP and uploaded via AVSIM when ready with new bmp) -xml redesign, hopefully no more letters or size problems -now TAT ind. -Throttle ind now with XX,x ind. for finetuning (Good idea from Ray) -GW XX,xxx format Whats next for Flight Info Page? -maybe a second page, any wishes? -implement for the Hawker VC GTN mod
  3. Hello, just finished the NON GTN mod right now. Its on the way to the Mod Chief......
  4. Thanks for the reminder, I start tomorrow with this... I hope it's not a big deal.
  5. Hi Gareth, if I remember correctly, there was a heavy fps impact on the Hawker too. The solution was to disable the Navigraph DLL or something like this.
  6. Good morning from Berlin, new files are on the way to our chief of mod. Some new things are being discussed internally yet or in beta test, like: -GPU connect indication on ENG display (Aircraft on ground, white if no ENG running, yellow blink if GPU still connected and ENG N1 more then 20%) if you taxi with GPU like me -"C&D" with, sunshield up, door open and GPU connected -"Ready for Taxi" with door close and GPU disconnected -new "start popup" with config shortcut -popups and clickspots relocated or added, no more pressing shift+2 etc. -NAV with GTN is working again -FLC still a WIP but it capture SEL ALT and hold SEL SPD (it driving me nuts, sometimes) I try to implement callouts from the S550 ISG mod
  7. Brain, thanks for the short fix. But FLC and all other fixes works only with the new one which will follow soon.
  8. Hi Brain FLC and NAV was a misstake in file transfer. The right one will asap
  9. YES Robert youre right, something has going wrong by the transfer with the new AP xml i rechecked and some errors from a wrong version after the carenado update in there. I was wonder why FLC dont work as expected.....puuuuhhhh Ok that was the problem, i was confused because i can't reproduce the errors on my sim. Expect FLC and NAV updates in the next update. Thanks for keeping my head up Robert PM send
  10. Ok guys, problem is (maybe) found. Its based on the "element Update" part, i send the new file asap to Ray. Its take over from the carenado V1.1 update, i have not working carefully enough. Which is also the reason why it works sometimes. Sorry
  11. Ok problem is my list, I check all the files again but it takes more time as I expected. I have to work tomorrow. Stay tuned, I think it's not a big problem.
  12. Crazy,on my system it works as expected, I check the file again. How about FLC?
  13. Hi I have added a yellow indication for half banking on the right side in the pfd. Normally it is a MSG indication. If I understand you correct then yes there is a way to display the cdi but only from the current source. But it is possible to display some needle for the backup source too. Iam currently away from my sim.
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