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  1. Ah not to shabby - not enough talk about the lighting engine - its spectacular
  2. Something that stood out was FSDT cheaper then current versions - Denver on day of MFS2020 launch - prob sell a lot more than usual and make up for it that way and then some
  3. Dont forget your buying a new power supply also to run the new Nvidia 3000 series cards they have propitiatory 12 pin connectors and require more power
  4. Most of these guys are using sub par computers imo
  5. Not doing well right now are they 🙂 sports is all messed up now
  6. Seeing iced high altitude A32O videos no contrails bet they forgot them - hope not
  7. Hope so Brother makes for nice screenshots 🙂
  8. Good one 🙂 I think if they modeled them we would have seen them
  9. Contrails 🙂 couldn't resist - sure hope so that would be great but I think they forgot them Contrails or vapour trails are line-shaped clouds produced by aircraft engine exhaust or changes in air pressure, typically at aircraft cruising altitudes several miles above the Earth's surface
  10. OP has a valid post - its my only gripe - that said then they have done an amazing job - prop effect can be changed easy enough I would assume
  11. Going to be one heck of a ride folks 🙂
  12. Thanks for link killer screenshots and content 🙂
  13. Sorry missed your post its from the Microsoft order page - happened to notice after purchase then noticed this nice surprise - luv private jets
  14. To get my hands on this 🙂 Pre-ordered 🙂
  15. Thank you much - I find Microsoft account so much easier than in the past - load up your OS sign in and bam your OS is registered beautiful thing
  16. From what Iv'e seen on videos - images the exterior exceeds the interiors - especially on the liners Exteriors look amazing
  17. Hi Guys do you know if the purchase would be tied to your pc used to purchase it or can I pre-purchase on my laptop and download it when my new pc is done ?
  18. Wonder if there will be an easier repaint kit or if there will even be one - interesting question - thoughts ?
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