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  1. Thanks Guys well thats not ideal - I should have the choice part of the reason I was buying it - still worth the purchase but thats strange
  2. The demo is not fully functional correct - like to know before I purchase - for instance passengers ambience sound does not stay on - if you get out of the menu preview of those sounds they no longer play with other sounds Maybe Im doing something wrong ? thanks
  3. General consensus is its not implemented properly yet - so we have to wait 🙂
  4. Something up with sim today as far as I know keeps crashing to desktop in a min or so - sos never ends with this hobby 😞
  5. I had a hard time getting this to work - I found someone online that posted a host file removed the host files that were their for safe keeping just dumped this host file in the folder and worked perfectly Is that issue ? - you need it pm me Bob
  6. Read this at Flightsim.to DO NOT use the rolling cache within FS2020..This is explained in the tutorial, I guess some don't bother to read or watch..Then they wonder why they have issues with this mod.. And make sure to stop the mod before exiting the Map Enhancement app after you close MSFS 2020 or the hosts file will still have the special entries.
  7. Happened upon this on YT - 450$ US dollars - not bad really Works with : MSFS2020 -Asobo A320 -FBW A32NX add-on -Default aircraft
  8. How much has your simulator start time changed since using AIG has to longer loading times now I would assume
  9. Skip - Bruce not a good idea - looks like day and night to me
  10. I was ready to dump sim off my hard drive - not now its very good - nice improvement - all about timing I guess 🙂
  11. You want to figure this out its worth it - I have Steam so I cant help you - good luck
  12. As requested took few reboots new startup screen
  13. Google maps looks way better to me - Bing to green
  14. May have not updated properly - reboot your pc and try again - I had to this time around - servers maybe hammered - that said after my second try update is pretty quick - and if its updated properly you will be able to download new world update if your sim is not updated yet it will tell you - you cant install new USA world update until base sim is updated That being said I got black loading screen so reboot and try that again
  15. Digging this update scenery and elevation looks much better and LOD - very cool
  16. Saw this on MSFS Forums - oops thats not main loading screen thats the download area - maybe someone else can chime in
  17. All rights to YT poster - great stuff - this worked for me - faster loading sim - and not scientific - I noticed Fenix was as good or a bit better than Asobos stock airbus - interesting Asa side note I did delete my config file and built a new one - if you do this you will have to redo all your graphics settings again Also used his NCP settings from his video on that - check that video out Try it cant hurt also just pick 20 doesn't matter if you dont know how many processors you have - good luck
  18. What Robert has stated makes sense and has every right to enforce this - also it is not cheap to IP a product and financially has to be maintained - I dont know if they actually patented this product if so PMDG has total rights to what is done and not done with Their product I have many patents in my day job and its serious stuff
  19. Just a thought do you have another key binding to the speed brake ? might want to check
  20. Forgot that John you are indeed correct that would be the trigger that its a new flight to load
  21. Load one of your older ones that should work as its the latest thing loaded in the website I believe and second question I dont think so
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