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  1. OK so I gave it a shot and loaded up KMIA and finally CTD. I guess I get to join the club.
  2. When it first opened I was there and took the mag-lev catapult straight up at 4g's. It was crazy. Then after that I rode the roller coaster on the outside and could look straight down, nothing but a small bar to hold you. I don't know if the coaster is there at all anymore but I heard a short time after opening they installed a net to keep people from falling all the way to the ground.
  3. Well that's definitely not the issue, LOL. but it sounds like you have a fix for now. hopefully it holds up.
  4. ahhh. OK. I will give the 787 v1.3 a try this weekend in P3D v5 HF1 and report back.
  5. Hi Stan, I see you have 11G vram, how much system ram do you have?
  6. Has it ever caused a crash? just curious. I have flown this plane all over the world, hundreds of hours and never once had a CTD. And I only have 8gigs of Vram.
  7. Well an issue I am seeing is the Vram usage is reported different in V5 vs afterburner, so that's strange.
  8. Welcome to the RTX club! I also came from a GTX970. What a difference.
  9. In my setup it was. You can't just say more pixels in 4k so it must be slower, there is more going on there because you loose some processing power and delay in the three screens being powered. But again the difference is very small. Here is actual pixel counts 4K is 3840x2160 = 8.29 million pixels My triple wide monitor setup was 3x 24" @ 1920x1200 = 6.9 million pixels
  10. Yes sir, 1.37v is fine. As you noticed in P3d it only reached 1.35v. However if you go to 5.0 the voltage may bump up more. just keep an eye on it. The VCCIO and VCCSA voltages are more for memory over clocking stability, you shouldn't need to adjust those. But keep in mind the difference between 4.9 and 5.0 is very little, for the possible heat increase that may come with it.
  11. Depending on your budget I would upgrade your video card it will be the biggest bang for the buck. Look at RTX2070 or RTX2080. Both will handle bad weather much better then your current card. As far as ram, 16GB is fine for now. As others have stated you can monitor your current ram usage to know for sure. You are probably running out of Vram sooner than system ram to be honest. Especially if you play other games. Battlefield V and Battle Front 2 will both easily max out my 8 Gigs of Vram on Ultra settings.
  12. So its more then just a V5 installer?
  13. A single 4k monitor is faster than 3 in surround. I did a comparison as I have a 4k Sony I use once in a while, but I can't remember the exact numbers. But you are correct, if comparing to a 4k display the difference may only be around 10%.
  14. - LG 38WN95C HDR 600 NANO IPS 21:9 3840*1600 This is almost perfect just wish it was a little bigger I'm thinking a 40-42" ultrawide would be perfect. - The best : LG OLED 48CX ( this is my next for this sim 😉 ) This would be good if you don't want the wide screen. - Samsung QE49q70 or q80T if you want qled 🙂 This is too wide it will stretch the panels way too much. However if you dont fly VC it would be fine. I have actually tried this monitor, it was setup at fry's electronics one day.
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