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  1. My guess is LM has v6 nearly completed and will release it in the near future, perhaps the week of the flight sim expo. This update was just some of the changes that they made to v6 that were easily applicable to v5. Again just my opinion here. Hopefully we will see soon enough. 🙂
  2. Thanks Ryan, I appreciate it. I'll check these guys out.
  3. $8 dollars seems justified and a great price for an upgrade to me, judging by the pics I have seen, as I have yet to upgrade but will be doing so. As far as rehashes ORBX is way behind in bringing all the great airports form P3D to MSFS in my opinion as far as the US goes. The PNW was supposedly one of the most popular spots for flying and I'm still waiting for most of the airports to be made available. They must have lost a lot of developers to the competition.
  4. You can however use both also. This way when you fly out of TE coverage the colors will match closer and still be ORBX base scenery.
  5. This was meant as a CYA to Majestic software for mentioning the release ahead of time. Its all a joke anyway as we all know a new version should be out soon. 🙂 or at least the majority of us are hoping so.
  6. IF/ when the newer version of P3D is released. (Fixed it)
  7. HI Martin, I run water cooling so my computer only runs when I actually use it. As I only use it a few hours a week there is less wear on the water pump. I simply shut the computer down through windows and that's it. However, IF there is a thunderstorm OR I travel out of town for the week I will switch the power supply off so there is no power running through the system. This has always worked for me, but I would see no reason to switch or unplug your system every time you are done using it for the day. Just my thoughts. As a side note.. I also turn off any power strips in my theater room during a storm as I don't want to damage my receiver or TV. But in Oregon these don't happen too often. 2x a year maybe.
  8. Hi Tim, You already have a very nice system. The one big improvement to be made is video. I went from a RTX2080 to a RTX3090 and saw a massive improvement. I would look at the new RTX4000 series cards and purchase the best one you can afford. A RTX4070 with 12gigs of vram goes for around $800USD this should provide smooth FPS and you may find it not necessary to upgrade any other components. As another example see my specs in my sig below, I can run PMDG at complex scenery all options on ultra and still manage smooth frame rate.
  9. I have the 350i and the P180 already, but I'm glad they decided to make these available again for others. Looking forward to there MSFS stuff. I'm looking at you SR-71. 🙂
  10. haha, never heard about that one. I suppose they had pics of himself and the enterprise on them too. lol.
  11. Ahh, you are right. On a side note... I saw William Shatner over the weekend at the Portland Comic Con. And I kept waiting for him to just start yelling "Khaaaannnnn". Lol. There were a lot of Star Trek and Back to the Future cast. Including Christopher Lloyd who was of 'course Doc Brown but also a great Klingon Commander in Star Trek III.
  12. The reason is due to the LOD and when the sim loads the distant buildings. Unfortunately it usually doesn't load the buildings in soon enough. This is why the term melted buildings is so common. The FIX.... Asobo would need to add an additional slider for "downtown skyline" That would load just the skyline high rises in sooner without having to load all distant scenery. This is honestly one of by biggest complaints about the sim and one of the biggest emersion killers. I'm very surprised Asobo has not improved this yet.
  13. Its interesting that the screen is showing only 8gigs of vram. It should be displaying 24gigs if they used a RTX3090. Maybe they only compared a 3080? Anyone else notice that.
  14. You shouldn't have a problem with the factory overclock version, but if you want to save a few bucks go with the standard version. A video card makes a huge difference in MSFS so get the best one you can afford. Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation in beautiful Hawaii. Your probably already enjoying the video card you purchased.
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