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  1. turboken

    Gtx 1070 to 2080

    I just upgraded my GTX970 to a RTX2080 along with a new dell 38" ultrawide. Could not be happier. Anyone who has a 970 know's the weather and lighting just crushes that card. No more problems with the 2080.
  2. Yes! I went from a 2600k @ 4.8 to a 4790k @ 4.8 and saw a pretty good jump in performance, all around smoother flight. so upgrading to today's tech 8700/9700k would be all together a very nice boost to performance. Go for it!
  3. turboken

    Flying Tigers over San Fran

    As someone who grew up in Anchorage I can remember seeing these flying tigers all the time. Very cool, thanks for sharing.
  4. Hello everyone, just wanted to give some quick feedback on my experience from a GTX970 to a RTX2080. Quick disclaimer... I had an issue with my RTX2080 where Nvidia surround was NOT working, so I was unable to test with my standard setup which consists of (3) 24" dell ultrasharps. So I tested with only one @ a resolution of 1920x1200. I have since sent the video card back for an exchange so I cannot do any additional testing until the replacement arrives. But I would like to share 2 saved flights that I tested. Lets get right to it shall we.... So the first flight was over Anacortes, WA with fairly high settings, shadows, traffic, ORBX scenery and a setting sunset. The GTX970 with the newest drivers managed a whopping 48FPS. Not bad... OK now lets try the RTX2080 same everything... drum roll please...... Also 48FPS.... Well that's a bummer..... So then I said lets make things a little more interesting. So I changed the weather to a thunder storm and turned up shadows and turned on dynamic lighting. Now lets see what we can do. With the GTX970 the FPS dropped like a rock to only 27FPS. Thats nearly half the frame rate which makes for not a great experience. Now lets see how the NEW RTX2080 handled this torture...... Would you believe NOT FAZZED AT ALL... It still managed to hold 48FPS. So the obvious next step was to retest the 970 and the 2080 again to verify something didn't change. The results were the same. Lets try another test, Eagle county, Colorado. ORBX. add-on. GTX970 night time clear skys. 60FPS. Thunderstorm w/DL on, 30-35 FPS again big drop in framerate. RTX2080 same situation. 60FPS. (No surprise there), Thunderstorm w/DL on, 58-60 FPS. Guys Bottom line... If you fly in bad weather you NEED this CARD. I hope this helps others in there decision.
  5. Logitech also made one called "extreme 3d", being using one for ever and it works great. Just have to take it apart and add some grease once in a while as they get worn out after a bazzilion hours of flying. lol..
  6. turboken

    Blurry Textures (again)

    As Steve previously stated, your computer just cannot keep up. You are flying a jet which at a low altitude will really put a strain on it. Try lowering the Scenery Autogen both to normal or more likely sparse, and drop FPS to 30, this WILL help but you may need to turn more options down just for the high speed low altitude flights. EDIT: also lower texture resolution to Medium 1024x1024.
  7. turboken


    Sorry to stray a little more, but Martin I couldn't agree more how big of a problem this is. I live in the PNW where a lot of lovely ORBX scenery is made and the housing and rent prices have increased at an astronomical rate due in part to so many people moving here, namely California where they sell there home for a million bucks and buy one here for half the price. Well the wages here are a joke and as you stated anyone who didn't already have a house to sell now has to spend all there income on rent/mortgage. Guess what happened to the economy... Well good for the 100,000 California's that moved up here in the past 2 years with all that money, but when it runs out good luck finding a job to support that $2400 a month mortgage for a basic 3 bedroom cookie cutter row house. Sorry for the vent.... So yes I live across the street from where these great Intel chips are made, massive place let me tell ya, but I say GO AMD! We all need there help in kicking Intel's butt back into the performance side of things.
  8. turboken

    FPS are terrible please help

    Wow, that's great to hear. I love easy fixes.
  9. turboken

    Long Loading Times and Orbx Scenery

    Fixed!!! So since I updated P3D to the latest version, I had yet to take the time to install ALL of my ORBX stuff. I have LOTS... But with the new central making it so easy I thought I would give it a try. Well I am happy to report the long delays are gone, like completely gone... Again I have ORBX global/vector/base/full fat regions and lots of smaller airports and all of them load in about 40 seconds. So anyone doing these crazy load this area or just that area to help load times improve, thats no longer necessary. I'm not sure if it was the file restructuring LM did a while back or what but glad its improved.
  10. turboken

    Floating objects at LDDU

    Which mesh settings are you referring too?
  11. turboken

    Airport Elevation Correction tool

    BUMP... I would like to know this too... I still have issues with a few random airports I would like to fix.
  12. turboken

    Airport elevation problems....

    I had this exact same problem, to fix it you do the opposite of what you would think... You actually have to exclude it from the airport elevation correction tool. Then is will go back to normal.
  13. turboken

    messed up orbx textures?

    You will need to add VECTOR before any improvement are made beyond this.
  14. turboken

    Horrible texture, not loading

    My first thought is too much background things are running eating up processing power. check task manager and verify only minimal things are running. Also P3d unlike FSX does NOT like running on unlimited, change to 30 fps and that will load texture faster. But definitely something is bogging the system down...
  15. turboken

    KSEA water issue

    Yes, Go to the scenery library and uncheck the orbx stuff.. all of it.. restart. Then check in the orbx forums on the correct order for the base and vector and mesh stuff, I'm not in front of my flight sim computer right now. Then recheck them so they will be loaded and verify they are in the correct order. Not the PNW yet. start P3D then shut off and restart again. Now go back to scenery library and check PNW an any other smaller high res orbx stuff you may have to load, start a flight and everything should look normal again.