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  1. Well worth it.. Its the best one out there...
  2. Dude... you need to upgrade you're computer... Lol just kidding. We have similar systems I will give it a try and report back. I have London city scape and London City airport both, I do remember this area being very heavy on the system from memory.
  3. FYI I'm at 3840x1600 resolution. Out of curiosity I'm going to try the flight again with a fresh restart and see if there is any difference.
  4. So just for fun last night I uninstalled, deleted shaders and reinstalled QW787 into P3D V4 and V5 as I use both for different scenery choices and honestly I thought the aircraft lighting in both sims looked fine except the main front landing lights are very weak. I saw zero reflection issues or any other problems. Then I installed the Parallel42 787 enhancement package and enjoyed a flight. ohh and to the people complaining about the refresh rate of the displays, they seem no different then the aircraft on MSFS. They are not liquid smooth but smooth enough.
  5. OK So I performed a flight from Big Bear to LAX around 80 miles or so. Everything on Ultra, it looked quite amazing, there was a ton of air traffic last night during the flight. I am on the same time zone as LAX just one state above it. So how did it perform. Starting out I first tried LOD @ 200 just because that's my normal setting. I left Big Bear around 45FPS very smooth all the way to LAX, however I did notice some stutters on final about 10 miles out. The most of a slowdown I have seen since upgrading to my 3090. It did smooth out after this and I was getting around 25-30 FPS upon landing at LAX which was good enough for a nice landing. NEXT I decided to try LOD @ 100. This time I had no stutters at all nice and smooth all the way in too LAX, with a slight increase to the FPS. I'm not sure if this was due to having the scenery now loading on the hard drive or due to the decrease in LOD or maybe a little of both. Maybe I should go back and test the same flight after a restart, but for what ever its worth these were the results. I should also mention this flight was done in the TBM.
  6. Something to try... Try loading the default flight first. Then after it loads select the airport and aircraft you want to go to. If it still crashes, give it about 30 seconds, then start P3d again and start the same flight again, it may work. It sounds crazy but give it a try. This is what worked on a friends system. Do other 3d applications work? If so then lower graphic settings to minimum and try again to see if your simply running out of Vram, which is easy to do with high or max settings and will cause a crash.
  7. That's quite a system you have there. I agree, I believe they are working on more optimizing all the time. As for SoCal are you talking Ultra settings? I will give it a try and see how it does. There may be a few quick stutters as I get near LAX but pauses certainly not, I have not had a pauses since upgrading my Vram.
  8. There was no assumption, it was simply based off my experience going from 8 to 24 gigs of Vram. But its ok I get it. It's very frustrating when things are not working for what ever the reason.
  9. When you say external lights do you mean all lights, wing marker lights or landing lights on the runway as you land?
  10. I would love to see a newly modeled A-10 to take advantage of modern hardware.
  11. I think most of the pauses are from either slower internet connections and or not having enough video ram. When I had my 2080 only having 8 gigs of vram I would get several second pauses as I entered the seattle region landing at seatac. Now with 24 gigs of vram I get zero pauses anywhere so I was clearly maxing out the video ram buffer. I have very fast internet so there is no problem there either, which further proves MSFS needs lots of Vram. I fly on ultra everywhere and have no pauses or stutters anywhere. But buying a 3090 is very expensive fix at thats if you can find one. It might be a good option if Asobo adds an option to limit vram usage like I have seen in a few other games.
  12. Bob I'm sorry to hear about your computer locking up again. If I didn't live 2000 miles away from you I would come over and fix it.
  13. The latest versions should have fixed the crashing issue, after updating Trueglass I have had no issues. Try reinstalling?
  14. I love the Phenom300 great looking plane with large glass panels easy to see everything. I bought the carenado one after having the chance to sit in a real one, cockpit and cabin area, what a beautiful aircraft inside and out.
  15. To be honest after another flight I do notice a performance hit from what I remember, but not half as you are seeing. I know many are reporting issues with performance so hopefully they figure it out.
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