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  1. Yes, Its located in the southern end of the "Bay Area". The LA region including San Diego is considered Southern CA. I have the ORBX airport and also agree its not the best optimized, but generally if I land in one of the 3 major airports in the bay area I land at SFO.
  2. If you buy California, then you will go back and buy Oregon and Washington too. There are a TON of flights you can do with the entire west coast. You can even perform a concorde flight from Vancouver BC to Los Angeles. Even considering having to travel 100m off shore before going MACH 2 is still faster then a 737 going direct.
  3. It is totally worth it. I have almost all of the airports in the PNW region and its a blast going from place to place. If you can get a bigger SSD I would actually recommend True Earth OR,WA and CA. I have most scenery maxed and get amazing frame rates. Highly recommend. And as others have stated there is a sale going on.
  4. Two cell phones and the door were found a few miles from my house, as I live in the Portland metro area where the plane took off from. We are all very lucky the plug came out when it did, at 30,000' they would have been picking up far more then just a door. As far as the iFly Max, looking forward to it...
  5. I also use the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 system. There cheap and work very well. Recently I decided to further improve the sound, I bought a pair of Definitive Technology Pro Monitor 800's. (non-powered) and replaced the Klipsch satellite speakers, still using the subwoofer and volume controls. Now everything sounds amazing. You can unbolt the volume knob from the bottom of the Klipsch speaker and mount it to the bottom of your monitor too.
  6. I cant answer your question about the triplehead, but when I ran a 3 monitor setup I saw about a 30% fps drop if I remember correctly. If you are running 3 4k monitors vram could be a concern, but I see you are running a 3090 so you should be fine. I do not believe the triple head would benefit you in anyway honestly. Those were mostly around before modern video cards had 3 monitor output.
  7. I second the FSR500... What a fun plane to fly. Beautifully done. Anyone on the fence, go for it!
  8. Hello, yes the 4070ti would be great. And Yes, the 1000w PSU will be fine. However, if you can wait 2 weeks the new super variants will be out and you should be able to order them at MSRP, not the insane way over MSRP they are now.
  9. AMD 7800X3D or INTEL 14900k Thinking about an upgrade... Look below in sig for current PC specs. So I'm thinking of going with a 14900k but I'm a little concerned about the current draw. Most reviews show MAX wattage draw but that's not normal gaming wattage. I don't know so just estimating here, but if MSFS/14900k uses 150watts under default BIOS settings, what would it run with HT and E-cores all disabled? I'm assuming both do little in MSFS other then create heat. This would be great if someone has this processor currently and wanted to test this theory.
  10. Yes, as Bob pointed out. However IF you can afford another $100, AND feel comfortable (watch some videos) add another 2TB SSD and make it a dedicated flight sim drive.
  11. As long as windows in on an SSD which you said it is, it will be fast enough, I would use the M.2 drive for flight sim, as it is likely faster.
  12. So like a 40fps to 60fps OR 60fps to 80fps kind of improvement? Regardless that sounds very good...
  13. Run a disk clean and a disk check while your at it. Then purchase and install a second hard drive. Watch some video's on how to clone your drive. Then remove for a spare or simply rename the old drive to a different drive letter. Problem solved. Come back and ask additional questions if you need to. Good luck.
  14. Good choice upgrading the power supply. Always better to have a little power on reserve... Enjoy the build.
  15. Wow, I missed that you only selected a 120mm. Trust me, them not having one was a good thing. The 240mm will provide better cooling. I built one for a customer that only had room for a 120mm as they had a small case and the whole cooler got warm. Glad to hear they are back on track with the build.
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