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  1. I have a 34" and a 38" and I highly recommend the 38". You get a lot more vertical as it is 3840x1600. vs the 34 @ 1440 or the 49 @ 1080. But its not a cheap monitor. 😞
  2. I agree, you have a good system now. Wait till the end of the year and get all the new gen stuff. I am also waiting for the new raptor lake cpu and ddr5.
  3. Well one less S4 flying around. This happened after work yesterday a 1/2 mile away from me. https://www.koin.com/local/washington-county/lanes-blocked-after-emergency-airplane-landing-crash-in-hillsboro-oregon/
  4. I agree with you, he is probably referring to the older 737, as the newer 737 advanced made for P3Dv5 is absolutely an amazing aircraft.
  5. I read somewhere that once iFly finished the Prepar3d 737-MAX they would look into developing the 737-MAX for MSFS.
  6. 850w would be the minimum I would recommend for either GPU. Your CPU will be just fine, see my specs in my sig below, everything works great. But you may want to hold off another month as the 4000 series cards should be releasing soon. With that said either GPU will allow you to run every game on ultra settings. Prepar3d is the only sim or game I don't have every setting maxed out. But I have them high enough to look amazing and still be smooth.
  7. I'm also stuck at work haha, but I will buy this as soon as I see it available. If nothing more to support you Simbol. It looks like a blast to fly. I can't wait.
  8. wow I never knew that, I will have to look this up and see a video of this in action.
  9. haha I forgot about that one, you should give it a try and let us know. I think the one I have was actually for the QW787. I think there was another for the 747 that had the millennium falcon painted on the side.
  10. So the QW feeling a little underpowered at times is accurate? The 747 really has a noticeable increase in power huh? Interesting. I know what you mean about the newer cars. With the electronic throttle and especially electric steering. Which both of my vehicles are (2021 RAV4 and 2018 F150) It takes the feel of the road out. But does help with long drives.
  11. I have noticed this too if you get in a hurry and don't restart the computer between installing a bunch of scenery. Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling can fix it. Generally if I perform restarts and load the sim between scenery installs during a fresh build then I'm good to go.
  12. Is this because it is more like an airbus in that it does a lot of the work for you? Or something else? I'm just curious.
  13. While we are talking CRJ, great plane, but my biggest complaint is the small font in VC. Has anyone made a mod for this or has AS released a patch to make things more readable. This is the only plane I have a problem with as the font is so small.
  14. Well if that's the case we could look at it both ways, either less people are flying therefore MS redirected some servers for other use, or what I am hoping more and more people are using MSFS and therefore MS need to increase there server capacity. Either way until the sound issue gets resolved its 100% Prepar3d for me.
  15. YES, I have the same problem. I have fast internet, never got a warning before. Now I am getting low bandwidth and sound problems as you describe. No other programs are having problems, so it must be a MSFS bug.
  16. Well that's unfortunate and a bit of a surprise, at least now we know.
  17. I read late last year Flight1 was in negotiations with the original developer for the rights to the program and the ability to update it, as the original developer has stated he will no longer be supporting this program at any capacity.
  18. I was surprised to see it hasn't made it over yet also, as with Monroe first air and Harvey field my 3 favorite. EDIT: Another favorite is KRDD Redding you get two airports in the package. Very well done.
  19. These are all must haves in my opinion. Washington State - Orcas to Friday harbor and/or Monroe first air to Harvey field Oregon - Starks twin oaks to Pearson field East Coast - Bar harbor to Block island
  20. Wow looks amazing, great animation. Looking forward to it. Amazing job as always DD!
  21. LM made a change for V5, you basically have to run unlimited now or you will introduce stutters in sim. If you want to limit the FPS without introducing stutters you have to do it in an external limiter like NCP.
  22. Yes P3D V5 works very well with NCP set to unlimited and in sim set to unlimited. Where as V4 you had to run limited or the scenery would get blurry setting to unlimited. I also noticed an immediate increase in smoothness without using Vector, with the improvements in V5 it is not really necessary anyway. But with V4 I believe it was worth the trade off.
  23. If you don't have a fast internet connection this could contribute to the pixilation you are seeing. Do other games look perfectly fine? I would lower graphic settings before lowering resolution to maintain FPS.
  24. I would keep the 34". It will be best for flight sim and great for work too. Just add a second monitor for charts maybe you would only need a 22 or 24 for this.
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