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  1. I would check eBay/thrift stores etc. for an used aviator stick. Its dual throttles have a decent amount of travel which you can still use after the modification, plus you'll have two spare pots for your yoke. Are you still under the warranty? I read some people got their yokes replaced because of this issue..
  2. ^ This. I've sacrificed an used saitek aviator for this purpose and I can report that is works like a charm as both controllers using the same pods.
  3. Well, after doing a bit research I decided to give G3258 a shot: People seem to be able to overclock G3258 @ 4.2ghz on stock cooler. 1.2v, 70 C max temp on stress tests, seems a little too good to be true but I'll give it a shot before buying a better cooler. 89 CAD Asrock Z97 anniversary edition board, built for, or marketed for g3258 89 CAD G.SKILL DDR3 2400 memory, 2x4gig sticks 59 CAD I went with the el cheapo 148 CAD Asus GT750TI. 2gb, not 16X. Spending 350$+ to a nice a card is against the purpose of this built. I also bought an 250gb ssd to save some head ache later on, 250gb should be sufficient for the o/s and fsx I've spent a bit more on the PSU and the case as the quality of these items are important for a stable overclock. I'm hoping to get nice and fluid fps with medium/low settings. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this topic, I'll report my findings later on..
  4. G3258 is very tempting, I'll be running FSX-SE exclusively
  5. Hello fellow simmers, I'm looking to get back to simming after a 10 year break. I've always followed up with the current flighsim news so I kinda know what I'll be running on my new rig. I've used to be able to find my way around the hardware that's right for my needs and within my budget, however, I think the market is flooded with overpriced and low quality products, therefore I need a bit help. I'm kinda old school, I value a fluid smooth flight experience than looking at the latest high res runway or tree textures. I don't use radar contact etc but I do fly online. I usually keep the mesh and cloud resolution at medium, but I'll be using active sky. I'll fly the pmdg and majestic planes, actually if I knew they wouldn't move my post to here I would have posted this to the pmdg forum.. I usually don't upgrade, but this will be a staged build; I'll use the stock cpu cooler and my existing hdd at this point. A better cooler for slight over cllocking and an ssd will be added later on. I'm leaning to stay with win7-64. Now my intent is clear, here's what I'm thinking to build: CPU I5-6600K I understand i5 is the best price/performance cpu for fsx. I'm not sure if I need this cpu though, it's still quite a bit $$, do I really need this? Or can I get away with an older haswell non K cpu? Mobo GIGABYTE GA-Z170-HD3 (rev. 1.0) No frills, overclocks well, latest chipset. GPU Gf gtx-750ti, 2gb. PCI 3, 16x Best $/performance card imo, I wish they had a 4gb version.. Or am I completely wrong with GF7 series? I've never been a GPU Expert. Which brand? Must be reliable and reasonably quiet. RAM: 16 or 8 is enough? I know I need ddr4 if I'm going with skylake, but I have no idea about what to look for. I don't care about its looks or color, however, reliability and overclock stability is important to me. Which brand is again an other question.. I think a 500w psu would be enough for this config Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Derin
  6. MaxThrust

    PMDG secret project

    Only fact here is that they won't be touching to the NGX until they're done with the 744 AND all its service packs, that's at least 1+ year imo. They have changed whats coming or what will be happening to the NGX several times already so why not wait and see? I'm confident we will get a nice 737 from PMDG sooner rather than later Derin Boz
  7. MaxThrust

    PMDG secret project

    Any Boeing glass cockpit aircraft is out if question imo. That stuff take too much time and they never keep that kind of major projects secret anyway. I don't want to sound like a downer but a 757/67 doesn't seem likely, unless they're completing level-d's 757 project with some ex level-d designers.. Furthermore RSR stated multiple times that although they love older steam cockpit jets, they wouldn't make one because they think it won't sell enough. I don't even know why I am curious about this, my fs rig is 5 years old and I haven't touched it since 2011 summer. I'll get back on the train and catch up with all the nice PMDG stuff once I'm done with the school though, that'll be soo sweet. Derin Boz
  8. MaxThrust

    PMDG secret project

    Another PMDG Express aircraft.. Derin Boz
  9. MaxThrust

    Will PMDG supply a T.O performance module?

    Well the 300ER got me so excited I went ahead and created an excel spreadsheet for the takeoff performance. It calculates a MTOW for a given airport altitude, QNH, wind velocity/direction and rwy length. Moreover, if the actual TOW is lower than the MTOW for the given conditions then it provides an assumed temperature. V speeds by FMC, flaps 15, dry rwy and TO thrust only. I haven't touched the FSX in years and I don't think I will until after xmas, but if anyone from the beta team is interested I can share the file. It should provide the basic data until Topcat for 300ER is available..
  10. MaxThrust

    Will PMDG supply a T.O performance module?

    Max takeoff weights for given pressure altitude, rwy length and OAT is already given in the manuals. You can find the MTOW weight according to tables and use assumed temp method if you are lower than MTOW. I'd import the tables into a spreadsheet program and let it interpolate to save time. There are a few limitations though, the tables are for TO thrust and Flaps 15 only, you still need to be mindful about the obstacle limits etc.. Flaps 15/20 performance is very similar, add +5 tons to MTOW for flaps 20, and if you are really light then the MTOW reduction factors for TO-1 and TO-2 are 0.926 and 0.860 respectively, then use assumed temp method.. Bozhan Ozsoy
  11. First of all, GOOD JOB JOHAN!! I've been waiting for the equivalent of the fs9 sim1.dll mod for a very long time. :yahoo: Now the hard part is done, I don't mind adjusting 1506 values for my jets.. Now the trust for lower altitudes ( say < 5000ft ) must be reduced by the same amount with the rwy drag, that would eliminate any excessive takeoff performance issues for the majority of the airports but wouldn't effect climb/cruise performance. I think it's worth a try. :Thinking: To bad I have my exams for the next two weeks, otherwise I would like to help you out with the testing, etc. :p0304: Keep up the good job sir :drinks:
  12. This is the issue with the warthog: If i was a DCS A10 fan then this stick would be a non brainer, besides, I think one actually NEED this stick to fly the A10 effectively, an ordinary stick with 10 buttons just don't cut it. But I don't fly the A10, and I feel that it would be an overkill for my normal fsx flying, yes all the buttons and sliders can be put to use with fsuipc, however, when it comes to that, I believe a MCP and a $30 Thrustmaster t16000m (same hall effect sensors, long travel on x and y axis, great feel for the money) is a better investment at a similar cost..
  13. That's most probably done by Herve Sors himself, I remember flying some Fokker 100 for FS2000 with his FDE, it flew like a dream back then, nice to see he's still around...
  14. MaxThrust

    Panel wish list

    A Custom Autopilot that won't break to right when a roll mode is selected, preferably a SP177.Collaboration with a texture artist would be nice too :( Bozhan.
  15. If you don't like slamming on the brakes when you hit the brake button on your joystick, you may like this;You can change the braking force of the brake button, but you'll need a registered FSUIPC for this so if you have one, continue reading. This will take about 5 minutes to complete the procedure. First, we'll delete the joystick assignment in Flight Simulator:1. Go to Options -> Controls -> Assignments. 2. Select "General Aircraft Commands" from the Event Category pull-down menu.3. Click on the "Brakes apply/release" line (3rd one)4. Click on the "Delete Joystick Assignment" button5. We're done here, close the Assignments Window.Now we'll re-assign brake button via FSUIPC:1. Select FSUIPC from the Options pull-down menu.2. Select "Buttons + Switches" tab on the FSUIPC screen.3. Now press the brake button on your joystick, you'll see several menu items are activated.4. Select the "Select for FS control" option.5. Find and select the "Brakes" item in the "Control sent when button pressed" pull-down menu.6. Now you have to decide how hard you want to brake when you push this button. Lets say %25, you may tweak your settings later, so enter "-8190" into the parameter window.7. Now check the "Control to repeat while held" option under the parameter window.8. Again find and select the "brakes" item in the last pull down menu (Control sent when button released)9. And enter "-16381" into it's parameter window. (this releases the brakes when you release the brake button)10. Now test your new and smooth brakes! Oh by the way, you still have your maximum braking via your usual keyboard key!If you want to tweak the braking force to your taste, the brake force parameter range is from -16380 to 16380. -16380 Gives you no braking at all and 16380 is maximum braking. (just don't use "0" as a parameter value)I'm using a two button braking setup in my FS now; first button for butter smooth stops and a second one, which only operates when pressed with the first button (otherwise does it's own thing in FS), for moderate braking. I'll write about that if there's any interest.Regards,Bozhan