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  1. I would check eBay/thrift stores etc. for an used aviator stick. Its dual throttles have a decent amount of travel which you can still use after the modification, plus you'll have two spare pots for your yoke. Are you still under the warranty? I read some people got their yokes replaced because of this issue..
  2. ^ This. I've sacrificed an used saitek aviator for this purpose and I can report that is works like a charm as both controllers using the same pods.
  3. This is the issue with the warthog: If i was a DCS A10 fan then this stick would be a non brainer, besides, I think one actually NEED this stick to fly the A10 effectively, an ordinary stick with 10 buttons just don't cut it. But I don't fly the A10, and I feel that it would be an overkill for my normal fsx flying, yes all the buttons and sliders can be put to use with fsuipc, however, when it comes to that, I believe a MCP and a $30 Thrustmaster t16000m (same hall effect sensors, long travel on x and y axis, great feel for the money) is a better investment at a similar cost..
  4. That's most probably done by Herve Sors himself, I remember flying some Fokker 100 for FS2000 with his FDE, it flew like a dream back then, nice to see he's still around...
  5. A Custom Autopilot that won't break to right when a roll mode is selected, preferably a SP177.Collaboration with a texture artist would be nice too :( Bozhan.
  6. If you don't like slamming on the brakes when you hit the brake button on your joystick, you may like this;You can change the braking force of the brake button, but you'll need a registered FSUIPC for this so if you have one, continue reading. This will take about 5 minutes to complete the procedure. First, we'll delete the joystick assignment in Flight Simulator:1. Go to Options -> Controls -> Assignments. 2. Select "General Aircraft Commands" from the Event Category pull-down menu.3. Click on the "Brakes apply/release" line (3rd one)4. Click on the "Delete Joystick Assignment" button5. We're done here, close the Assignments Window.Now we'll re-assign brake button via FSUIPC:1. Select FSUIPC from the Options pull-down menu.2. Select "Buttons + Switches" tab on the FSUIPC screen.3. Now press the brake button on your joystick, you'll see several menu items are activated.4. Select the "Select for FS control" option.5. Find and select the "Brakes" item in the "Control sent when button pressed" pull-down menu.6. Now you have to decide how hard you want to brake when you push this button. Lets say %25, you may tweak your settings later, so enter "-8190" into the parameter window.7. Now check the "Control to repeat while held" option under the parameter window.8. Again find and select the "brakes" item in the last pull down menu (Control sent when button released)9. And enter "-16381" into it's parameter window. (this releases the brakes when you release the brake button)10. Now test your new and smooth brakes! Oh by the way, you still have your maximum braking via your usual keyboard key!If you want to tweak the braking force to your taste, the brake force parameter range is from -16380 to 16380. -16380 Gives you no braking at all and 16380 is maximum braking. (just don't use "0" as a parameter value)I'm using a two button braking setup in my FS now; first button for butter smooth stops and a second one, which only operates when pressed with the first button (otherwise does it's own thing in FS), for moderate braking. I'll write about that if there's any interest.Regards,Bozhan
  7. SB3 kullaniyorsan FS2004'u secip SB3 ayarlarindan skip fsuipc update'i secebilrisin.
  8. And I was thinking of flying the PMDG birds in FSX with my new 256MB 7600GT, which was a nice $150 working class guy VGA card 3 months ago... I'm not going to pay $400+ to a VGA card, it ain't gonna happen.. :)Bozhan http://www.flythy.com/bozhan/axpwait.jpg
  9. What do you mean Mike?Bozhan.http://www.flythy.com/Bozhan/axpwait.jpgP.S Hope you don't mind Jhan
  10. I can't imagine flight simulation without AVSIM. Thanks to all AVSIM staff.Bozhan
  11. >One important point to remember...if you decide, or if when>flying online ATC decide to give you a DIR INTC to a>waypoint/position further along your route you should select>the ABEAM PTS prompt, this will ensure that your wind data &>its propagation along the route is saved.Steve could you explain that procedure a little bit more please? And that +/- 1000 Kgs off in fuel figuring for a 10 hrs flight seems pretty accurate to me, what are you using for flight planning? Bozhan http://www.flythy.com/images/avsimbanner.jpg
  12. Well, perhaps it's not my place to reply this topic after Paul and Lefteris but here is it anyway.I'm using PMDG products since the 737NG. I never had latest cpu's, graphic cards or enough memory, but I always had fluid game play with some smart tweaking, even with 3rd party airport sceneries and vatsim!If you don't want to spend too much money for just Flight Sim performance, don't buy any cpu or vga card more than $200. Go for best price/performance items. Read some tweaking guides and reduce your FS settings according to them and as Lefteris said, memory is the key.
  13. Maxthrust


    I'm not an expert at this subject but as far as i know the wx radar gives an idea to the pilots what's inside of clouds (rain, hail or nothing). So they can decide whether to fly through in that cloud or maneuver around it. Since we don't have that type of weather modelling in FS i don't see a point to having a wx radar in simulation. So, currently modelled wx radars in FS ( i tried 2 of them ) is not just useless but they are also eating up fps and bumping up the package price.And for the release date part, I for one to see MD-11 for FS9 even it's out after than FSX release because I don't have a fancy rig or re$ources to buy one to run both fsx and any pmdg airliner smoothly. So I'll stick with my FS9 setup for some time. It's not a good time for upgrade either. (DX10 and Vista on their way and new Core 2 Duo is just too expensive because of new release. Humm we better wait..)Edit: Typos.
  14. I never saw that beatiful shots of queen before, thank you! BTW - Do you always turn the cont. ign. ON before takeoff? Because i think its automaticly ON at 757/767 and 747 series when you select flaps 1 or so..Long live to Queen!!
  15. Bob;I didn't want to open another topic for an almost same subject.Thank you and other developer guys for completing TM732 Project, I'm enjoying from MSFS once again.I love flying with Sperry 77, especially with CWS mode. I had enough Sperry 177 type experience with some payware models and Sperry 77 is more than enough for me now. And with integration with CIVA INS unit, I'm able to fly that famous RNAV arrivals, oceanic sectors or any kind of airspace which doesn't covered by a ground radio facility.But I've two issues with our virtual Sperry Autopilot.First, initial right banking issue at lateral mode selections. I know this is a known issue with default MSFS autopilot BUT I saw some payware products which relying on default MSFS Autopilot overcome this issue. I think DF 727 with V2 patch is one of them. They might have an intresting trick which is worth to explore i think..Second, VOR/LOC capture&tracking is terrible. I tried to change the parameters in aircraft cfg for smooth capture and hold operation with a few shortcomings ( e.g. bad loc holding vs. good vor holding at far distance ). Is there any way to improve this issue, like Richard Probst' solution to GS Capture and holding?If we can overcome this two issues, ok may be just the first one then we don't need a custom Sperry 77 autopilot anymore, I think. And good luck with that Sperry 177!
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