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  1. I finally had a chance to try the sim1.dll over the weekend and I have only one thing to say: Johan, thank you! Admittedly, when I started this thread I had low confidence that the FS community had a fix or would be working on one. After all, FSX is already ~6 years... Thank you Johan (and Pete for the easy distribution). Pierre
  2. Whowww! :blink: When I started this thread last Friday, I didn't think it would become such a hot topic. Or at least a couple of talented individuals (Johan & Pete) made it so! Just came back from work and was amazed to see 75 replies and 2455 views! I will try the "fix" when I get a chance. On Johan's website, there is "fsx.tire.friction.coeff.update-patch.exe", in addition to the sim1.dll in "sim1_SP2_121204". Are we supposed to replace the sim1.dll and apply the patch, or just replace the sim1.dll (or simply apply the pacth alone)? Thanks again to Johan and Pete for all their work and talent. Pierre
  3. Thanks for all the responses. It looks like there is no trivial fix but interesting leads (I didn't know about the sim1.dll). I guess I am less bothered by the excessive friction itself than by the feeling that FSX has regressed from FS9 in that regard. Rolling down a runway in FS9 did require braking to stop. Not always the case in FSX ... Thanks, Pierre
  4. I have searched the FSX forum unsuccessfully for solutions on the subject. I have been using FSX more lightly than FS9, mostly because my computer was only a dual core. Since building a new rig in October with an Ivy Bridge i7 and Windows 7 64, I've had a lot more opportunity to get a feel for FSX. One thing that I have notice (old or new computer) is that FSX has an unrealistic ground drag, essentially with all aircrafts. Some are way worse than others, but the problem of excessive drag or friction is pervasive. I do have pedals, and yes, they are properly calibrated and are not the source of drag. One can easily check for the excessive drag by taking the default cessna one a runway, accelerating to say 50 kts, and bringing the throttle to idle (or shutting off the engine), letting the aircraft roll without using the brakes. The aircraft will come to a stop in a few hundred feet :excl: . A real aircraft will go to the end of the runway if the brakes are not used and if there is no up-slope. Once a real aircraft is moving, it essentially takes braking to stop it (I have been a real life PP since 1992 and have a goof feel for real aircraft ground handling by now :rolleyes:). Some third party aircraft are a bit better, others are a lot worse. I have FS9 and FSX installed on the same computer and using the same yoke/pedal/throttle. All aircrafts behave much better in FS9 in terms of ground drag. Many aircrafts in FSX need significant power to start moving and the associated engine revved-up sound is quite unrealistic. FSX has so many improvments over FS9, especially in terms of scenery and cockpit design, but these ground handling issues seem like a step backward and are spoiling the enjoyment factor. Does anyone know if this is and aircraft design issue or a true inherent flaw of FSX? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks. Pierre
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