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  1. Hi just got this from Nvidia: (hope this help) Shailendra: Hi, my name is Shailendra. How may I help you? ME: hello ME: i have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 ME: i am trying to find the best setup for using software call X-plane 11 ME: where can i fin this (in a form of Nvidia Inspector details for instance) Shailendra: Please change the below setting in NVIDIA Control Panel and check the issue. Open the NVIDIA control panel-------->3D settings------->Manage 3D settings-------->Program setting------Select the xplane .exe file or add the .exe file ------->power management mode. If it is set to "Adaptive" now change it to "Prefer maximum performance" Open "NVIDIA Control Panel" > "3D Settings" > "Manage 3D Settings" > "Global Settings" Please set to these below settings and click on "apply" • Power management mode – prefer maximum performance • Ambient Occlusion – Off • Triple buffering – off • Threaded optimization - ON • Vertical Sync – Adaptive ME: does NVidia support the software called NVidia Inspector 2.13 Shailendra: No, NVIDIA doesn't have software like NVIDIA Inspector. NVIDIA Inspector is a third party software ME: ok