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  2. Paul. Thank you. That got me back to the FSX AI. Orbit and Pacifica are sounding pretty good..Lou. What a great link, thanks so much. It looks like this really can be done, though maybe not on my machine. And not tonight A 14 hour day today, a 6am meeting tomorrow and another full day after that. One quick flight, then to bed.Gary
  3. I've been using FSX since the first month it was released. SP1 and SP2, but no other add-ons. My 3800 x2, 6600GT 128mb won't qualify for many of the add ons (like FEX), but with sp2 and the latest nvidida driver, I have really enjoyed the upgrade from 2002. Yesterday I tried my first FSX add-on, some better (?) AI with World of AI, and installed one airline--United. The install seemed to go OKI started FSX, and the first "transmission" was "United xxx, climb to..." I switched channels for my clearance, and proceeded to fly. On the short trial flight, no traffic except the regular FSX traffic, and not much. I had a CTD (my system suffers if I push traffic--55 commercial, 45 GA is where I run). Re started and flew the flight, but this time never heard a United transmission, and almost no others. Arrived at Louisville--and there was not a plane on the ground, none in traffic patterns, etc. Found I can put traffic to 100%, go to PHL, JFK,etc and there are no other aircraft (fps is better!!)I re-installed World of AI/ United ("it's already there"), let FS make a new CFG file, but I cannot get any of the AI back. I ultimately did an XP restore to a set point I made before I installed World of AI (I'm so clever, I thought...) World of AI files are gone from the Sim Objects file, but I still have no other aircraft/traffic (there goes the "clever" rating).I've searched the forum unsuccesfully for similar threads. Would really appreciate any thoughts. If all else fails, I can reinstall, Do I need to install SP 1 then SP2, or does SP2 alone suffice?Thanks very much. I rarely post, but read the forum several times a week. There is a core group on this forum that is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful to us computer-mortals, and I sure appreciate all I've learned from you already. I'm sorry if this is a recurrent issue that my searches missed.GaryGigabyte K8N sli pro mbAthalon 64 x 2 3800Gigabyte 6600 GT 128 mb2 GB RamXP home sp 2
  4. Agree--it looks like the new driver from Nvida (169.21) has fixed this dramatically. My experience was as yours, Greg. The changes to the cfg file suggested on page 8 of this thread helped some, but I found that if I had traffic/etc. up, I still had crashes.I downloaded the new driver 48 hours ago. I can push scenery or traffic to the point of slowing down frame rates a good bit, but no crashes. I can happily look left and right, even at KPHL or KSEA with scenery and traffic pretty well up (very high, 55-76%) Nice to go into the airports and see a few planes at the gates!Time will tell--we've all seen some "corrections" that haven't panned out the since SP1 came out--but this is really encouraging! Maybe we'll finally see a fix before FS11. Thanks to all of you who hold the hands of us novices.GaryPittsford NYWin xp home sp 2FSX sp1/sp2 no add onsAMD 3800 X2 WinchesterGigabyte GA- K8N-Pro Sli MB2GB Corsair RAm6600 GT PCI-express video (128 mb)CA Security Center
  5. I tried the change to the display.cfg file--it definitely helped--thanks for the suggestion--tho a long way from completely earasing the lock up. My work around previously has sadly been to a keep air traffic low (15%) and no antialiasing. I can attain my targeted 20 fps except at the very complex major airports. I never look to the side/switch views, especially during an IFR flight. I Switch to the outside veiw to look sideways, and that has been pretty reliable.With this change I can bring airline and civil traffic to 70 and 50, and I can look around pretty well!!. Still CTD at the major airports, but with traffic decreased, I can fly in to them and switch views, which I could not do prior to your suggestion. Sort of crummy seeing only a few aircraft at the gates. I wish there was a way to just put them in as non- AI scenery.My rig is pushing two years old. I'll probably uprgrade the vid card if the 8800 prices really drop as people ar talking. (My 3800X@ was 300 at the egg in Feb 2006--50 dollars now).AMD 3800 x2 MaanchesterGigabyte K8N sli pro board2 gb Corsair 400 DDRGigabyte 6600GT 128 Vid card (I know....)Computer Associates EZ trust antivirus/firewall/antispamI've wondered if there might be a commmon antivirus thread to this crash--haven't ssen much mention of who uses which antivirus software.GaryPittsford (Rochester) NY
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