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  1. There is a new freeware out this month but probably not the realism you are looking for. http://www.fs2000.org/2016/06/10/fsx-cancun-international-airport-2016/#more-90234
  2. There should be an email address or other means to contact the freeware developer stated in the readme file. You might try contacting them and ask about a fix for the parking problem.
  3. LG 25UM56-P 25” Class 21:9 UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor 5ms 2560 x 1080 5ms GTG 60Hz 5,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio with Black Stabilizer and Dynamic Action Link, SRGB Over 99% and 4-Screen Split $149.99 + $0.99 shipping thru 5/22
  4. You nailed it. I caused the problem myself when I made some adjustments to the sensitivity. Now works great following your advice. Thanks.
  5. I have been using CH Pro Pedals for a long time but lately am having problems with loss of taxi speed (continuous braking) after releasing the toe brakes. The flag at the bottom corner of the screen shows "differential brakes" when applying the toe brakes but shows "brakes" after releasing them. I have to engage the parking brake and then release it with keypresses to resume taxi speed ("brakes" flag disappears). Is this a hardware or software issue? If the pedals are at fault, why does setting and releasing the parking brake release the toe brakes? I have a lot of other why? issues about life in general but better left for another time.
  6. Thanks for compiling the AVSIM Crash-to-Desktop Guide which is very easy to understand and is complete in providing instructions for troubleshooting these problems. After building a new computer with Windows 10 for FSX, I was ready to blame Windows 10 (as many have) for my repeated crash problems, especially since my Windows 7 computer has run FSX flawlessly for years. The UIAutomationcore.dll issue is not new, and I thought that I had addressed it in the new FSX install. Your guide showed me how to get information on the crash cause, which pointed to this .dll, and I found that it indeed was missing from my FSX installation. It's great having so much information gathered in one place for troubleshooting these problems instead of searching the internet.
  7. Has anyone had success using a 2nd monitor with FSX to display 2D panels after updating to Windows 10 with associated Nvidia driver and DirectX 12? I can't move the 2D panels to the 2nd monitor while using the WideViewAspect=True virtual cockpit view on the primary display in the monitor's native resolution. This worked fine with Windows 7 and associated Nvidia driver and DirectX 11. I can only use a 2nd monitor with FSX if I change the resolution resulting in a reduced view of the cockpit stretched out across the primary monitor with WxH out of proportion.
  8. Well, I'm not sure what fixed it, but the images are there now. I had transferred the fsx.cfg file from my old installation, so I cleaned it up to remove old graphics card entries. This didn't make any difference until I went to graphics settings in fsx and turned on anti-aliasing. Thanks for the inputs. Now if I can just figure out why the eyepoints in my aircraft are in the back seats. I had also transferred the aircraft.cfg files and camera.cfg file.
  9. After installing FSX on a new Windows 10 system, the window that shows the aircraft selected is black regardless of the selection. The display driver has been updated and everything displays okay in the full 3D window when flying. Anyone know the reason?
  10. Thanks for the assurances Martin. Wow! I haven't upgraded (until now) since an i7-860.
  11. Makes a lot of sense, but my motherboard is a LGA1156 so I have to get a new one regardless. I don't relish the idea of paying for a past generation of motherboard and processor when there is not much difference in cost to go with the latest generation that includes new speed options (even thought I probably won't initially take advantage of most of the options presented). The 6th generation is awfully new, and I am concerned about being a "beta tester". I have never before flashed a bios, but at least the MB I've ordered has a 2nd backup bios in case updating goes bad.
  12. DDR4 3400 with Z170 chipset on motherboard. Skylake requires new LGA1151 socket motherboard.
  13. As stated in the Windows 10 update, you have the option to revert back to Windows 7. This option is only available for one month, so make up your mind before then.
  14. Thanks Luke and Jim. I did some reading on other sources for gaming and found a lot of recommendations for Windows on the SSD and games on a HDD. Perhaps this applies to when SSDs were more expensive. I'm trying to keep the upgrade expense down and am not having much success on that since I've now decided to also update my graphics card from GTX 560 w/1GB to GTX 960 w/2 GB (up 4 tier levels on the Toms Hardware hierarchy chart). One SSD should give me a lower cost per GB and more flexibility on use of the space. For the time being, this setup will be only for FSX, and I will retain my present Windows 7 setup for other programs, including the FSX SDK. Checking file sizes on my present computer, Windows 7 and FSX use 76 GB, so I guess a 240 GB SSD would suffice since it will give me 180 GB of space for efficient use. I'll put any other programs, documents, etc on a HDD.
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