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  1. I have their Beech 99 in FSX, and it's my favorite for flying around the Bahamas. It has a nice model and I especially liked the cockpit display but did have to make some modifications to make it suit me. Changed some gauges and modified the .air file to get the prop controls to work properly. Virtualcol didn't provide any support.
  2. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I only have 1920x1080 monitors.
  3. Thanks. I did have to look it up to verify that the KVM switch cables were DVI-D, and I also found that there are features that require DP cables that could be an issue if I had a DP connection on the monitor.
  4. I'm using a KVM switch and two computers connected to my monitor. How much affect does using a display port adapter connection to the computer and a HDMI adapter connection to the monitor with the DVI cabled KVM switch have on the video performance for MSFS?
  5. I just noticed the other day that I could get there from Profile.
  6. The Windows 10 upgrade downloaded to my computer today and I installed it as an update. It deleted many of my apps, including FSX so I reverted back to Windows 7.
  7. Art_P

    Art Poole

    Wow! I'm just having some fun with help from a number of free software developers and tutors. Thanks for the kind words and to those who helped. Art
  8. Art_P

    Your age?

    Seventy-two. Just posting "72" resulted in an error message "does not contain enough words!".
  9. What's in your posted picture is what I see in my FSX installation. The only difference is that you see it as a problem and I have never considered it so.I have never liked flying in FSX at night. While visability during landing is not a problem, seeing my way from the runway onto a taxiway is nearly impossible.
  10. Thanks. Very helpful. You may have prevented a complete nervous breakdown. Amazing how Microsoft can't make there own programs work in there operating system.
  11. According to the video card hierarchy list, the 7300GT is slightly better than the 9800XT if it has GDDR3 memory.ArtNow flying with: Biostar TF560-A2+, Athlon 64X2-6000+, 4GB RAM, Geforce 8800GTS-320MB, 500W PSU, 250GB HD, FSX (SP1-SP2), Vista Home Premium
  12. Thanks guys. The SDK SP2 update did the trick. I can't believe the "Microsoft Games Escalation Team" (technical support) couldn't give me the right advice. After they uninstalled FSX from my computer and left me high and dry, they sent the following message."I hope that you were happy with the service we provided to you.At this time, I am closing your case as Resolved. Thank you for contributing to Microsoft's success!"Frankly, I don't think Microsoft would have any success without you guys in the forums.
  13. I'm not aware of a SDK SP2 update...can't find it at the Microsoft download center for Flight Simulator.ArtNow flying with: Biostar TF560-A2+, Athlon 64X2-6000+, 4GB RAM, Geforce 8800GTS-320MB, 500W PSU, 250GB HD, FSX (SP1-SP2), Vista Home Premium
  14. I contacted Microsoft about "Tools" not appearing on the menu bar after verifying that the dll.xml file was in place with the appropriate "false" statements. After they verified online that my files were correct, it was determined that my FSX installation must be corrupted, and the fix was to completely remove FSX and reinstall.The removal and reinstallation of FSX and the SDK was accomplished and the "Tools" item then appeared on the menu bar. After installing SP1 and SP1A, the tools continued to function properly. Upon installing SP2, "Tools" disappeared from the menu bar.I have sent a message to Microsoft and await further instructions. Has anyone else had this problem after installing SP2?ArtNow flying with: Biostar TF560-A2+, Athlon 64X2-6000+, 4GB RAM, Geforce 8800GTS-320MB, 500W PSU, 250GB HD, FSX (SP1-SP2), Vista Home Premium
  15. Apparently by indicating "natural" for thermal visualation in weather setup, I'm seeing circling vultures.
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