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  1. In my last post I mentioned Tyrolean airways, once Europe´s third largest and Innsbruck-based regional carrier that was ultimately taken over by Austrian Airlines and ceased operations in March 2015. Tyrolean operated a fleet of DHC-7/8-100/300Q /400Q as well as Fokker 70/100 and CRJ 100/200 on a wide European network, also serving the Greek Islands. Here we are back in the 80s with a Tyrolean DHC-7 charter flight leaivng LGMK Mykonos for LOWI Innsbruck.
  2. Title says it all. Only four days from today on. Link to JF sale: https://www.justflight.com/category/carenado-xplane-sale-june-2021
  3. When I was younger, I often spotted the colorful Tyrolean airways DHC-7s from LOWI at our local airport in LOWG. Tyrolean airways even managed to land their Dash 7s at LFLJ Courchevel altiport (can be watched on youtube).
  4. Milton Shupe´s fine FSX-native de Havilland Canada Dash 7 seen from top down right after take-off
  5. Lovely shots! You might also consider exploring one of Orbx´s free water aerodromes in the area. There are quite a few in the Orbx freeware range and there´s a whole lot to discover there (apart from a few botched landings on my side 😀)
  6. Beautiful! Obviously it's autumn down there while we northeners enjoy spring.
  7. Terrascene? Yes, and that sky/backdrop addon, whose name I've already forgotten ... Then there was that photorealistic German Rhein-Ruhr addon. I had all the PMDG airliners then and that 737 from an, I guess, italian developer. Boy, they had the first real thick manuals to study.
  8. Then XP 11 and Frank Dainese' s mountain sceneries might be worth a try ...
  9. Brings back memories 🙂 I loved Fly! when it came out. Had the first real detailed cockpits. Too bad Richard Harvey died. Who knows what might have become of Fly! over the years (even considering the follow-up Fly!II wasn't "the yellow yellow of the egg" (sorry for that germanism 😊)
  10. Great shot! These guys in their planes were true heroes, no armour plating, no chutes, no ejection seats.
  11. Thanks for the like and no, I have no idea if and when the Stuka may be available for MSFS. They're currently working on an ATR 72-600 and have released the Corsair and the Goshawk for MSFS. In their forum, there are no news regarding the Stuka and MSFS.
  12. Today, I stumbled over two beautiful works of art from Milviz. And as the icing on the cake, both aircraft are free to download from their site 😀
  13. This time a freeware double feature - Golden Age Simulations Stearman Duster sporting a livery from SOH and Orbx CEN4 High River Regional airport freeware scenery.
  14. A bomber group of B-17Gs is a real impressive as well as frightening sight, depending on what side you´re on.
  15. Hola, great pics. Defo would like to chill on that beach 🏖️
  16. Again in Turkey, this time at the southern coast of the Black Sea at LTCM Sinop, a great piece of freeware by SceneryTR Design. Their (or better his, cause it´s a one-man-show by Sunay Kilic) website can be found at https://scenerytr.com/
  17. Uh oh, didn´t know this background before. So, being a regular virtual flyer to Corfu, you might call me "nymphomaniac" 😀 Fine shots, as always! Cheers, Werner
  18. But alas, if you run out of beer .... 😉 Great shots of that african sandbox!
  19. atlasjet was a turkish airline based in Istanbul. It served turkish domestic destinations as well as some international ones and ceased operations in 2020.
  20. Absolutely beautiful! Your screens make me longing to get away from my office desk!✈️🏝️⛱️
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