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  1. Yes, I downloaded the license and it confirms it is active...but i did not test it with the free version before purchasing
  2. I have tried the link on my flightsim computer and on my android, still it shows no data available during or after a flight. Thanks for any help.
  3. How is it that fbw can have an excellent wx radar?
  4. maybe thats a difference between Steam and MS Store installs?
  5. ahhh, well I guess that is correct then, just seemed strange. thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone, I have everything working- but I did have to reinstall into the new drive. I uninstalled the MSFS before reinstalling-thinking it would take everything out of the old SSD. BUT the new version of MSFS goes to the older SSDfor the config files. I even changed the name on the old drive, and yet it reated a new MSFS folder and that's where the userconfig file along with other config file are kept. I would prefer everything to be on the new SSD. Any suggestions?
  7. Thanks for your advice. I got everything working but I seen userconfig file is still on the old drive. I even tried to change the name of flightsim folder and it just created a new one. I would prefer msfs to only operate from the newer larger ssd. Thanks
  8. I tried it, seems like a total waste of money, seems like they can get never get it right
  9. I am hoping someone here can provide some help. I tried moving MSFS to my new 2tb ssd. I changed the drive for Steam to look to/move then it basically downloaded and resintalled. More problems are: I still have MSFS in the orginal C drive-how do I delete- I treid uninstalling and just deleting...they are still there. I can't get Navigraph to install navdata in the new location-it says it can't find/access msfs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Well I have flown a great deal, plus I am a meteorologist...not that means much, but I do know from experience, the kind of turbulence and the impacts of gusts aloft is just over the top.
  11. I am going to check this out today. Yesterday I implemented the Lasso/core program to gain some fps, it definitely helped with stutters in large cities with a net fps gain.
  12. After flying across the country the last few days in MSFS, it seems to me the wind gusts and turbulence is a bit much-especially with the yaw movement in the A320nx/airliners while crsuiing. Is there any way to limit this in live weather? Thanks for your help.
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