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  1. Thank you, that's the solution. In my case with the Thrustmaster Airbus Stick and the FlyByWire A320 Neo or the Fenix A320 I never need the full rudder deflection. But a slightly more sensitive conversion of the inputs (= shallower gradient) is very helpful
  2. I use this function for the elevator and aileron in the Airbus. The responses to the sidestick are linear, but not as strong as with the specified gradient. If the slope were less strong, the response of the control surfaces would be less strong with a given sidestick deflection. This would be particularly important during flare in order to be able to do a perfect landing.
  3. Thank you for your answer. I hope that this will come in a future release.
  4. In the MSFS 2020 flight simulator, I can change the slope of the response curve in the Extremity Dead Zone field in the Control Options /Sensitivity. The slope remains a straight line, so it is linear. In AAO I have so far only found the possibility to change the function of the curve into a more or less curved response curve using the Curve function. My question: How can I create a linear (straight) response curve with a smaller slope? Thanks Stefan
  5. I found a workaround for the malfunction after all. I have extended the radio profile by 2 buttons. One has the key down event K: COM_RADIO_FRACT_DEC and the other has the Key Down Event K: COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC. So I can set the faulty standby frequency correctly. Thanks again for the Profile Cheers Stefan
  6. AAO 3.00 b53 SD Lorby AAO Integration 18.01 Good day , thank you for the "numericprofiles" I downloaded from https://www.axisandohs.com/. I use from the "radio profile" to set the radio frequencies on the FlyByWire A320 and other aircraft ( default B747) and I have observed the following. With frequencies with the decimal fractions .015, .035, .055 , .065 , .085 it does not work. For example, 118.015 when set to Standby or Active results in 118.010. At 118.035, 118.030 is set and so on. If I enter the frequency directly via mouse clicks on the radio panel it works, so it's not the aircraft. I suspect that the dec2b16 function is not working properly in converting these numbers, but I don't know enough about this function to be able to really judge. Can someone help me? Thanks Stefan
  7. OK thank you. I will contact the author and perhaps he can find out what is wrong. Thanks a lot Stefan
  8. ... and the L:variables to change the picture in "right turn" buttons SliderGauge are the same and that works fine.
  9. For the Mode button Key event K:FENIX_A3XX-EFIS_Nd_Mode_DEC and Visibility Variable S:(L:S_FCU_EFIS1_ND_MODE, number, number) 0 == For Range button key event K:FENIX_A3XX-EFIS_Nd_Zoom_DEC and Visibility Variable S:(L:S_FCU_EFIS1_ND_ZOOM, number, number) 0 ==
  10. No I did not contact him, because the names of the L: variables are correct and it works fine with version 2.81 b05.
  11. After updating to 3.00 b53, the multigauge display in the streamdeck no longer works depending on the L:Var value. Streamdeck Plugin 17.02 I have downloaded the Fenix profile (https://flightsim.to/file/33274/fenix-a320-aao-scripts-streamdeck-xl-profile-teaser ) In this profile in the folder EFIS there are 2 MultiGauges buttons each to "turn left" the Efis Mode and Range. On these buttons the set mode or range is displayed with text. To "turn right" there are two SliderGauge, on these button with a picture the knob position is displayed. After the update to 3.00 b53 the "turn left" of the button by pressing the MultiGauge still worked, but the displayed text did not change. While at the Slider Gauge buttons for "turn right" the respective button picture changed. After I went back to version 2.81 b05 the display on the buttons of the MultiGauge works again as usual. Thanks for advice Stefan
  12. Thanks for the answer. Virtual buttons are buttons that cannot be pressed. They are pressed by the position of the axis. In this case the spoiler axis has 5 virtual buttons. One each at the end stop and then one at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 position. I have now made two scripts for the Spoiler_Arm DISARM function on the FENIX A320: 0-(>L:A_FC_SPEEDBRAKE,-NUMBER) 1-(>L:A_FC_SPEEDBRAKE,-NUMBER)
  13. AAO= 2.81b05 MSFS FENIX a320 Thrustmaster TCA_Q-ENG I have assigned the AXIS_SPOILER_SET function to the Z-axis. The axis also has virtual buttons. Button 26 is at the upper stop. I tried this button in the window " Select Simulator Events" one after the other with the button "TEST with 1": SPOILERS_ARM_ON SPOILERS_ARM_SET SPOILERS_ARM_TOGGLE With SPOILERS_ARM_TOGGLE the lever is locked in the ARM position when I press "TEST with 1". I selected this event with a double click and then saved it. If I now move the lever so that button 26 is pressed, the spoiler is not moved to the ARM position. What else do I have to set so that this works? Thanks Stefan
  14. The userCfg.opt has the following last line: InstalledPackagesPath "D:\MSFS"
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