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  1. Problem solved. Thanks to the hints of ScotFlieger I restored the complete folder Modules from an old backup and installed the new Linda version again. After that LINDA runs without problems. Thanks again for the valuable hint. Stefan
  2. Hi Andrew The IVAO_MTL simobjects are about 10500 airplanes which are stored in the folder simobjects. They are used by IVAO for the display of the traffic participants. VATSIM uses, as far as I know, libraries with AI planes.In the file simobjects.cfg there is an dedicated entry: [Entry.10] Title=IVAO_MTL Path=SimObjects\IVAO_MTL Required=False Active=True Somehow the loading of the many airplanes takes longer therefore and that seems to be a problem when Linda launches. regards Stefan
  3. LINDA_3_1_1 4 P3D Hello, everybody, When I start P3D and the IVAO_MTL simobjects are loaded the startup process takes about 2.5 minutes. In this case I get an error message 9 errors occurred while saving the aircraft configurastion Block=1, Line=0,Key ={IDEN},Line=empty Block=1, Line=0,Key ={IDEN},Line=empty Block=1, Line=0,Key ={IDEN},Line=empty Block=2, Line=0,Key ={IDEN},Line=empty Block=2, Line=0,Key ={IDEN},Line=empty Block=2, Line=0,Key ={IDEN},Line=empty Block=3, Line=0,Key ={IDEN},Line=empty Block=3, Line=0,Key ={IDEN},Line=empty Block=3, Line=0,Key ={IDEN},Line=empty .. as shown in the picture. https://pasteboard.co/IXfAyG9.x-ms-bmp If I deactivate the IVAO_MTL simobjects before I start, the startup process takes only about 30 seconds. In this case there is no error message. what can I do? Thanks Stefan
  4. I have the same wish. Just starting the flight simulator with the IVAO MTL library takes 6 minutes (Intel 9900k Nvidia Geforce 2800Ti). Why can't you program a counter. At the first start there is the usual message that an update is available, but FS2Crew is still working normally, at the next start of the Flightsimulator there is the update message again but FS2Crew is not working anymore and the update is mandatory? Cheers Stefan
  5. Hi all, I am looking for an addon to manage the cameras in P3d v4 in FSLabs A320, PMDG B737,777 and 748. I would take after all the technical information I have Chaseplane. My first question: Does Chaseplane work with these planes? I noticed that the Oldprop homepage has not been maintained for a long time. The last news is from July 2018. Therefore my second question: Does anyone have information whether Oldprop still exists and is active? Thanks a lot Stefan
  6. Hello, everybody, I just installed LittleNavMap on my client PC. The master PC is running P3Dv4.5.12.30293. I can connect with WideFs, Little Navconnect or Simconnect and see my plane . Simconnect FSX-SP2-XPACK is installed on the master. When I start AI Traffic.exe on the client from the FSX SDK I get the message "Connected to Flight Simulator! Received:2" This is actually the proof that Simconnect works. When I choose SceneryLibrary /Load Scenery Library I only get X-Plane 11 to select from. What can I do to select P3dV4 so that I can load the installed Scenery? Many thanks for hints on how to solve this. Stefan
  7. That's it .OAT was 35C But it seems that in this case the after landing checklist does not accept the answer CONFIG 1+F. Only RETRACTED is accepted. Is this ok? Thanks a lot Stefan
  8. Hello together I'm working my way into the procedures as a PF. Almost everything works fine. After landing the PM sets the flaps to CONFIG 1+F. What do I have to do, to make him set the flaps to CONFIG 0? Thanks Stefan
  9. I use 2 PCs in a network to fly with the flight simulator. On one PC (called Master) I installed P3D my airplanes from PMDG, FSlabs and FS2Crew. On the other PC (called Client) runs IVAP or VPilot, Active Sky, Navigraph Charts, the ACARS of my virtual airline and Webeye The communication between the two PCs is done with Simconnect and FSUIPC registered with WideFS. With FSUIPC/WideFS it is possible to transfer the PTT (Push to Talk Button) command from the master to the client. How to set it up is described in detail in the FSUIPC documentation. IVAP or VPilot running on the Client require a microphone for radio communication. I have an on ear headset with microphone connected to the client. I can hear the radio traffic over the headphones. Fs2crew must be installed on the Master. Fs2Crew is loaded with the other instruments of the airplane and interacts with the airplane like an instrument. Therefore the microphone with which the voice commands are given to FS2Crew must also be connected to the master. The answers I get from the copilot (Fs2Crew) I hear through speakers connected to the Master. I use other loudspeakers than those I use for P3D by defining the soundcard as headset in the FS2Crew settings. Now all I need is a microphone connected to the Master for voice input to Fs2Crew. I found 3 possibilities for this: 1.) A second microphone connected to the master, for example a desktop microphone suitable for speech recognition. Such microphones are very expensive, so I've never tried them before. 2.) Y-Splitter cable. For this you need a headset with 2 jack plugs. One is for the microphone and the other for the headphones. With the splitter the microphone signal can be divided. You can use it to send the microphone signal to the sound card of the master and the client. I've done this for several years. However, the sound quality is not very good. By splitting, only one channel is transmitted to the sound card at a time. In addition, the two sound cards are electrically connected by the splitter cable. Depending on the two sound cards, very strong humming tones can be generated, which further deteriorate the speech quality. After buying a new PC with a new sound card, the transmission of the speech signal was so bad that my copilot (FS2Crew) hardly understood anything anymore and the ATC at IVAO or VATSIM also had considerable difficulties to understand me. 3.) Software solution Voicemeeter by VB-Audio Software (Copyright V.Burel ©1998-2018) https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/ Voicemeeter is distributed as Donationware. With this software the microphone input signal can be transferred digitally (streamed) from the Client to the Master and can be understood there by FS2Crew as default microphone input signal. In contrast to the solution with the splitter cable, the transmission quality is very good. I am very satisfied with it and after searching for this solution for so long I would like to share my settings. Cheers Stefan As an appendix I have added a short description how I set it up on both my PCs. My settings 1. Downloaded Voicemeeter by VB-Audio Software (Copyright V.Burel ©1998-2018) https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/ Voicemeeter is distributed as Donationware 2. Installed Voicemeeter on client and master 3. On Client (the PC where P3D is not installed) Sound Playback Sound Recording 4. Voicemeeter settings on client Voicemeeter VBAN on Client 5. On Master (the PC where P3D is installed) Sound Playback Sound Recording 6. Voicemeeter settings on Master VBAN settings on Master That's all. If you now speak into the microphone that is connected to the client, you can see a level swing at the level "B virtual out" on the Master. For further information please look in the voicemeeter manual.
  10. H Günter, sorry, of course I have P3Dv4.5 HF1, FSLab I wonder where the difference in values comes from. ....and I wonder why you didnot include in the new version the famous function VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT_show () I really love it. regards Stefan
  11. Solution found, in my case the values for the mousclick areas are different. I have changed the APU values in the FSLabsA3XX.MRCO like follows: 3=APUMaster=RX23c03806,3 4=APUStart=RX23c03807,3 5=APUBleed=RX23c02804,3 I don know why but now it works. thanks Stefan
  12. P3D FSLABS FSUIPC 5.151 Linda 3.0.9.v4 FSLabs Airbus A3xx-X 0.14 BETA Hello, everybody, many thanks to Günter Steiner and the other developers for the new FS Labs module. I installed it and everything worked, except the functions that were added via the file FSLabsA3XX.MCRO. The file is in the folder Modules and in the FSUIPC5.ini it is registered under [MacroFiles] 3=FSLabsA3XX. If I assign the function FSLA3XX_APU_MASTER_TOGGLE to a button on the MCP combo, and then press the button nothing happens. I tried VC cockpit and 2D panel. Could it be that I have a 4K panel or do I have to activate the mouse macros elsewhere, ? thanks again Stefan
  13. Hi Bryan, thanks for the quick answer. The volume of the PMDG GPWS is very low compared with the RAAS annoncements. I have now selected for the RAAS a different soundcard wich gives me the chance to reduce the volume by hardware.
  14. P3d PMDG 748 3.00.9431 RAAS PRO Hi all, I have problems adjusting the volume of RAAS Pro permanently. Is there a solution? Thanks a lot Stefan
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