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  1. After a long search I have found the solution. In the settings under Options / Simulation on page 4/10 and 5/10 there is again the possibility to set the callouts. Why you can set the V1 callouts in two different places seems to make no sense and is rather confusing. But it works
  2. P3D PMDG 744 & 748 3.00.9019 Hi all; I am flying the 744 with FS2crew and I have set equipment page 3/22 V1 callout to off and appr minimus call and minimums call to none. In the 748 I have set the same settings to "on" due to the fact that FS2crew is not available. I have despite the above settings in my 744 the PMDG V1 calls, the call announcing positive rate of climb and the minimums calls from PMDG. To avoid influence from the 748 I have switched off the above calls also but that doesn’t cure the problem. Has anybody a recommendation what I can do? Thanks Stefan
  3. Recently, in a lot of countries in Europe the new 8.33 kHz frequency spacing has been introduced exclusively to provide much more usable air-to-ground frequencies.As a result of this change there are new frequencies in radio traffic. For example EDDB_TWR has the frequency 120,030. In the flight simulator you can only set the frequencies 120,000 ,120,025 and 120,050 by mouse click or with the MCP Combo panel. Exceptions are the FSLab Bus and the PMDG 744/748 in which you can set the correct values at the pedestal with a mouse click, unfortunately this is not possible in the PMDG 737 and 777. However, the frequencies are displayed correctly in all aircraft if they are set externally with IVAP, for example. My question is therefore whether it is possible that you can select the radio frequencies according to the new standard by changing the program Linda. I know that this is a lot of work. regards Stefan Liebe
  4. Stefan01

    748 and Navigraph

    It seems as if the problem has not been solved yet, because the Navigraph Box still comes with every new start. Is there a solution in sight?
  5. No luck I have recentlyxdownloadedetd thhe fil from the shop loaded The ints0aleerborts becauase it wont'find ean old version of th 7848 rgards Stefan
  6. Stefan01

    [23SEP18] FSX 747 Users: URGENT READ THIS • • Members • • 52 posts • Report post • sorr y no luck i have recently loaded the file • Members • 1 • 52 posts • Report post • Posted just now sorr y no luck i have recently loaded the file from THE shop k ih habevor RECENTLY LOADAEDTHEn file from the shop loaded REGards Stefan
  7. Stefan01

    [23SEP18] FSX 747 Users: URGENT READ THIS

    • • Members • 1 • 52 posts • Report post • sorr y no luck p3dv4i have recently loaded the file • Members • 1 • 52 posts • Report post • Posted just now sorr y no luck i have recently loaded the file from THHE shop k ih habevor RECENTLY LOADAEDTHEn file from the shop loaded REGards Stefan • Edit • from THHE shop Posted just now • Edit
  8. sorr y no luck i have recently loaded the file from THHE shop k ih habevor RECENTLY LOADAEDTHEn file from the shop loaded REGards Stefan
  9. Hallo Günter, mein Fehler, ich habe bei den Options die Warning Notice auf OFF gesetzt und auch die Pedal Disc BTN Sticky auf OFF gesetzt. Dadurch war der Button nur kurz down und die Anzeige kam natürlich nicht. Jetzt ist der Button auf Sticky und die Anzeige funtkioniert. Nochmals vielen Dank für die Sonderbehandlung. viele Grüsse Stefan. P.S.: Donation folgt...diesmal an die richtige Adresse
  10. Hallo Günter; vielen Dank. Ich habe auch das Boeing MCP_2 Panel. Wenn ich die actions lua wie angegeben ändere habe in der linken Anzeige links von SPD oben die Buchstaben "Pd" und darunter "--". Die Anzeige ändert sich nicht egal ob ich die Pedals ein - oder ausschalte. Ohne die Änderung in der actions.lua sind links von SPD 2 Striche und darunter links der Ziffern auch. Ich gehe davon aus, dass da an der Positionierung der Zeichen noch etwas nicht stimmt.Ich nehme an das sind die Zeilen die mit com. write beginnen. Ich werde versuchen mit try und error eine Lösung zu finden so, dass die Meldung auf 2 Zeichen reduzeirt ist. Ich melde ob ich erfogreich war. nochmals vielen Dank Stefan
  11. I tried 2 different user.lua but no success. If someone could give a hint I would be lucky thanks Stefan -- $$ tiller function SL_PEDAL_DISC_CPT_toggle() local Lvar = 'VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT' local pos = ipc.readLvar(Lvar) local val = 76024 ipc.control(FSL, val) ipc.sleep(200) local val = 76026 ipc.control(FSL, val) ipc.sleep(200) pos = ipc.readLvar(Lvar) if pos > 0 then DspShow('CPdl', 'down') UpperInfoLong = "TILLER" else DspShow('CPdl', 'up') end end --display Pedal Pos local PedMode = ipc.readLvar('VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT') if PedMode == 0 then PedModeTxt = "UP" else PedModeTxt = "DOWN" end if PedMode == 0 then if _MCP2a() then UpperInfoLong = "PED " .. PedModeTxt LowerInfoLong = "" else UpperInfoLong = "PED" LowerInfoLong = PedModeTxt end end
  12. Hi all, I would like to show permanently on MCP instead of weather data the position of the 'VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT' as long as it is in down position. I tried to modify weather display function from the actions.lua in my user.lua but somehow with no success because I am not an expert in lua. I enclosed my attempt to modify this part of the actions.lua and I appreciate if someone could help. thanks a lot Stefan -- display Weather data and Pedal Pos on MCP display Baro = round(ipc.readUW("0EC6")/16) OATval = round(ipc.readUW("0E8C")/256) WINDval = round(ipc.readUW("0E90")) WindDir = round(ipc.readUW("0E92")*360/65536) local Lvar = 'VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT' local pos = ipc.readLvar(Lvar) if OATval > 100 then OATval = OATval - 256 end if pos > 0 then UpperInfoLong = "Tiller" elseif not Airbus then UpperInfoLong = Baro if (OATval >= 0) and (OATval < 100) then UpperInfoLong = UpperInfoLong .. " " .. OATval .. "C" elseif OATval < 0 then UpperInfoLong = UpperInfoLong .. " -" .. math.abs(OATval) else UpperInfoLong = UpperInfoLong .. " " .. OATval end LowerInfoLong = WindDir .. '/' .. WINDval if WINDval < 100 then LowerInfoLong = LowerInfoLong .. "kt" end else UpperInfoLong = Baro LowerInfoLong = OATval .. 'C' end
  13. Stefan01

    Will There Be A FMC Message Fix?

    Hi all, I have the same problem. I followed the advice given in the threat "How to Fix EIcas messages that do not clear". But this did not solve the problem. After each recall I get the message ">FMC MESSAGE"
  14. Hi all, on page 2 of the approach brief last line I see "Final Sector (Skip Secure) Yes/No could someone please explain what this means, I have looked in the manuals and could not find anything. Thanks a lot.