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  1. Estimados amigos: Hace meses me "topé" con la famosa lección de "Piloto privado" de FSX. Me llevó muchos intentos completarla, y sólo pude lograrlo gracias a un tutorial de Hans Schouten: http://members.home.nl/han.schouten/...2013-05-13.pdf No obstante, en mis intentos encontré algunos detalles que él no mencionaba, u otros que se podían matizar. Por eso he creado este documento mío, que no es un tutorial como el suyo, sino un complemento de su tutorial, en español y con alguna ilustración más: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1ilepob8r...- FSX.pdf?dl=0 A mí al menos me pareció que superar esta lección del FSX marca un antes y un después, y que por eso vale la pena esforzarse. Espero que este documento sea útil para lograrlo sin tanta frustración como les genera a muchos (justificada, desde luego). Mi agradecimento a "Antonio - aviador51" por haberme animado a añadir esta información, lo cual es un motivo de orgullo para mí. Saludos cordiales, Félix FdC ----------------------------- Félix Fernández de Castro (Oviedo)
  2. RealAir Simulations Closure

    Dear Rob & Sean: I hope Carla could be fine soon, and you can find the peace of mind that you all need an deserve now. You have made an incredible, awsome job. As you can see in this forum, there are a lot of people that feels like me: you have created a reference of perfection in the AirSim world. I have purchased several of your planes: SF260 for FS9 and for FSX, Scout pack for FSX, and Legacy for FSX. I still remember the feeling, the first time I started the Legacy and she began to vibrate! I thought: they made it again, they are genious! Now, I would like to have purchased your entire fleet! I can assure you that it was my plan. I would like to put the focus in an aspect of your planes very important to me: the quality of your visuals. There is nothing equal, IMHO, in the Sim world, maybe with the only exception of SamDim products. Other designers think that realism is photoreality, but you have found a very special way of create realism ilusion that I love absolutely: all the details, but with simulated textures, without trying to picture them. It is very difficult to me explaining it well, in this bad "horringlish" that I can use, but I want to say it. All in your planes is elegant: you always choiced elegant planes, and the look of your VC's is georgeus. The problem is that, after using your models, almost all the others seems to me lacking of your "touch". So, my dear friends, I appreciate very much your works, and I can tell you that your planes will continue being my default GA ones during a very long time, they are the most precious treasure in my Sim hangar. Best wishes, Felix Fernandez de Castro (Spain)