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  1. I have tested the TenPatrol fix and I can tell you that it works; first time you need to reload your profiles and settings, but after that everything is OK. Thanks a lot, TenPatrol.
  2. Thanks a million, @Bina, Little NavMap is great, but with your help it is even better.
  3. I totally agree with that. FSX is still very important for me, because I use it for missions and general learning. I don't understand the meaning of this announcement.
  4. MISSIONS, please: more, deeper and better missions I am glad to see that many friends here have already made their requests about Missions in the new Sim. I maintain two Sims in my system: a “vanilla-scenery” FSX, only dedicated to Missions (the default and every add-ons, freeware or payware, that I can obtain: I have learned that scenery improvements often interfere with Missions); and a P3D up-to-date for the nice stuff. So, after the July 25th update, I feel more encouraged to add my own three (Euro) Cents: Learning: I think that Interactive Missions was one of most important forward steps of FSX. With Missions, the user can be guided to learn and improve skills about any aspect of aeronautical knowledge, and all across the world. The entire Missions system was very improved in the failed Flight Sim World, I hope that all those improvements could be recovered and put even forward now. Discovering the World: I remember that, before discovering Missions, many times I enjoyed the sim, but without any goal. You have literally ALL the world at your disposal, with all possible combinations of weather, seasonal options... It is too much. Because of this, I thanks a lot to all good missions designers out there, for the good time past discovering the most beautiful or special places that they have prepared for me to fly and experience all kind of adventures. Creating your own Missions: when you like something, you want to create it. The vanilla FSX Mission Creation Kit was a little hard. I used sometimes FSX Missions Editor, and I felt that possibilities improved with FSW and P3D. Please, take care about this part of the sim. It is one of best ways to recreate episodes of Aviation History, for example. I remember my baptism in creating missions after seeing the movie “Sully”. There were several versions already, but I wanted my own one, the one that I like best to fly from time to time. Thanks for your attention.
  5. Problem solved! You gave me a very important clue, yurei. First at all, after more testing I realized that the issue affected only to the AS Twin Otter Extended. Following your suggestion about the sound, I found many complains about the ASC.DLL file (Aerosoft Sound Control Lib). The version of my plane was an old one, the I looked for a more recent version, and I found it in my last AS Airbus, the I replaced the old one in all the Twin Otters models and now there is no FPS dropping at all when I change to external views. I must say that I also installed FSPUIC at the same time, but I think that the reason of the problem was related to the ASC.DLL file, after my update to W10 in the past months. So, thanks again for your key suggestion. Best regards, Felix
  6. Thanks a lot for your answer and your sugestion, yurei. I had read about this possibility and I made that experiment without success. With "Q" key pressed the problem remains, no change at all. Anyway, thanks again for your kindness. Felix
  7. Dear friends, After looking everywhere without finding answer, I open this post asking for your wisdom. I have recently noted a very strange behavior in some of my planes, only props and turboprops, in FSX-SE. At the VC everything is fine, I have my FPS locked at 30 and my present rig maintains that no matter where and under what circunstances. But, when I go to any exterior view (Spot, Locked Spot, Flyby, Top, even Tower), the FPS goes down to 0.5. The sim actually freezes, I must wait a time until it obeys any command at all. I am convinced that the problem is related with the spinning animation, because if I stop the engines and go to an external view, I don't have FPS dropping. Even If I have the plane with the propellers spinning and I made Ctrl+P, when it accepts the order and the propellers slow their spinning, the FPS ratio increases at same time, and it reaches again 30 FPS when the propellers are still or moving slowly. This problem affects only to some of my planes (Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended, Carenado B200...) and only since a short period of time, I have used these planes normally for years. Thanks a lot in advance for your attention and help, and best wishes, Felix FdC Oviedo (Spain)
  8. Hi, Dimitrios, Yes, they do, in my P3D 4.5 (not HotFix yet). Best regards, Felix
  9. Thanks a lot to w6kd and vgbaron for editing my original post and correcting my mistakes. Felix FdC
  10. Thanks to Christopher Low and JDWalley for their remarks. They are right and I was wrong. The appropiate pattern for looking the files of P3D Bonanza is "A36", not only "36". In consequence, there are only TWO effects\texture files, not three, as I thought before. I apologize for my mistake. I am trying to edit my post of December 31, but until now I haven't be able to do so. Thanks for your understanding and best regards, Felix FdC Oviedo (Spain)
  11. Thanks for your remark, Christoper Low. I'am starting to think that maybe I am wrong regarding this "?third?" effect\texture file. I have noted that all the Carenado Bonanza files have the "A36" label in their names. In my sim there is a effect\texture file with only "36" in its name, now I am not sure to what it belongs, and maybe I thought too fast that it could be part of the pack. I'm going to test the plane without this file, if it is not necessary then I will edit my post of last December 31. If so, I apologize for my mistake. Felix FdC Oviedo (Spain)
  12. Dear friend: The naming convention is simply *36*, not *A36*. If you look according to the first pattern you'll find another third file. Excuse me for not telling you the exact name, but I have been warned that such a procedure would violate the Forum Rules. However, there is not any possible confusion. I am sure that if you reduce your searching line from three to two characters you'll find the file you need. Please feel free to PM me if you need. Hope this helps. Best Regards, Felix FdC
  13. Hi all, I have a request for help. I have recently added a TomatoShade preset to my P3Dv4, and, exactly as Sean tells in the user guide, page 6, the textures of my DA62 look very bad. Maybe anyone knows what tweaks should I make in TomatoShade for recovering the wonderful original look of the plane? Thanks a lot in advance, Félix FdC Oviedo (Spain)
  14. Hi Aaron: Regarding the Baron and the King Air, you just need to copy and paste the two airplane folders: Simobjects\Airplanes\beech_baron_58 Simobjects\Airplanes\Beech_King_Air_350 I have moved them and they don't need anymore, because the gauges and effects of these legacy FSX planes come still with the P3Dv4.4. Regarding the Carenado Bonanza, I have just installed my P3Dv4.2 version in the new P3Dv4.4. It works perfectly. The stuff you need to find in your previuos P3D version is the plane folder itself: Simobjects\Airplanes\Carenado A36 BONANZA P3D plus: six CAB files from the \Gauges folder four FX files from the \Effects folder two BMP files from the \Effects\texture subfolder These twelve files are very easy to find, because Carenado was very consisting when they named them: all you need to do is searching the string *A36* in each of these three folders and you'll have all you need selected and ready for copy and paste in the folders of your P3Dv4.4. And, if you want, you can preserve also the eight PDF files that you can find in the subfolder: Ecosystem\A36 BONANZA I hope this helps, Felix FdC Oviedo (Spain)
  15. My problems were: no sounds in cockpit, and lack of connexion between the configuration program and the plane loaded. I have no managed yet the navigation functions. But, for now, my two problem are solved! I downloaded the updated ddawson gauge, but it didn't work alone. Following the Sean's suggestion in this Post, I downloaded the XMLTools64.dll from FSDevelopper: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/xmltools64-for-p3d-v4-v1-0.197/ The installer couldn't place it in my dll.xml, but I added manually according to the FSDevelopper Post, and now everything works nice. I have sounds in my cockpit, and the plane follows the settings of the configuration program. Thanks a lot for your plane, Sean it is wonderful. I missed a lot the "RealAir touch" in my P3D. For me there are no planes like yours. Best regards, Félix Fernández de Castro Oviedo (Spain)
  16. I have sent you a beer, Alberto, I hope you can enjoy it. Thanks for your contributions!
  17. You did it again, Alberto! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  18. What a great new! Before arriving to the Sean's name, the pictures told to me that this wonderful plane had some relation with the RealAir classics. They have a special finishing look that I like very much. Me too, first day purchase! Thanks, Sean Moloney!
  19. Thanks a lot for the article. This matter is very interesting for me.
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