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  1. BuboBubo

    Multiple notification e-mails

    I also get multiple emails for the same new content (one post) despite that I have set it to send all new contents in a daily email.
  2. QW mentioned in FB-post this morning that there will likely be some sort of P3D upgrade discoount. "If I purchase the FSX Version of the Ultimate 787, will I receive the P3D version as a free upgrade?" No, you will not receive the P3D Version as a free upgrade. We will come up with some sort of discount offer that will be fair for you and us. Details will come at a later date once we determine what is needed for P3D." https://www.facebook.com/notes/qualitywings-simulations/ultimate-787-status-update-the-first-36-hours/10155050170834639/
  3. BuboBubo

    QualityWings releases 787....promotional video

    A thread about first impressions was created in the FSx sub-forum. It only have the opening post so far. N
  4. BuboBubo

    Quality Wings 787 released for FSX

    I agree. I don't own this and won't buy at until sometime next year (budget constraints) but I would expect this to be somewhere between Aerosoft and PMDG/FSLabs.
  5. BuboBubo

    Quality Wings 787 released for FSX

    A video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhwnWuvCyBI&feature=youtu.be
  6. If safe mode is working then perhaps it is a driver issue since those are normally not loaded in safe mode. If you have windows update in auto-mode new drivers could have been downloaded without you noticing.
  7. BuboBubo

    Aerosoft A330 vs Quality Wings 787

    The A330 of course.
  8. It is pretty much the same for all games and simulations and etc. If you want to use a registered trademark or product or music in a game, you have to have a license for it since you making money out of someone else's work/product. This is also why there are no Gulfstream biz jet add-ons. GS have said no to all kinds of simulation add-ons. Look at the GTA games, they usually have fictional cars which is made up from several real world cars In GTA V they had real Audis though but I think that was more of a win-win situation for Rockstar/Audi. Rockstar got to use real Audi car models and Audi got exclusive right to product placement / advertising in the game. That is why I don't understand why people are so negative about it since this is how it works from both a legal and business perspective.
  9. SidStarConverter is also crashing when trying to convert sid-stars files. It copies all files but when it starts converting it crashes immediately. It seems to have one crash for each country,
  10. No, it is not. According to https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/ersa/FAC_YSSY_10-Nov-2016.pdf there are 07/25 and 16/34 R/L.
  11. BuboBubo

    Update From the Dovetail Games Flight Team

    FWIW, Mathijs Kok at Aerosoft have been "spilling his beans" the last couple of days about a new 64-simulator that is "around the corner". No name of devs or the sim have been given out of course (NDA and etc) but if you 1+1 together (Mathijs' and Martin's comments) then I'd say that the sim Mathijs have mentioned is the new DTG sim.
  12. BuboBubo

    silly things you've done

    Accidentally lowering the landing gear during cruise is something that happens every now and then. Luckily the A320 have alpha floor protection. Another thing is activating slew mode by mistake and then wonder why the aircraft appears to be completely still in the air.
  13. BuboBubo

    *Poll* Which new plane are you most excited for?

    Aerosoft A330 Milviz King AIr QW 787