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  1. Sorry about this final question, do I turn to that heading when I start the decent or when I hit 2500ft
  2. Wow, cheers this actually helped out so much. Really appreciate your time in helping me out. ;)
  3. Well, I use charts to see the taxiways etc, but when it comes to charts for the altitudes will it tell me when I should start the descend and what heading I have to go at to bypass the localizer
  4. I know its worthless that's why I'm trying to move away from it. I'm using PMDG 737NGX at the moment.
  5. Well generally I'll use stock aircraft and the default ATC will tell me the altitudes and headings, but I don't really want to use the default ATC.
  6. Basically, I'm a major newbie in VATSIM and I rarely use it from the complexity of it but I thought I'd give it ago but the one thing that really confuses is me is when no Air traffic controllers are covering the air space you are in how are you meant to work out when you need to start descending and how are you meant to work out the heading when you're about to go on approach.
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