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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all! I plan to fly shared cockpit (majestic dash 8) with a friend of mine and for this prupose I want to setup a profile for the Captain´s seat and one for the First officer´s seat. Is it possible to setup different profiles on one airplane in chaseplane? (You can toggle between profiles of differetent aircrafts in the preset section) So I want to have my Dash 8 and I want to have two profiles (Captain and FO) that I can apply by toggling profiles in the profile-bar of Chaseplane! Thanks in advance and happy easter!
  2. G'day, I am currently trying to connect to my mate in the Majestic Q400, using Shared Cockpit. However, when we connect he says he sees a single bar of connection and I do not see any green bars, he can also pull switchs and move flight controls that I can see but I am not able to do any of that. This seems like there is a one way connection even though we have both port-forwarded, put the correct ports in the control panels. We tried each person as master and loaded into the same livery at the same location at airports. My mate is using FSX-SE and I am using Prepar3D if that makes any difference. Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, I am not quite sure if this is the correct forum to post this but, I am looking for someone who would like to take part in a shared cockpit flight with me. I am 19 years old, live in the United States and would consider myself to be proficient with the a320 as well as Vatsim. The only shared cockpit capable aircraft I have is the Aerosoft a320/a321. I also have PFPX, the most recent Navigraph AIRAC and Active Sky 2016. If anyone is interested please do let me know!
  4. Shared Cockpit Community Update (FSX/P3D) When FSX (ESP) was created, Microsoft added some "Shared Cockpit" features for default or default compatible gauges, some switch positions and engine/flight controls. This type of shared cockpit is very limited. I generally refer to this as Microsoft Shared Cockpit. Third party Shared Cockpit does not use the Shared Cockpit programming in FSX/P3D, but rather uses a standard network interface implemented by the aircraft developer and which will allow for all aircraft functions (including the FMS) to be shared between two computers. This is the type of Shared Cockpit most people use for Third Party Airliners today. As an introduction, and the qualify what I'm about to say, let me say that I was a senior Beta Tester and the chief Shared Cockpit tester for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400. I'm also a Beta Tester and Advisor for Aerosoft, and I work with many of the leading developers in flight simulation. I've been in the flight sim community for over 30 years, and I have most every high end payware airliner for FSX/P3D, and I have roughly 8000 hours flying Shared Cockpit. I am the founder of the Online Virtual Pilots Association, a private group devoted to realism, high levels of immersion, and Shared Cockpit using CRM. Presently, there are only three airliners with a Virtual Cockpit which are fully Shared Cockpit capable. They are: Leonardo MD-80 Maddog. This is 1 of 2 of the best, most accurate and most realistic aircraft ever developed for Desktop Flight Simulation and is still at the front part of the pack. Not only is it Shared Cockpit capable, about 95%+ of anything you find in the real world FCOM (Operational Manual) will work correctly in this aircraft. Presently it is only FSX compatible. This aircraft is so incredible that I recently reinstalled FSX:SE to fly her - usually in Shared Cockpit. Also includes a weather radar, ground radar and ground map, and has the most complex/accurate GPWS of any FSX/P3D aircraft. It is also the only FSX/P3D aircraft that has a working predictive wind shear and audible wind shear alerts. Recently someone created a Virtual Cockpit Texture update for this aircraft which was terrific! Majestic Dash 8 Professional. This is the other 1 of 2 of the best aircraft ever developed for Desktop Flight Simulation, and is Shared Cockpit capable. Like the Maddog, 95% of what works in the real world FCOM will work in this aircraft, and it is the only FSX/P3D aircraft ever developed which in my opinion handles like a real aircraft due being the only aircraft using an external flight model (developed by NASA), thus is has more flight control variables which allow it to act/react as a real aircraft does. Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 Series. An impressive, cost affordable model of the Airbus. Aerosoft calls Shared Cockpit "Connected Flight Deck", and it works EXTREMELY WELL! One is able to perform 90%+ of all operational procedures a real world flight crew would perform on the flight deck, and it's become a favorite of mine to fly (along with the Maddog and Dash 8). In the coming months we will see at least 3 more Shared Cockpit aircraft. Aerosoft A318 Experimental. This aicraft is a test bed for the Aerosoft A330, and will be free to everyone who owns either the Aerosoft A318/A319 or A320/A321 package. It looks as if it will be more deeply modeled than the present A318/A319/A320/A321 series, though Aerosoft plans to back fit the A318/A319/A320/A321 series with programming from the A318 Experimental and A330. Aerosoft A330. This will provide us with a wide body, long range aircraft that is Shared Cockpit capable, and I have a procedure which allows for a relief crew to take over on a long haul flight. TFDi Design B717. The Boeing 717 is actually the last of the MD-80 line. The Boeing designation came about as McDonald Douglass was purchased by Boeing during either the late design or early manufacture process of the B717. Replacing other digital gauges and DDIs are 6 large DDI (displays). Aerosoft has expressed interest in making their upcoming CRJ-700/900 Shared Cockpit capable at some point after initial release. This is not a promise, but Aerosoft has committed to the Shared Cockpit genre and I personally believe we will see this. There are other developers, including Quality Wings, who have approached me regarding Shared Cockpit, and I'm confident that we will see the list of Shared Cockpit aircraft grow considerably in the next few years.
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to introduce Desk Pilot a free add on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X that gives you the ability to share your PMDG 737NGX cockpit with another user over a lan or internet connection. Here is my website link(Javascript) http://www.desk-pilot.com or (No Javascript) http://www.desk-pilot.com/No_Java/index.html From there you may download the current version of Desk Pilot. Desk Pilot Version 1.4.2 is currently in beta stage and some of the standard features have been disabled to incorporate shared cockpit at a faster pace. Due to that fact please only report problems related to the shared cockpit feature. Things you will need are a legal copy of the PMDG 737 NGX and Microsoft Flight Simulator X with all updates same goes for the other user. Desk Pilot is split into two programs server(captain) and client(first officer). For information on how to setup the server,client please refer to the Desk Pilot Readme.pdf and DP Shared Cockpit Crew Manual.pdf Desk Pilot's system requirements are as follows: Minimum System Requirements Pentium III 1GHz or equivalent Windows XP (Home/Pro) / Vista / Win7 512 MB of Ram You must have the latest DirectX version installed Fully DirectX compatible Graphics Card with 128 MB Memory or more and Hardware 3D Acceleration DirectX compatible Sound Card Recommended System Requirements Dual Core 1.8GHz or above Windows XP (Home/Pro) / Vista / Win7 1GB of Ram You must have the latest DirectX version installed Fully DirectX compatible Graphics Card with 256 MB Memory or more and Hardware 3D Acceleration Direct X compatible Sound Card Those requirements represent my highest library requirements. Although Desk Pilot it self was developed on a stock i7 @ 2.8GHZ and tested on a stock core2 duo @ 3.0GHZ.
  6. Good day all. We are making good strides towards adding support for the recently released QW 787. It is about to enter Beta testing. We call on existing MCE users to help us expedite the testing process. We think it's fair to ask you because this will be delivered as a free update like many others before. And will allow us to move to other aircraft quicker. Thank you
  7. Good morning all, I wanted to start a new thread here to hopefully bring some attention back to the possibility of a True shared cockpit experience being supported by PMDG. Several plane makers now have their own shared cockpit software built into the planes, and many of the X-plane developers fully support programs like smart co-pilot that provide a fully functional shared cockpit experience, even down to FMC usage etc. In my opinion, and I am sure many others here share the same, PMDG is at the top of the stack for payware aircraft quality. Their releases generally take time, but they release top notch products that you can guarantee are going to be the most realistic experience possible inside of a flight simulator. I really wish that PMDG would be willing to start building its own shared cockpit system into its airplanes. I have no doubt the PMDG shared cockpit system would be the best on the market, just like the rest of their products. Being a real pilot I really enjoy the proper use of cockpit resource management, and a huge part of that is having another crew member to help with the workload. I know that PMDG takes a lot of pride in being the most realistic payware aircraft developer out there, and I think a PMDG Developed, fully functional shared cockpit system would be the crown jewel to creating the most realistic experience possible on a simulator. I know PMDG has briefly commented some on these boards in the past regarding shared cockpit, but it has been a while. I know you guys are currently very deep into the 747 v3 and the DC6 FSX/P3D conversion, but I ask that you please give this some additional consideration. I know for a fact that this would help increase your sales since you would have more people buy your planes in pairs. Yes, I do realize that it would be very difficult if not impossible to analytically predict exactly how much it would increase sales. I am one of them that would be even more motivated to purchase your products, as well as my stream partner, because it would be an amazing shared cockpit experience. I think that shared cockpit is very beneficial for this community, and not only does it provide top notch realism, but frankly it also creates some more entertainment value. In the streaming world typically shared cockpit streams get more turnout, and I think that is because it just adds in that last element of fun into the sim that people have been missing all of these years. That is enough for my soapbox for now. I would be very curious to hear other's thoughts and would love a sincere PMDG response. Thanks for being such a top notch developer. On closing comment, keep pushing plane development!!! :wink:
  8. A few days ago the Internet suffered one of the largest and most widespread Malware based attacks to date, affecting millions of people. No matter what you read about this, the attack was far more widespread than is being reported. The majority of these attacks were Denial of Service (DOS) where a tremendous (possibility even record breaking) number of personal computers and "smart" home appliances are infected over long periods of time and then "activated" to target organizations and companies. Malware infections are not limited to creating Drones for DOS attacks. To my personal knowledge, there have been at least 3 major state sponsored malware threats that cost governments millions of dollars and written by companies who specialize is cyber warfare, that have been gotten out of their cages and have been mutated and being used by private individuals and organizations for their own nefarious purposes not the least of which is identity theft and stealing financial information. This has been happening daily for many, many years, but what is new is the level of threat and number of people now at risk. I haven't even mentioned Ransomware! Most people know not to connect to certain websites (though some and even many do this anyway) and to avoid plugging in thumb drives or insert CD/DVDs we don't trust, yet people in the flight simulation and other gaming communities will do something FAR more risky by connecting to a computer of a person whom they do not know. Worse, they'll do so much as a thought to computer security software on either end. I can assure you that computers have already been infected by connecting for Shared Cockpit, and given that at least 1 in 10 computers are already infected by serious malware (some security experts say this number is far higher), I think it's safe to surmise that we have several people in flight simulation who have compromised computers and don't know it. My friends, I realize this post is already too long and despite how importance this topic is some will have already skipped through it. I would just like to remind people that pinned to this forum is the OVPA CFD Setup Guide which will help you to fly Shared Cockpit if the safest way possible. Additionally, if you are over the age of 24 and are interested in a group where all members have certified computer security such as that defined in the OVPA CFD Setup Guide, then drop by the OVPA Website and check us out. Note please that OVPA is a fun loving, but serious private flight simulation group. We take our flights and our fun seriously, and we only accept those who already believe in putting the team first. You don't have to be an expert in flight simulation to join OVPA, but you should have a desire to learn how to fly realistically and learn a great deal about flight simulation software setup. The average person usually doubles their knowledge in both categories in the first week or two. My very best wishes for safe, secure, Happy Flights!
  9. Hello guys, as the topic already describes, I am looking for someone to fly with on the Aerosoft Airbus A320. Before we start, some stuff about myself: Name: Sergej Nationality: Ger Age: 27 Availability: Mostly on weekends, rarely during the week Experience: Started with FSX back in 2000-something. I was using the PMDG 737 a lot and recently switched to the Airbus in preparation for the FS Labs P3D-Version. Aviation experienced, Multi-Cockpit-Procedures is not a new topic for me, however I have no experience in flying Shared Cockpit. Oh and “yes”, I know how to program the FMC :-P Simulator: P3D V3.3 What I am looking for: An open-minded simmer, who is willing to learn as much as I do. Frankly speaking, I don’t want to have one who constantly tells you how good he/she knows aviation and all procedures. I am really willing to learn but that “teacher-student” atmosphere is nothing really for me. The more you can learn from each other in a “sharing”-way the better J As a flight starts with preparing the flight, to include route, weather, payload, fuel, etc., I would love to do that by myself beforehand or plan the flight together with the partner. There are a lot of desktop-sharing programs out there so there should not be any problems. After the planning stage, it would be great (if time allows) to perform two legs (e.g. FRA-MUC-FRA). As soon as we get confident with each other and the procedures which comes along shared cockpit, I would love to fly online on Vatsim or IVAO. Teamspeak-Server is available but we can use whatever you prefer! So, I am really looking forward to some interested people and I am fully open for ideas or suggestions! Thanks and talk to you soon! Sergej
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