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  1. Hi everyone. I currently own a CH Flight Yoke that i've been using for quite some time. There are a few things about it that i've started to dislike recently. The roll potentiometer has started to malfunction slightly when the yoke is deflected a considerable amount to the left. Other than that my biggest gripe is the plastic shaft that seems to flex and cause binding issues near the yoke's traverse limits. I primarily fly the a2a cessna 172 for supplemental practice/training for my real world flying so the Saitek Cessna Yoke peaked my interest. However it seems it's been discontinued. there are a few used ones floating around at some pretty high prices. so my questions are: 1: does anyone know where i might be able to find a used Saitek Cessna yoke at a reasonable price ($150-$250), or is the pro flight yoke my only option? 2: what other options for a yoke in the $150-$250 range might i have? thanks, Evan
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