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  1. This depends on the MSFS version you are using. If FS2002 and earlier, Airport for Windows - http://www.flightsimnetwork.com/airportsupport/ , has the ability to import BGL files into its native language, you can then compile the files using SCASM, save the SCASM source code and use in FS Scenery Creator. There are also several disassemblers/decompilers on the various Flight Simulation website that can do the job as well.If FS2004 and later, the entire format is changed and is not compatible with FS Scenery Creator. That is why must designers are not using FS Scenery Creator. W. Sieffert
  2. You should add the new computer to the internet. If you don't already have a router, then get one. I would purchase a router that has both wired ports and wireless.Your internet connection will plug into the WAN port of the new router and the computers will plug into the wired ports or use the wireless function.Make sure you set up the security features of the new router to prevent others from taking control of your system.W. Sieffert
  3. It all depends!Today's young pilots getting jobs at the airlines are subjected to all flight simulator flights until they graduate from that airlines training syllabus. The first time they sit and fly in an actual airplane is their first revenue flight. Of course, they are sitting in the right seat, first officer (FO), and remain in the FO seat until meeting training and experience requirements before moving to the left seat, Captain.What does this say about the flight simulators being used to conduct training?:1. The flight simulator simulates only one model aircraft, i.e., it is not a generic mix of various airplanes and/or helicopters.2. The flight simulation is very accurate for the model simulated.3. The flight simulator costs more then $70-80. They cost in the range of $2M-25M.Visit www.flyairorlando.com and view our simulator we use in General Aviation training. You will also find other simulators being used throughout GA training at other locations.W. Sieffert
  4. You should be able to add vista to the drive you want. You will have to ensure you add it as an option during startup, i.e., you will be asked which OS to boot on this startup. This will be part of your boot.ini file (I assume Vista still uses this concept). I would search MS website or elsewhere about dual booting Vista with other OS.You indicate you have a LAN to another computer. Do you have a router connected to the other computer or do you set fixed IP addresses. If a router, then I don't see there should be a problem. If fixed IP addresses, then you would have to set the correct IP address in the Vista side after you have installed it.W. Sieffert
  5. Hi Bill,What happens if you remove the vacuum gauge from you aircraft.cfg file and just leave the electric?I wonder if you fail the vacuum system in the 737, does the attitude indicator tumble! If it tumbles, then MS overlooked this area.The Twin Star (DA-42) is an all electric aircraft, so this might be a problem for simulating it or any other aircraft that are all electric.W. Sieffert
  6. No, you don't convert an MDL to XML to make a placeable object.You need to know the objects GUID. The GUID is assigned before exporting the object from the Graphics program, i.e., GMAX, 3ds MAX. If you know the assigned GUID, then you write a small XML file and compile the file with the appropiate BGLCOMP. See the FS2004 or FSX SDK for more information.W. Sieffert
  7. Hi Leon,When are you going to visit Orlando? KORL, West side, Sheltair.W. Sieffert
  8. Hi John,I had a similiar experience at a local Orlando hospital when my son was getting some blood work in the outpatient clinic. One of the male nurses asked if I was his grandfather. I just laughed it off and indicated some comment about my virility at my advanced age!!!I now work at Air Orlando Flight School, www.flyairorlando.com , and come in contact with all ages. I don't mind teenagers calling me Bill, Mr. Bill, or Mr. Sieffert. I feel we are sharing a life's experience of aviation. I also enjoy the Camaraderie of the young and old. When someone makes the remark of being the "Dirty old man!", I usually state, "Hey, I resemble that remark!"W. Sieffert
  9. TEE-HEE!! Its all 1's and 0's deep down!!Ah yes, Fortran IV!! Brings back memories at the keypunch card machine and turning in the work to the batch operators.Waiting till the next day to see if one of the cards was turned up to indicate where you went wrong!!W. Sieffert
  10. Here's the file. I believe it now has your headers listed. I see you have more info in the headers than what Scenegenx used for FS2004.W. Sieffert
  11. Hi Russell,As a long time user of SceneGenX, I imported my KORL.XML file into FSX Planner. I stored my file in a subfolder under FSX Planner named working.If I request to open an airport XML, search the working folder, it doesn't show my file. I can type the name, KORL.XML, and it will load the file. I did a save XML to the same file, but it still doesn't show up as a file in the working folder.W. Sieffert
  12. I have Microsoft Visual C# and C++ Express Editions on my computer. I think C++ is what you need to use with FSX vice C#. Reading the intro to C# led me to believe this.W. Sieffert
  13. Hi Dai,How are you doing? Look forward to any of your gauge design programs and tutorials.Have you looked at using MS Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition for compiling gauges. I know Fr. Bill has been using it.I have been mostly learning X-Plane and using above to test plugins.W. Sieffert
  14. Arno is correct. I recommend you use SceneGenX - http://www.flightsimnetwork.com/airportsupport/ . You may be able to import your *.bgl files directly into SceneGenX, make the necessary changes, then compile them into correct FS2004 files.FSSC is not current for MSFS flight simulator's beyond FS2002.W. Sieffert
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