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  1. <Element> <Position X="50" Y="80"/> <Polyline Bright="Yes" LineWidth="2" Color="silver"><Point X="-3" Y= "-7"/><Point X= "0" Y="-10"/><Point X= "2" Y= "-7"/><Point X= "0" Y= "-8"/><Point X= "0" Y= "10"/></Polyline> <Rotate> <Value>(A:Ambient wind direction,radians) (A:Plane heading degrees gyro,radians) - (A:Magvar,radians) - pi +</Value> <Delay DegreesPerSecond="20"/> </Rotate> </Element> Hi, A possibility, xml vector (fs9):
  2. Hi, Just Google for aircraft window. Take one and edit in mspaint, proper dimensions etc. et voila!
  3. It is a Skyspirit2010 767 with altered aircraft.cfg and air file, so one cannot release. Btw. almost 4 Gb.......
  4. Another observation: Tested the 787 with my 767 panel and had problems with the elec. sys. too. So changed the aircraft.cfg: 1. removed under [electrical] electric_always_available = 1 2. added under [GeneralEngineData] master_ignition_switch=1 Here after no problems anymore, at least with the 767 panel. For fun made a HUD with 767 gauges.
  5. With a little bit of artwork (text) you can have a nice overhead. And gauges and functions......
  6. I have been looking too, but didn't find anything better. There are usable bitmaps on google......
  7. You are right with the phenomenon. But there seems to be more wrong. E.g. tried to save cold and dark, but when starting fs again the engines were running?? Why using a 767 overhead with illogical placed gauges etc. etc.? I should contact the authors or rebuild the panel with the proper bitmaps and right placed gauges and functions using as much technical info as possible.
  8. You should have know: 787 and battery....... Joke, what download, what panel?
  9. same as mine maybe only for fsx?
  10. well, have the dev. rel. version and the button only shows: <ModelInfo /> probably doing something wrong...
  11. Hi, Off topic off course, but downloaded modelconverter 1.3 just for curiousity. where is the "show modeldef" button?
  12. Right, FTR, i use only: <Value>(A:GPS DRIVES NAV1,bool) (A:GPS WP ETE,minutes) 2 < and</Value> for obvious reasons.