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  1. G.Franco

    Autobrake & Keyboard Shortcuts?

    It should be in the assignments "DECREASE AUTOBRAKE CONTROL&INCREASE AUTOBRAKE CONTROL" but I think that it doesn't work. Gianfranco corrias
  2. G.Franco

    RFP&Windows 10

    Somebody knows if RFP can work properly within windows 10? G.Franco
  3. G.Franco

    real performance table 747-100

    download from avsim library: 747perf.zip by Matt Zagoren Gianfranco
  4. G.Franco

    B742 new Add on

    with Civa of simufly.
  5. G.Franco

    B742 new Add on

    go in the Avsim library and type in the search my name Gianfranco Corrias.
  6. have a look at : http://williams.best.vwh.net Anyway an INS to follow a great circle leg calculates every 24sec the initial True Course. The initial True Course is the Tan of the arc from the plane position to the arrival waypoint in the plane position. You can understand that the plane Hdg commanded by the INS is changing every 24sec.
  7. During the navigation following the great circle the bearing always changes To have an idea during an atlantic crossing from Europe to America at 50°N of latitude from a waypoint to the next one (10° of longitude) the plane HDG changes against the precalculated Hdg 4°more at leg starting is coincident at middle leg and is 4° smaller at the lag end.
  8. G.Franco

    B742 new Add on

    I uploaded in the Avsim library a package called B742 NEW ADD ON to improve RFP V_2.By this package it's possible to add many gauges and many features. Regards Gianfranco corrias
  9. OK.Peter let me know how you find my patches. Gianfranco
  10. Hi to all, I just uploaded to the Avsim library my file B-742_New_Add_On.zip. By this file it's possible to add many gauges and features: In the upper part of Main window I added: 1-Body Gear Steering switch 2-Landing light switches(useful to switch Landing lights during approach without change the window) 3-Taxi Light switches 4-Two wiper switches for the two speed working wipers 5-Navigation light switch 6-Anticollision light switch 7-Strobe lights switch 8-Wing lights switch 9-Logo lights switch I replaced the HSI with a new one working with Civa Ins and a new VOR-ILS/INS switch on the glareshield. When the VOR-ILS/INS switch is positioned in the VOR-ILS position on the HSI will appear a flag VOR-ILS and a flag over the HSI card MAG and the HSI card indicates magnetic headings. When the VOR-ILS/INS switch is in INS position on the HSI will appear a flag INS and a flag over the HSI card TRUE and the HSI card indicates true headings. This HSI as the real one has the drift angle indicator operative only when the plane is in flight. If the Civa INS is working a flag ALERT on this HSI illuminates 2 minutes before the next waypoint reaching. I installed as the real B-742 panel in the lower part of the Cpt panel four FAILURE switches. By those switches it's possible in case of failure to replace the under service system. A numeric flag on the HSI indicates 1 or 2 or 3 to show to the pilot which is the system feeding the data to HSI. Unluckily I forgot in the installation instructions that it's necessary to add a new window Wipers in the panel.cfg: In the window list add: window10=wipers and in the panel.cfg add the [window10] [window 10] wipers background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024 window_size=1.0,1.0 window_pos=000,0.050 render_3d_window=1 pixel_size1024,1024 visible=1 ident=25 gauge00=742_gauges!wiper_cpt Left,175,135,49,900 gauge01=742_gauges!wiper_cpt Right,530,205,49,900 Regards Gianfranco
  11. G.Franco

    FSBuild profile for RFP 742?

    search in the library for:Warren Daniel FDE/747-version-2004-8-5 & opensky_747_FDE_suite v.9.7_revision_d.zip cheers Gianfranco
  12. a me per fortuna qualche tempo fa si è rotto il mio vecchio monitor.Dico per fortuna perchè lo ho sostituito cno un monitor eccezionale. HP ZR2440w IPS 25.5 pollici e risoluzione 1920x1200.Esiste anche il 27 pollici. Gianfranco
  13. voxatc è per FSX e non per FS2004.Io qualche anno fa ho usato radar contact con FS2002 e2004 ma sono tornado al programma di default che è per me migliore.Qualche tempo fa c'era voxatc per FS2004 ma adesso è sparito e non saprei dove andare a trovarlo.Gianfranco
  14. G.Franco

    Hydraulic Pump 4 to Aux why?

    I was speeking about the B747 classic.I never flew on 747-400 because the F/E position has been canceled. Patrick when started the topic forgot to state that he was speeking about B747-400. Regards Gianfranco
  15. G.Franco

    Hydraulic Pump 4 to Aux why?

    demand pumps???Maybe you call demand pumps the ADPs.These air driven pumps automatically start when the HYD pressure drops below 2600psi?Electric motor driven pumps for systems2&3??? I flew 21 years as F/E of Alitalia B-747 and I can assure you that on board of B-747 there are 4 EDP(engine driven pumps) and 4 ADP(air driven pumps).There's also an auxiliary electric pump operative only on ground for ground necessities as provide HYD pressure to set parking brake or push back&towing the plane around the airport. When you'll be able to build your B-747 you can make the electric motor driven pumps for the systems2&3.??? It's a pity but until now these pumps even do not exist on board of the B-747. Regards Gianfranco