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    200-300 FPS Jim? LOL.

    But here average 50 FPS?


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  1. So the key point after this ‘update’ that everyone is waiting on is turn down sliders and visuals and expect worse performance? It sounds like an amazing ‘update’.
  2. The sim of choice for years that is still running the same add-ons as P3D.
  3. Same. PBR just seems a silly gimmick to appease gamers. I prefer to use the platforms as a simulation. Kinda what it was designed for. Leave the ‘eye candy’ gimmicks for the kids on gaming platforms. Waste of time, resources and now everybody will charge more for the pointless thing.
  4. Same experience. But I’ll openly admit it was the ifly which I view a Mickey Mouse product. Poorly developed isn’t even strong enough. Embarrassing comes to mind...
  5. Sure has. I’ll never use them again.
  6. Can be if they don’t release your money or allow access to your own funds. I avoid PayPal like a plague nowadays.
  7. Cigarette companies made a lot of money too. Doesn’t mean they were good. 🙂
  8. I think everybody is getting out of PayPal. Much more trouble then they are worth for small business’s.
  9. Seemingly more then everyone else. Not my fault you can’t do it. 🙂
  10. The Civa INS allows you to load the ADEU cards with all the waypoints. 1-7 then 8-5 etc etc. Makes it every easy to fly long distance, without the hassle of every waypoint being inserted, Hopefully JF have this feature with their INS.
  11. Not sure why the MD-11 is so popular. Overrated to the hill in my opinion. Give me a early DC-10-10 or -30 at latest with INS only for nav. Of course the kids who can’t fly without a fmc or map would hate it. Those of us with actual skills would love it though.
  12. If this is accurate, this will be the most exciting release in years for any platform. Hopefully they don’t cater to the kids and their FMC A/P on skills only and let us who actually can fly keep the add-on as INS only. Load me up with a 747-100 with JT9D-7A’s and I’m a happy man. 🙂
  13. Clever marketing. Its amusing how a YouTube video next to the engines in the cabin sound like what I hear every time, yet a YouTube video from the cockpit - all wind noise, air conditioning, shakes, rattles and other noises - now is incorrect and should be replaced in the sim by highly processed and crystal clear engine sounds. Ok.
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