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  1. vhufo

    P3Dv4.4 night time flying

    Had a real world flight with Qantas not long ago, 737 Perth to Adelaide, night flight. Remember looking out at the wing in the cruise and not seeing a thing past the winglet and thinking to myself, V4.3 is not at all realistic in this department. Fired up 4.4 the other week on a night flight in the NGX, looked out the wing and thought, that’s better!
  2. vhufo

    Update Shader Issue?

    Ok, thanks for that Turbine.
  3. vhufo

    Update Shader Issue?

    What do you mean by this, are you saying to delete these files? I've got the whites at the moment in certain areas. I use PTA. Cheers, Andy.
  4. Prep v4 is crying out for a long range business jet.
  5. vhufo

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Yep did the same, and fully agree.
  6. vhufo

    Cont1.cab is not digitally signed

    You don't happen to have another Content file in your downloads section from the last install do you? Had the same error pop up, and it was because i had the file from V4.3 still in my downloads folder. As soon as i deleted that, the error disappeared.
  7. vhufo

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    Funny this has come up because i have been studying this a bit over the last month. The 737 is a beast to slow down, and I've been trying to find a method which results in a smooth descent using minimal, if no speed-brake at all. Using the exact method as described above i found has had minimal impact on the aircraft's behaviour. I have input the wind data, then as the aircraft has passed through those altitudes have recorded the input data against the actual wind direction and speed. On most occasions the data has been very close, yet the aircraft cannot maintain airspeed, it will always over-speed past the FMC descent speed, and this is no matter whether the aircraft is light or heavy. The method i have ended up using is applying all the data as required, ie, descent forecasts, speeds etc. but starting the descent 15 to 20 miles early using LVLCHG, that's of course there are no altitude restrictions on descent, of which mostly occur at lower levels. The aircraft descends nicely maintaining the descent forecast speed without a problem. You have to be careful though at the start of the descent. If the IAS is lower than the programmed descent speed in the FMC, using LVLCHG the aircraft wants to dive, so i just slowly increase the speed in the autopilot until it matches the programmed descent speed so it maintains a descent rate of around 2500ft per minute. Usually the VNAV Path catches up near 10000ft, of which by that time I've got the aircraft established speed wise, whether it be for a near or far side approach, and switch to VNAV Path then to meet the altitude restrictions which are generally at the lower levels. I just wanted to find a better way to manage the speed on descent because using the speed-brake continuously is not something the passengers would enjoy, and to find a better way to set the aircraft up for approach instead of fighting the speed all the way down. If anyone can let me know why the aircraft continues to speed up past the FMC programmed speed using VNAV Path i'm all ears. But I'm pretty sure I've got all the parameters covered, could be wrong though. Andy Baird
  8. vhufo

    an idea

    God no, hell no, and did i mention, (heck) NO!!!
  9. vhufo

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    And are we starting to see the results of this in accidents that are occurring. The traditional route of military/GA where pilots picked up the skills of 'flying' the aircraft for me are quickly disappearing. Two major airlines here in Australia are starting up there own flying schools. What kind of pilots are they going to train? I fear they are going to churn out button pushing magenta hugging individuals. It worries me when two very experienced pilots pull back on the stick when in a stalled condition, or fly the aircraft short into the runway on a perfectly clear day. The following is a good article on such. https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Cockpit_Automation_-_Advantages_and_Safety_Challenges Andy Baird
  11. Below is one of the reasons i gave up with ATC, whether it be the default one or a purchased one. You can see how far i have to deviate off track to get around these thunderstorms. If i had asked RC4 to deviate that far off track, the program would have imploded. So i found a freeware program whereby i can play real ATC through the headset (through LiveATC) and i enjoy that far more. I can listen to the real boys and girls go at it while having the freedom to deviate and conduct other procedures at will.
  12. vhufo

    Can't start APU

    Another dumb question, if your turning on the left center fuel pump you have fuel in the center tank yes? If not and you only have fuel in the wing tanks then you need to turn on the Left AFT fuel pump. Andy Baird
  13. Got my PPL in 1992. Dabbled with Sublogic's ATP Airline Pilot, but didn't start seriously simming until Microsoft Flightsim 95.
  14. vhufo

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    But don't you realise Umberto, you are supposed to put all that effort and free time of yours into this, and give it to people for free. Heck, they deserve it, they've worked hard at whinging about it! Pretty simple, if you don't like it or the price, don't buy it. But don't start a thread complaining about it hoping that the developer will cave and give it to you for nothing. Geez.
  15. ORBX Perth for me as well. In all the FS renditions, never seen one.