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  1. Thinking more about this topic today as I mess around with XP 11. I think there is a hassle-free aspect to this sim that just leads to minimal frustration. For example, last night I moved things around on my drives, as my SSD C drive was getting full. Basically copy/pasted the XP11 folder from my C drive to another SSD drive, and fired it up. No errors. It just works. I think it is stuff like this that just makes you have good vibes about this sim. I have never had a crash or even an error in XP 11. And everything seems effortless. Even x-camera was so easy to setup and use. Even though FSEconomy looked like it might be a pain, it was very simple and worked the first time. Maybe as I get older (mid 50's) I am appreciating things that just work without a lot of tweaking. But XP 11 isn't just about being easy. My system runs great and I like how everything looks, feels and sounds in the sim. Throw in some amazing free photo scenery (Ortho4xp) and a committed community producing a lot of free commercial-grade content, and to me this is a winner. In the past I didn't even consider XP. I think I downloaded a demo once, but the UI was really bad and I was lost. XP 11 fixed all that and went several levels above what I have seen in P3D and FSX. Controls are so easy to map. It is all visual. I had everything setup in a few minutes. Dead simple. I think all of this stuff just adds up to create a sim that is enjoyable, easy to use, powerful and approachable. But XP isn't perfect. I run without weather right now, mostly because the clouds just don't look realistic enough. My system also might struggle with heavy weather so for now I just go clear skies. Also, if you have a lot of add-ons for P3D or FSX, the move is a lot harder. I had a lot of add-ons, too, but I figured I would have to spend a lot of money upgrading everything since most are several years old, so I just made the change. But I also get how others would find this move harder to make. All in all I am really enjoying XP 11. I think that XP is going to gain a lot of momentum moving forward, as it is the lean and mean sim you would build if you didn't have to worry about backward compatibility. But it is nice that we have two really good options.
  2. There is something about XP11. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but i fly so much more in xp and have advanced my knowledge very quickly. Maybe it is the super easy controls setup, or the simple settings that help me avoid constant tweaking. Or maybe just the emphasis on high quality freeware. I honestly never gave xp a fair shake in the past, but it is really worth a look. Rock-solid and runs great on my 4770K / 1070 GTX system. The dev team does so many things right. Two thumbs up!
  3. I got X-Plane 11 about a month ago, deciding to give XP a shot instead of P3D v4. In that time i have flown more than i ever did in FSX or P3D, mainly because i am just not constantly messing with my settings. I joined FSEconomy also, and have done 4-5 flights in the past two days. My experience level is still pretty limited. I have figured out the 530 and can use GPS to fly flight plans, and i use sites like SkyVector to make flight plans. I can takeoff, and i am getting much better at landing smoothly. I only fly the Pilatus PC-12 and really like it. As far as add-ons go, i also use the Ortho4xp stuff and have most of the US loaded. Brilliant. I also have x-camera which is a game-changer. So where am i weak, and what does this have to do with taking the next step? I have no clue what i am doing on the ground. I don’t know how to taxi properly to runways, or how to ask permission to takeoff. I only know how to fly with GPS. No idea how to use instruments to navigate or land. Also, no idea how to communicate with ATC or even use the radios. Other weak areas include not flying at the right altitude, or even knowing what altitude to fly at. I just try to clear the upcoming mountains! lol. And this leads to some exciting landings, being way too high on approach. I am getting better at this last part, trying not to fly too high, and then getting down quicker before getting ready for the approach. I am sure there are a ton of other things i am either not doing right, or overlooking completely, but i like the challenge. But i want to take the next step, and VATSIM looks really awesome. Of course, i have a lot of holes i need to plug regarding my knowledge, so i guess i am wondering if VATSIM is my next step? Too soon? Kill more virtual passengers on FSEconomy for a while until i get better, or just go for it? What do you think my next step should be?
  4. Okay i got it sorted out. I downloaded a overclcking tool from Intel, which wasn’t very good, but it does show if your CPU is beng thermally throttled. And my previous overclock was. I kicked the voltage and OC down a notch or two, and that eliminated 75% of the stutter. Decided to overclock the GTX 1070 a little bit, and that got rid of the last bit of stutter. I was able to just about crank everything up, and it looks awesome with the Ortho stuff. Looking forward to getting in some flights now!
  5. Thanks. Opened task manager but stutters happen anytime and consistently in the flight. I expect a little stutter when loading, but this happens throughout the flight.
  6. 16. Tried all settings for flight models per frame.
  7. Thanks John. I am going to try that right now. Yeah, Ortho is great. Just these darn stutters. Ugh.
  8. Hey guys, first post. So I bought xp11 about a week ago, and I have been on a quest to get a stutter-free experience. Here's how it all started. First, here are my original system specs: Windows 10 x64 4770K overclocked to 4.4 GHz. 32 GB RAM GTX 770 (@GB VRAM) 1920 x 1200 60 Hz Display XP11 installed on SSD Custom Scenery on 7200K drive When I first got xp11 things ran okay, so I decided to install some Ortho Photo Scenery. I figured I could turn off the auto-gen stuff, and combined with running clear skies and all the other sliders to the left (Except Texture Quality and AA), I should be good. I installed Ortho for Colorado, and I was able to get a solid 60 fps without clouds, traffic, etc. Texture Quality was on High, and it looked okay. The only problem I had was a stutter that consistently appeared when I panned left or right (I use Track IR). This is where my stutter obsession began. Things looked great and I was even getting 150 to 200 fps, but there was this persistent stutter. Not always, but I could reproduce it at will if I just looked around left and right a few time. This stutter does not appear to happen with a fps drop. The FPS is solid all the time, even when this happens. For reference, for my testing I always use the default C172 flying out of KDEN on runway 25 flying west. Clear skies, same time of day. Okay I ran through all the settings in NVIDIA, used all the tweaks, but that stutter remained. I started to wonder if maybe the custom scenery on my 7200K drive was the issue, so I moved the Colorado Ortho stuff to the SSD. Same problem. I ran across a bunch of lua tweaks, put them in, and things were smoother, but the stutter was still there. At this point I am thinking it must be the fact that my GTX 770 only has 2GB VRAM. But in xp the gpu and cpu data shows .01 and below, so it doesn't look like my CPU or GPU are overloaded. In any case, I decide to go out and buy a new GPU. Last night I install my GTX 1070 8GB VRAM graphics card. The good news is I can turn things up to max and the sim is super smooth and glorious to look at. The bad new? Yeah, it still stutters. It just looks better doing it. So I guess I can scratch "not enough VRAM" off the list. And again, my CPU and GPU are basically idling in XP, most of the time running in the 0.008 range, because I am still running no weather, AI, and my sliders are to the left (except Texture Detail and AA). Okay what have I missed? Maybe it is my CPU. My CPU is overclocked to 4.4 GHz, so I wonder what would happen if I went back to stock settings? Maybe the overclock itself is adding some issues, but I assumed that my stutter would become worse when going from 4.4 to 3.9 (in Turbo mode). I fire XP back up with no overclock, and the sim is still silky smooth and locked at 60 fps, and there is still a slight stutter. No worse than overclocked. In fact, it takes a little longer to load but I really cannot tell any difference when flying. My fps is locked solid at 60 fps, either with the GTX 770 or GTX 1070, overclocked or not. I only see the stutter when I pan to the left or right, and then only occasionally. When staring straight ahead, smooth. So what else have I tried? 1. Monitor refresh rate of 59 and 60. 2. Change monitor resolution to 1920 x 1080 instead of 1920 x 1200 3. Thread Optimization On and Off in NVIDIA 4. Set higher priority to Track IR process in Windows 5. Set XP to only use Cores 2, 3 and 4 (and leave 1 to Windows) 6. Hyper-threading on or off in BIOS 7. Turn off Virus protection 8. Turn off Windows Defender 9. Fresh install of NVIDIA drivers 10. Remove NVIDIA HD Audio 11. Used Process Lasso, setting XP to not use core/threads 0/1. Also in high priority mode. 12. Run XP Windowed and Full Screen, with every combo of V-Sync. 13. Overclock GTX 770 GPU 14. Turn off Z axis in Track IR (don't ask) 15. Run X-Plane.exe as Administrator Again, the sim is silky smooth when looking around, and panning, save for the occasional stutter. My FPS never drops below 60. I reproduced this this morning, and the computer was just turned on and the stutter happened within 5 minutes. So heat is also not a likely factor. Hey, I am still in this fight guys, but I am running out of stuff to try. So what is left, besides building a new computer? My wife (and I) thank you for the help! Rob
  9. Hey guys I am looking for a good shared cockpit add-on. I would prefer nothing too complex, as I want to learn the other aspects of flying before a friend and I tackle NGX level ac. Any recommendations?
  10. That Q400 is shocking. Cannot wait for Pro version. Can you upgrade from Pilot version to Pro for the cost difference?
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