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  1. Greetings, Could somebody do the PAD Embraer 190 (FS9) in Star Alliance/Austrian Airlines colors??? Very Much Appreciated J.R.
  2. Wow that is great news. Like I said earlier...after 2 decades I can't believe that nobody from either Project Airbus, and payware such as Wilco, and others never provided external stairs on their aircraft. Can't wait to check it out the TDS model. Thanks for the info. Safe Landings J.R.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I would've figured after all these decades (going back to (FS98), somebody, or a company would've put one in by now. Project Opensky (POSKY), and other developers have put them in on their line of Boeing planes making it nice to know that your passengers are going to be able to safely exit the aircraft...instead of possibly falling to their death from not having external stairs, or airport vehicle stairs to debark the airplane on. This is your Captain speaking...thank you for flying with us, and please remember to fill out your next of kin card because there isn't any stairs to safely get you to the tarmac. Please give us a 5 star review on whatever social media that you are on, and hope that you fly with us again..if able!!! All jokes aside. One thing that I have done with the airports in Europe (that's where the Airbus comes into play) that don't have jetways is put vehicle stairs into place using Abacus EZ Scenery (not sure what the price of it is), but I know it's available from different sim stores. At least it gives the impression that the passengers are going to get to the tarmac safely. Kind of a little work,..but makes the whole impression a bit nicer. Happy Flying J.R.
  4. Greetings, Looking for an Airbus A319 (preferably) or an A320 with external stairs built into the aircraft. Don't care if it's payware or not. Please let me know if there is one available. Thank You J.R
  5. Not going to post pics, but I usually don't fly at night with the EMB-190. However, I did check it out, and the entire sly/ground in front of the plane is lit up in a circular pattern because of the effect that I am using. The effect is for ground lighting near gates, and parking. I knew it wouldn't be perfect, but I wasn't planning on it being so. For me the main thing was to provide taxi/landing lights while on the ground prior to T/O. My post was to see if anybody else over the years of flying MS Flight Simulations has done their own, or came up with taxi, or landing light for a/c that don't have the lights hard-coded into the MDL file. J.R.
  6. The first photo is of the taxi lights, and the second is with landing lights. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1H8eWLGA12obU-XIbbcDgS5FiDXydGYDu https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uIDpWwxGlOlPvzOzEXkRUYw9kmsdT43U/view
  7. Greetings, It's been years, if not a decade since I've been on here. Anyway, wanted to know what anyone does for the aircraft that don't have either landing, or taxi lights hard-coded into the MDL file, or can't see them from a 2D cockpit??? I am currently using the effect Apron_Flood11.fx (not sure if this file is orig FS9, or if it came with one of my add-on sceneries) for both the taxi, and landing lights. For the landing lights I've added the line twice in my aircraft.cfg file (brighter): light.9=6, 275.00, 10.00, -6.00, Apron_Flood11, light.10=5, 275.00, 10.00, -6.00, Apron_Flood11 , light.11=5, 275.00, 10.00, -6.00, Apron_Flood11 , Of course the adjustment is going to be different for each aircraft, but this is to show exactly how I got it configured. Just wanted to know if anybody is using any other effects, or if there is an actual effect that somebody came up with to simulate taxi, and or landing lights for aircraft that do not have the lights hard-coded in the MDL file. Sincerely J.R. Duda
  8. Greetings, Seen a lot of repaints for different a/c for Star Alliance but none for the Posky 737-900. Could somebody please do a repaint of their a/c in Star Alliance/United livery??? Thank You Very Much J.R.
  9. The issue isn't with SAMM2 the issue is getting out of memory errors, I never got them before until recently when I installed WOAI packages. I was using Ultimate Traffic for many years, just wanted to see what the difference was using WOAI. I started to get out of memory errors flying around Germany, UK, France, Netherlands. As I stated earlier when I made static aircraft using SAMM2 i noticed that some of the aircraft were huge. I opened up the aircraft editor in Lee Swordy's AFCAD, and that's when I noticed that some of the aircraft (from The Fruit Stand) were larger than any other packages in WOAI, and Ultimate Traffic. I first deleted the WOAI KLM package, and my out of memory errors completely stopped. I reinstalled to make sure it wasn't a fluke...out of memory errors again occurred. I reinstalled the KLM package, and adjusted the radius in AFCAD to aircraft radius's in other packages...no out of memory errors. I hope that this will help people experiencing out of memory errors (even with the 4GB Patch by NTCore)...I can only say that it has worked for me. J.R.
  10. Greetings, I've been flying throughout the U.S., and Europe for the past few years, and never had a problem until about a month ago. Was flying around Germany/France/Uk when I started to get CTD's. Couldn't figure out the problem so I went through my scenery one at a time, and still couldn't solve the problem. Solved one problem with Flytampa's Athens scenery...but that's for another topic. A few months ago I bought Static Aircraft MDL Maker 2 (SAMM2), and started to make my own static aircraft. Not realizing at the time that some of the aircraft that i made were huge (larger than most terminals). I didn't think anything about it, until just recently. Some of the aircraft in WOAI are huge...too large for FS9 to handle...even with 4 GB patch. I removed one package, and problem was solved...no CTD's anywhere in Europe. If you are having CTD's, and are using WOAI these packages could either be deleted, or use Lee Swordy's AFCAD (Aircraft Editor) to change the radius of the following packages: KLM Virgin Atlantic I can't remember what specific aircraft in each package were involved...but look for anything that has a radius of over 40, and change it to less (-10 for each one should do). There might be other packages causing CTD's...but these were the only that I have found so far. Happy Flying J.R. Duda
  11. Thank you Ernie for the reply. That's what I figured...I just wanted a second opinion. J.R.
  12. Hello, I know somebody made static aircraft using SAMM a while back, and uploaded to different websites (including here). I have made 512 static aircraft/airlines from different sources...I just need to know if I need permission from the original authors of the material to share/upload??? If, and when I can I will break the files down alphabetically for easier download, and this way nobody is downloading the whole package just to get to a few files. The files will work in FS9/EZ-Scenery...not sure about Runway 12, or FSX...sorry. If anybody can give me some insight on this I would appreciate it. I spent a few days converting traffic, and I would like to share what I've made with the Flight Simulator community. V/R J.R. Duda
  13. With the above mentioned programs: Ultimate Traffic J.R.
  14. Dillion, The following programs do run on W10/FS9..but it could also be hit, or miss: Active Sky FSGenesis Ultimate Terrain REX EVO GE Pro Various paid scenery from Flytampa, Aerosoft...etc. I didn't have problems running any programs until my second attempt to upgrade to W10...Active Sky wouldn't launch (hit, or miss). As for any paid addon aircraft (Dreamfleet, PMDG...etc) I don't have that info. Other free addon aircraft from Dreamwings, Posky, various aircraft from AVSIM...etc seem to work fine from what I could tell when I was running W10/FS9. I had no problems accessing any menus at full screen/windowed. However, I could not go to the desktop/another program from full screen using either the Windows key, or alt + tab...had to go into window mode, and resize it. Other people have had problems with accessing menus...etc. MS isn't any help...no longer supporting FS9. As long as people keep posting possible fixes, or ask questions about W10/FS9...we're on our own. Happy Flying J.R.
  15. Glad everything worked out, and hopefully the above solution will help out others. Take Care J.R.
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