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  1. This is awsome. Please excuse me for being impertinent, but may I ask you to also fix the wind indicator bug in the G1000 MFD? That would be great. This little arrow always points in the opposite direction than it should. E. g. if the wind is blowing from the West it points to the West instead to the East, if the wind is coming from 60 degrees it points to 60 instead to 240.Thanks!
  2. Hi Ra Hi Rafael, there is a whole topic over there in the FTX forums about your "likes". 41 replies, 1061 views so far, rated "Hot". :smile: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/79725-im-being-liked-and-liked-and-liked/ Cheers, Wolfgang Edit: Oops, sorry! Since you can't enter the forums, above link is useless.
  3. For me the A2A Cub with Accusim works perfectly in p3DV2.1. I did not install it via the exe-file but did a simple copy/paste of all the A2A Piper folders from the FSX-Airplanes folder into the P3D2.1-Airplanes folder and a copy/paste of the A2A folder (= Accusim) from the main FSX folder to the main P3D2.1 folder. As said, this works like a treat in my installation of P3D2.1 Cheers, Wolfgang
  4. My reply is a bit late so maybe you have solved the issue in the meantime. I stumbled across this thread, when I was looking for a solution of an issue, which I'm pretty sure is the my very same as yours. At least I found out that the issue is related to the visibility setting. Set the visibility in the weather dialogue to unlimited and and the issue will be gone. The lower the visibility setting is, the closer the border of the 2 different shades of grey will be to you. I'm having this issue with some Orbx airports and I'm currently waiting if the devs there will find a solution. Cheers, Wolfgang
  5. With Supersampling AA you won't get any shimmering with the Orbx Lancair. When the plane came out many graphic cards were not capable of SSAA without a huge performance hit and stuttering. But today the state of the art video cards can handle this like a charm. The Lancair is a very enjoyable plane to fly and I hope the RV-4 will be the same. Wolfgang
  6. Just incredible graphics! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KAZwLM_mVzo Cheers, Wolfgang
  7. Sonething fishy there! It's not only the price, but the link to their honepage leads you to a general site, the link to their forums is actually the link to a hotel booking site. *lol*Wolfgang
  8. Aargh, come on you heavy guys! Do you never look out the cockpit windows during those endless boring minutes or even hours when being stuck in an endless taxi queue during rush hours at the major airports? Or when standing at the holding point waiting for clearance? It is nice then to see swaying grass or trees, which definitely adds lots to immersion. Wolfgang
  9. This is really very sad news! My sincere condolences to the family.R.I.P., Opa! Wolfgang
  10. Have a look here http://www.youtube.c...player_embedded Cheers, Wolfgang
  11. Don't chase GS and CDI, just follow the FD (assuming the plane is equipped with one).Wolfgang
  12. Let me clarify first, I'm not proud of what I do!This is out of the FSX EULA (as quoted by mgh)"The licensed device is the device on which you use the software. You may install and use one copy of the software on the licensed device."So where does the above say that you are not allowed to have the software installed on more than 1 device? It only says that the device on which you use it is the licensed one and that you may have only one copy of the software on this very device.So no word about multiple installs on different devices.You see, I too am good in nitpicking. Jim, I always highly regarded your contributions to the Avsim forums, but today you are overshooting. I think you are better up focusing on the real pirates.Wolfgang
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