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  1. I haven't heard anything either. Still can't find anyone to fly with even now! Shame really since it really adds a lot to the flight sim experience.
  2. 1. No, but they have said it will be at some point, providing testing goes okay. Currently works fine for me in FSX steam and FSX CD. 2. The synchronised FMC is like a 2d panel that you can bring up. If you enter something on the 2D panel, it presses the same button on the FMC, for both pilots. The only issue so far I've had in the 777 is that sometimes the first officer cant press his FMC inputs and get them to synchronise properly but it otherwise works great. 3. I use FSX steam so I use multiplayer, not sure how P3D would work. One pilot connects as normal and the second as observer to VATSIM. It still allows you to communicate with controllers and see traffic that way. 4. Yes, but its a lot easier to use a VPN like Hamachi, tungle, etc.
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