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  1. AndyEEF


    I haven't heard anything either. Still can't find anyone to fly with even now! Shame really since it really adds a lot to the flight sim experience.
  2. 1. No, but they have said it will be at some point, providing testing goes okay. Currently works fine for me in FSX steam and FSX CD. 2. The synchronised FMC is like a 2d panel that you can bring up. If you enter something on the 2D panel, it presses the same button on the FMC, for both pilots. The only issue so far I've had in the 777 is that sometimes the first officer cant press his FMC inputs and get them to synchronise properly but it otherwise works great. 3. I use FSX steam so I use multiplayer, not sure how P3D would work. One pilot connects as normal and the second as observer to VATSIM. It still allows you to communicate with controllers and see traffic that way. 4. Yes, but its a lot easier to use a VPN like Hamachi, tungle, etc.
  3. AndyEEF

    Support Down?

    When I last did a ticket which was about march time if I remember, the response was within 24h or so. Have they got back to you yet?
  4. Hello! As the thread title states, I'm looking for a co-pilot in the 737 or 777 on FSX (not P3D). I have both paid and free versions and have flown a couple of times before with various people with success. Example video of a flight on VATSIM with shared cockpit: Please reply in this thread or reach me on email at: if interested! I can also be reached on steam: Other people who I know who share cockpit: Jezzy776 (Steam name) Thank you!
  5. AndyEEF

    PMDG Shared cockpit payware

    I've flown it a few times and I have to say it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. The synchronisation in the payware version is much better than the free version that you can download from their website. A twitch stream rip I made a while ago (using the free version) shows it in action on VATSIM: Another shows the same but in the payware version flying the 777: Some problems arise during that flight with the FMC synchronisation since we both had different nav cycles installed, and the FO hadn't got the desk pilot FMC panel installed properly. Otherwise it works fine. A thing I really like when doing flights in the payware version is you can switch from pilot flying to pilot monitoring really easily, which makes it quite handy in long haul flights or on VATSIM in a busy area.
  6. AndyEEF

    PMDG Desk Pilots looking for flights

    Still wanting to fly? Didn't get a friend invite on steam. If you want shoot me a message with when you want to try it out
  7. AndyEEF

    PMDG Desk Pilots looking for flights

    Sign me up! Been flying shared cockpit with the free version for a while now. Add me on steam and we can sort something out
  8. AndyEEF

    News on the DP Pro Edition!

    Any ETA on the retailers sorting the links out?
  9. AndyEEF

    News on the DP Pro Edition!

    Website has been updated! "RTM version has been sent to retailers. Links will be live soon"
  10. AndyEEF

    News on the DP Pro Edition!

    I sent an email on the 20th and the reply was: "We're currently finishing the manuals and applying some touches on the PMS gauge. Recently our dev machine had a HDD failure (OS).. Sadly this has caused some setbacks with the whole project and we won't be able to replace the drive for at least 6-9 days. I'm able to continue development but testing cannot be completed without the primary dev machine" Should be soon!
  11. AndyEEF

    News on the DP Pro Edition!

    Still no update... :(
  12. AndyEEF

    PMDG Shared cockpit

    It does work in the NGX :wink: Read post above! Andrew Cooper
  13. AndyEEF

    PMDG Shared cockpit

    It works by connecting the two pilots together first in FSX standard "share cockpit" multiplayer mode, then synchronising the inputs of buttons/switches to the second person via the SDK. In essence it tricks the sim into thinking the inputs from the other pilot are from your own inputs as if you had made your own real world cockpit and pressed it there. What this means for example is say the first officer sets the MCP heading say, 10 degrees left. At the same time in the captain's sim, it would also show 10 degrees left. The only thing that isn't synchronised is FMC inputs and a few other things like cruise altitude/landing altitude setting on the overhead. You can basically fly the plane as a real life crew might do. You could also if you wanted to, switch control of the aircraft to the first officer and allow him to be pilot flying via the "Shift-T" function in FSX multiplayer. I've done it a few times with other people ie. having captain (me) fly the first leg, while first officer is pilot monitoring (switches, manipulating the MCP). Then, on approach/landing, allow the first officer to land the plane while captain controls the MCP. It's pretty fun. Andrew Cooper
  14. AndyEEF

    PMDG Shared cockpit

    Oops, forgot to sign post with name at the end. Anyway what I posted before: I've been using a program called desk pilot that lets you share the cockpit in the 737. It's sometimes a little frustrating to get working, but when it does work its well worth the effort. They are going to be releasing a payware version soon that will also work with the 777 as well. If you wanted to give it a go shoot me a PM! Andrew Cooper