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  1. gman1986


    When the V4 version eventually gets realeased, will it be free for previous P3D owners?
  2. gman1986

    FSGlobal 2010 in V4

    Sorry but could somebody help. I currently have FSGlobal 2010 installed on P3DV3, how do I make V4 use the scenery in from V3? Gavin
  3. gman1986

    FSGlobal 2010 in V4

    Thanks everyone
  4. gman1986

    FSGlobal 2010 in V4

    Hi, Has anybody got FSGlobal 2010 working in P3DV4? Regards
  5. The new PMDG QOTS is absolutely beautiful both inside and out.
  6. gman1986

    FSLabs A320 for P3D - so is it worth it?

    I think you can save panel states and just load them from the Addons menu?
  7. What is wrong with the current NGX?
  8. wow, that's an awesome setup. Great find and share!
  9. gman1986

    PF3 ATC Program thoughts

    I bought it probably over a year ago now so guess it doesn't apply to me.
  10. gman1986

    PF3 ATC Program thoughts

    Do previous owners of PFE have to pay full price for PF3?
  11. Hi Steve So are you recommending to just use ASN with these settings and use 0,1,3,7 for the rest ie ezca and trackir like on David's original post? Cheers
  12. gman1986

    My Traffic 6

    Ok thanks
  13. gman1986

    My Traffic 6

    what does copying the sdk file to the mytraffic folder actually do? I hadn't originally done this and I had traffic in P3D what will the difference be now I have copied the file over?
  14. gman1986

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Thank you Tom for all you have done for us and may you rest in peace. My thoughts are with your family and friends. Gavin