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  1. Sounds like the ELT was set off during your hard Landing , I think it's near the bottom left of the panel
  2. Next pics are not using FS2CREW v4.2 .. all is normal , the bottom one i had just vacated and stowed the spoilers and the top one is after shut down around 9 mins .
  3. OK I have done two flights again using V4.2 of the button version , a short IFR CCT at EGKK starting from cold and dark each time ...these are the pics from the FS2CREW 4.2 flight .. i had vacated and just stowed the spoilers.. As you can see there is an orange T/O speed warning in the ECAM .. The other pic is once parked engines shut down and timer set .. Round about 4-5 mins i get a load of warnings displayed.... i never had this with the v4.1 button version only since installing V4.2
  4. I will try again today but I think its linked as I never had that issue before the new update , ...I did the same flight twice again ,....without using FS2CREW I landed and taxied to the stand as normal without issues ....using FS2CREW upon landing I had that ECAM message show up ref no take off speeds set and after a few minutes of getting to the stand I had a load of warnings going off , I will try again today and see if the same thing happens, will get some pics as well , the 4.2 update refs something to do with the TO config button so just seems a coincidence that the error I'm getting is to do with take offs even after I land. Rich
  5. Hi Today was my first flight with the new update, everything went fine until I landed … After I landed and the FO did his checks there was a new message in the ECAM saying T/O speeds not set … When i parked up at the stand after a few mins i had all these warnings going off and could not turn them off … i will get a screenshot next time, ... I did another flight without FS2CREw and had none of these errors... any chance i can revert to 4.1 at all please?
  6. Hi Richard, fyi, beta feedback is to be submitted via email, not posted in the forum 😉


  7. Hi Just wondering...is there a way to show the top down display without showing any weather effects? ....reason is a few times during some bad visibility recently I've been unable to see the taxiway lines to help me plot a pushback due to fog etc so had to revert to the old way. Thanks Rich
  8. I use the Button version all the time and never had an issue with it set to just one SOP.
  9. Hi Is it ok to use UGCX in both P3D4.5 and P3D5 at the same time as they seem to use the same scenery folder in the AppData/Roaming/Ultimate Ground crew X directory...... i would think there may be a clash in that some scenery i use in 4.5 won't be in v5 etc... or have i installed it wrong?... been using the 4.5 version then brought P3D5 today and installed UGCX again without uninstalling into V5 Thanks Rich
  10. Thanks for the replies you two ... keep up the great work, really like your products. A credit to the Flight sim community Rich
  11. It dosnt work in FSX as well unless you add a DLL file which is missing from the installer
  12. It's still the same after numerous emails to them , all I get is the same automated reply saying it will be updated at some point .....do they even bother to read the emails or are they just concerned in making new Aircraft leaving the old ones with bugs....not very good customer service if you ask me, take your money and run kind of company.
  13. Are u planning on adding a custom pushback option like in UGCX? Reason is I can think it could add to the workload while you are doing your check lists ...starting the Engines... and having to control the pushback as well etc , it's the only feature missing that would make it a instant buy for me , in UGCX I can plot the push back route then concentrate on running the check lists etc . Thanks Rich
  14. Hi Has this replaced UGCX? Thanks Rich
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