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  1. yeah, that's fine I will just set it manually as part of the flows, no hardship Thanks
  2. No it was after i made a custom route .. That screen was closed so its back to the cockpit and you get the grey box with options to wait a few mins or push back etc, i will reinstall UGCX just to be sure it's not got corrupt somehow and report back.
  3. In the descent passing Transition the FS is not setting the correct QNH on his side , I have to do it for him....Aerosoft Airbus button version. Thanks Rich
  4. P3D default external view or one of the Aerosoft Camera views .... i used the first wing/engine view......without UGCX there're no issues switching views.
  5. Hi I seem to be getting a CTD using the Aerosoft A330,... once i start UGCX it connects fine and pushes back but if i go to an external view it CTDs,...eg once its connected and you then have to click on an option to push back or be ready to go etc if you select an external view it will CTD ....no CTDs without using UGCX... or if i dont use an external view then no CTD. Thanks Rich
  6. Update was caused by UGCX .. Just tried it again loading up one at a time, no CTD with FS2CREW but did once UGCX was loaded , will post on the forum.
  7. I have had a few crashes with the A330 which only seems to happen with FS2CREW active and UGCX .....at the stand ... while both are running click on one of the view options at the top right .. eg first wing/engine view...i have had a CTD when doing this the past few flights
  8. Hi Byran A few flights done now and working as it should, thank you very much for fixing the error, .... and after looking over the posts it looks like i may have come over a little pushy which wasn't the case , just not very good at trying to describe the issue i had… so sorry if it came cross like that but it really was not meant to. Thanks and stay safe Rich
  9. Thanks for that :)) fantastic customer service as always
  10. Yeah, i know that …....."TA only" should also display on the ND in a white box as per the above pics and vid when set correctly for departure .... it does using Aerosoft Airbus default FO .. Does on the FSLABs Airbus as i asked my mate to check what's on the ND when the Transponder is set for dep but it dosnt when using the FS2CRew version thou
  11. Hi This is what the TCAS looks like at the start while at the gate During the line up checks Lined up on the runway .. as you can see TA ONLY is missing on the ND How it should look after recyling the right hand STBY.. TA..TARA switch hope this helps Rich
  12. I dont have the 330 yet just the A318- A321 Pro at the moment
  13. I will get a better screenshot later today, the problem is if its left like that using FS2CREW then no TCAS targets will show up at all … to get it to work i have to recycle the transponder, it is as if the setting is not being set correctly vs the Aerosoft default FO.... If you look at this vid and fast-forward to 3.24 it shows the correct display on the Airbus ND .. TA ONLY in a white box …
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