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  1. keenrw

    Freeware airports working in P3DV4?

    You need to remove the 16C ILS from the default Airport, you can use Airport inspector from this site , I had the same problem with KSEA and the fix was to remove the ILSs from the default Airport so FSX reads the data from just the AFCAD file as there was a slight conflict.
  2. Hi all I know most GA Aircraft these days have a GPS installed but I wondered if any one has made a MOD that removes the GPSs from the PA31 to add just radios as I love to fly the old IFR way of bearings and radials etc . Plus with the GPS I notice the blue water display is nearly the same colour as the waypoints so I can't make them out . thanks Rich
  3. keenrw

    Yaw Damper

    I have this problem with the FSX version in that the FO won't turn the Yaw Damper on ...maybe he does as per original poster but turns it off , I have to turn it on manually .
  4. Hi I brought the 747 today and it flys nice but I have a glitch in the model when looking at the A/C select window ….the nose of the 747 is just like a skeleton , you can see a;; the seats etc.. but the rear displays fine . It also loads up fine so its just a minor glitch , my PC has W10 pro 64bit . Thanks Rich
  5. keenrw

    Font Problems with the FSX version

    Hi Byork i know its an old post opss but just thought i would update you , yes it was an AMD/Driver issue .... i have since moved to an Nvidia Graphics card and everything now looks as it should.
  6. Hi Just wondering what PMDG thought about the idea of reselling the legacy editions but at a cut down no support price? maybe about £15-25 quid etc ..... i have the two for FS9 and really enjoy them, i don't think my PC would be-able to handle the newer 747-777s in FSX but im sure it would be-able to handle the MD11 and original 747 so would love to buy these if i could, i am sure others would at least like the MD11 and you would be-able to make a little extra money as well. Just an idea thanks Richard Keen
  7. Hi It may have installed its (if its any thing like Traffic 2005) own set of Airport AFCADS that would have been installed at a higher priority then your up to date nav data , it could be a simple fix to just deactivate the new scenery area that includes the AFCADs from within FSX.
  8. yeah i know , ive down loaded the files but from what i can make out its just for the normal C208B , the Cargomaster has its own CFG file etc
  9. Hi I have the C208 plus the C208 cargo add on , whats the correct way to install it for the cargomaster version? thanks Rich
  10. Hi I still use ASE for FS9 and up until yesterday for FSX (ASN now) it still works fine and updating the weather as it should .
  11. I had an email back from them and yes there is an error with the Radio_C172RG_DLL file not being installed and they say they will be fixing the installers to include it.... so if you are missing that DLL file in the gauge folder then the fuel flow gauge won't work .
  12. Yep , the problem is that for some reason the needed Radio_C172RG_DLL file doesn't get installed causing problems with the DME and Fuel Flow gauge .Im waiting on Alabeo to get back to me on this issue.
  13. Any one with this problem can you please check your gauge folder and see if you have a file called Radio_C172RG.CAB if so i think thats causing it , there should be a Radio_C172RG.DLL file and not the Radio_C172RG.CAB as thats installed by error i think as i have this problem as well plus also a problem with the PA38 in that the Transponder ident light dosnt work , i uninstalled the PA38 and brought it again via Steam and this time it works and the only change is the correct DLL file has been installed and not the CAB file . So i think this is the problem with the C172 as well . Thanks Rich
  14. i have the same problem for FSX , the DME and fuel flow are not working , i managed to use another DME gauge from the C404 but the fuel flow still isnt working . Thanks Rich
  15. keenrw

    C172 RG

    Hi I brought this Aircraft from Just flight , it flys great but i cant get the DME to display or the round fuel computer, Any ideas please ? Thanks Rich