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  1. gwillmot

    Portugal Terrain by PTSIM

    Oops ..... there go the shore lines again!
  2. gwillmot

    Opinions on The Natural World by Howard?

    I'm the opposite ...... I like to support (with money) those who have invested much time to creating a product for all to enjoy. They usually are more apt to provide a more "professional" product as well as be more inclined to listen to customer feedback (I'm particularly talking about individual creators ... not the "mega" corporations). I concur that BirdsEyeView was one of the best (and original) texture substitutions, but I came around to GEPro after a few years. I think the continuing development of FS Evo even beats the attempt of TNW by Howie.
  3. gwillmot

    Opinions on The Natural World by Howard?

    Definitely not in the top two .... or three terrain scenery available.
  4. gwillmot

    Drzewiecki Design set to snub FS9

    Sorry, I've got a few more important things on my plate to pray about than "this" hobby. Now ..... have to consult Gilmour regarding building "The Wall" ........
  5. gwillmot

    Don't let this happen to you!

    What's our victor, vector?
  6. gwillmot

    Have you ever done this before?

    I see we have an aging group of members ....... it's a common problem. ..... now what are we talking about?
  7. gwillmot

    RealAir gone!

    +1 It's amazing how so many from Xville cross over the border to take away topics from the citizens of our sovereign land of FS2004 ... home of the loyal and brave. Don't worry, though ...... I'm going to build the wall and have FSXers pay for it!
  8. gwillmot

    FS2004(FS9) Screenshots

    Shake your monitor .... works every time for me ......
  9. gwillmot

    Ive just found this FE9Gv1.2 Fantastic

    Buying a new car wasn't this difficult ..... and it's not getting any easier!
  10. gwillmot

    FS9 version of Orbx

    Deja Vu all over again?
  11. gwillmot

    With a Tu-134 around the world

    .... and I thank you for your support once again .....
  12. gwillmot

    FS9 Payware Airport Scenary

    Last time I got lucky was 1986.
  13. gwillmot

    With a Tu-134 around the world

    Time to start a new topic.
  14. gwillmot

    2D panels or VC?

    What makes you think 2-D panels are dinosaurs? ...... AND ..... I primarily fly with a minipanel ....... in 2-D of course! Hands-on flying with a great view!
  15. Did anyone else catch that he is running and asking about FS98 (title and first line)? Did I cross into a conflicting universe and end up in the FS98 Forum? Answers and film at 11.