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  1. Hi Dear, Don't know if this is the good platform. I'm building a home cockpit, maybe you can help me to solve this problem. Do you know if it's possible to find out there a Remote GPS just like "Panel Builder" so I can add Rotary Encoder and SPST button switch. Thank you so much for your help Best Regards Imhotep
  2. Other note. On the two clients PC left and right (intell i5 with only one monitor 22") it's almost impossible to get rid of the virtual cockpit as it works for the front vue. The front vue PC has two monitors and needs to show front and front-right view (instead of right sit) :-( Did I mention both were tried out with the virtual cockpit showed and without it. One test with PMDG 737-600 and his virtual cockpit showed. Very complicated to ajust in the same time the cockpit and the outside view. second test with native Cessna hidden virtual cockpit . This is where ghost came back.
  3. I continue to fly with the ghost. He will never loose you
  4. Hi every one, I'd like to know how many times needs a pilot to go and check his IFR ability in real live. Am I enough clear, I hope. And also, what do you need to do to prepare yourself for this annual or bi-annual check in airline company. Thanks a lot guys
  5. Wonderful I will try it asap and I let you know Note that I use Input Director which allow me to go through all PC connected to my network. Many people said that they would prefer Touch Screen. INPUT DIRECTOR might be a good solution. All the best
  6. Hi Marcom, if you need a beta tester I would be happy to do it. Just let me know.
  7. Hi there, Here is the ghost aircraft. Looks bad, wright?
  8. Hi Dear I'm working on setting a dual vue. After being sure that everything is ok with my computer I opened Wideview setting panel and input all the vue angles number in both the primary and secondary. Sorry, I forgot to mention that it's about FS9 win7 64bits and Nvidia 780GTX After that I check on the "disable virtual cockpit 3D" view on both primary and secondary and also the "raise primary view"... When FS9 fire up, it looks good except for the secondary vue which shows a small ghost inside vue of the cockpit. My question is, did I miss something? Years ago I've heard about a "dumb aircraft" who could be useful to solve some problems related to avsim or any network flight community. How do I download it if possible? All the best Thanks
  9. Hi, Just to make sure that one can use MCE ULTIMATE with another voice program. Why? As Support tech mention in a previous email, MCE doesn't work well with PMDG within FS9. Unfortunately I can't use FSX with my computers. Three for the view and one for panel only. In a multi monitor config the views computer (i5) doesn't have enough power to show excellent sceneries. That's the reason why I choose stay with FS9. The issue is, when you ask MCE: "turn right heading 250" It shows correctly up left: heading 250 But turn heading 163 In another hand, MCE works perfectly for ATC. How does that sound to you? What is your advice? Thanks
  10. Hello I found the reason why it shows two runway. In the settings, In the Scenery Library let say for example CYYC I placed the two files CYYC and CYYC_LC in the bottom, just above Default Scenery and Default Terrain After reinstall every thing. For 10 days FS9 worked perfectly. Then I decided to put those scenery in the bottom "et voila" conclusion: NEVER DO THAT It was
  11. Something happened last time. After fire-up FS9, and B737PMDG @ EGLL (London Heathrow) as soon as it was ready to taxi I had to stop in the middle of the way to runway 27L. My wife urged me to put our little boy in bed. Thanks God I wasn't operate for the real Pan Am ;-) Before leaving the simulator, After fire up the APU, engines were shut down. I came back 3 hours later just for shutting down the simulator and go back to sleep. Guess what, I couldn't resist to start engines and finish taxi to the runway. Surprisingly, all stutters gone. 30 FPS and smooth. That night was so hard! I took off and stopped the simulator. Few days later same scenario, not 3 hours but 40minutes wait with two screens opened on top down view, two other screens opened on spot plane, and the lasts two others opened on tower view. This was the setup on the PC2, the one that operate view.(to operate six screens views we have three new views opened and undocked Front-Left, Forward, Front-Wright) During that time, on PC1 the aircraft was preparing for flight. As soon as ready, and obtained the clearance for taxi, the PC2 came back with cockpit view, hoping that the graphic card had time to compiled all sceneries. The result is pretty good, but the landing airport. Maybe some config needs to be reduced. Maybe
  12. But it's a 780GTX with 22'' monitor screen Sorry what is AA? :Whistle:
  13. The graphic resolution is 3840x1024 60Hz
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