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  1. fontuckydick

    Missing Airport Information

    OK, thanks alot.
  2. I cant find EGCN airport code in FS2004 flight plan.
  3. I want to thank everyone who responded to this question. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP :smile: :smile: Yes, you got it right, Dave. I will try your solution, thanks a million.
  4. My keyboard is not slow entering numbers. Its the mouse pointer that acts up once in a while. But if as is said that the interface is that way then I will have to accept it. Thanks for all the help.
  5. This has been a problem for quite a while in FS2004 (FS9) in Win7 64 bit. When I enter numbers (weights) for crew and passengers in all aircraft, I drag the mouse arrow over area in box and then just type in the numbers. But it is too slow and I usually end up adding extra unwanted numbers. I would like to use just the keyboard and not use the mouse for this but when I hit "Enter" after typing in my desired weights it doesn't go down to the next box to add weight for next passenger etc. I tried using "Tab", "Ctrl", "Arrow" keys, nothing works. Is there a way to, after typing in the desired numbers in the first box, and hitting what ever key to automatically descend to next box to add more numbers? Example: In the "Pilot" box I use "170" for weight. But when using mouse to drag across the box before typing in my numbers, I will sometimes display "1700". I don't know why keyboard won't work the way it does when typing in Word-pad. I hope I explained this so you know the problem I'm having, thanks.
  6. Thanks Joe, I will give it a try.
  7. Hello, is there an easy way to locate fuel islands for Learjet in airports using FS2004. Latest problem for me now is I cant find fuel island at New Tokyo Intl Narita RJAA airport after I taxied all over the airport in my Learjet 45 in FS2004. This is extremely annoying, please help, thanks. :mad:
  8. fontuckydick

    Question about installed copies of FS9 in Win7 64bit

    I don't know why I have a shared copy. Thats the way the desktop copy installed. I assume "shared" meant it uses the other copy (Original reinstall) that is in the "C" drive which is already renamed "fs9.exe. I prefer the desktop copy as it runs perfectly with all the updates and scenery downloads. Thanks.
  9. Hello. I have a question on how to use one original install of FS2004 (FS9) in the "C" drive of OS Win7 64bit. And another install of updated copy saved to disk (DVD) which I installed on desktop. I check the Scenery files from orig. install and go to "Cities" and open open "Properties" "sharing" and it shows they are not shared. I do the same in the desktop copy and it shows they are shared. I only did this kind of install because my updated FS2004 crashed, but not before I saved it to a DVD. The copy I saved to DVD is the updated FS2004 version 9.1 plus the new World Trade Center scenery, the new Gibraltar scenery plus all the add on bridges. I lost all the updates when it FS9 crashed. So I reinstalled FS2004 using the 4 disks, downloaded update to ver. 9.1 but couldnt remember how to reinstall the new scenery. So I just installed another copy on desktop from my DVD. Now I want to install a new scenery update for the Stmaarten airport. Im afraid if I delete the reinstalled copy in the "C" drive then the copy I have on desktop wont work anymore. So do I have to install the new Stmaarten scenery in both copies? Or just the desktop copy since it is a shared copy. Thankyou from fontuckydick