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  1. I am not doubting you for one second I am genuinely interested as to why you think so. Their 737 is quite something considering the constraints of FS9 and the 747 came out later so I would have thought it would be much more impressive than than the PMDG. I was thinking to buy the iFly 747 so this is quite interesting.
  2. Be careful if you use ultimate terrain and have the lights set to work. They block a heck of a lot of autogen. I only found this out a couple of months ago.
  3. Yep FSGRW gives you the option to load your plan and then you can get all the winds etc. I think you can download and have a look at it although I cannot recall what you can test in the demo state.
  4. Hi You could search for this in the library it should add contrails... AI Contrail Generator
  5. I second FSGRW very nice. It also has custom weather for some airports. Price is a little high but it also works for other sims so maybe if you are a person with other flight sims the price is not so bad.
  6. THANK YOU! I don't normally fly in the US but now I feel I should try a bit 😃
  7. Hello Is anyone aware of any light models that are just the light orb. I am adding some lighting to scenery however all I can find are street lights with poles, I was thinking of there are lights that do not have poles it may be less heavy on the system as it does not have to show the pole objects. Thanks
  8. After a few evenings of trial and error I manged to get this up and working for FS9 pretty well. I would recommend this tool very highly if you are using photo scenery. I have managed to get trees,buildings and even night lights. So far I have completed the whole of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire in the UK. I think in a few weeks I will have most of England and wales covered. If I do manage that I will share the files. The results are highly dependant on the open street map coverage, tree coverage seems ok but buildings for some towns and cities are not so abundant in the UK.
  9. Hi I would love to be able to do it. The only problem is it's using google maps satellite data and legally the images cannot be shared otherwise I'd happily do it.
  10. Hi I don't have the scenery but for photo scenery I usually create my own using FSearthtiles, it's really very good and doesn't require too much technical knowledge but a little learning is needed. Tutorial and links can be found here https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?17223-Build-Your-Own-VFR-Scenery-With-FSEarthTiles
  11. Hi I try and use photo scenery quite a bit around airports using FSearthtiles and I also have the old photoscenery installed for England and wales (shame there was never one released or Scotland). I have had the autogen files from a site called Shep's trees ( unfortunately the site vanished) installed for many years but the coverage is not so dense as I think most contributors used the annotator to place trees which takes an epic amount of time. However I am really starting to dislike the lack of autogen when using photo scenery. I saw something about creating autogen from Open street maps however in the fs developer guides it says its FSX only so I left it at that. But just this week my interested piqued again and I was looking to see if the FSX AGN can be converted to FS9 however when I looked at the scenProc documentation I see fs9 is supported! It's taken a coupel fo evenings reading the documentation but it seems I have figured it out I mamaged to make some autogen for houses but right now I am processing the houses and trees for a county in the UK, if it works I will share. Does anyone else use this and if so are there any tips or any super configurations someone wants to share? It seems we can do quite a lot for now I will stick to houses and trees but then I will see if I can get more advanced.
  12. WOW I didn't expect any further updates, that is really quite something. .....Off now to see what has been added/updated. Thanks
  13. wow! thank you😄 exactly what I was looking for and more :-)
  14. I probably didn't make myself clear 😁 I understand woai is not around anymore so not packages will be available. I'm just wondering if any updates are being released by anyone for aircraft liveries and if yes can someone point me in the right direction as to where I may find these so I can then use them to update my ai
  15. Hi All I have a lot of woa AI aicraft installed in FS9, which are great. Now that WOAI has been dormant for some time it means newer liveries for airlines are not available. How is anyone here getting around this are you painting the updated liveries or are there some awesome people out there still updating AI aircraft?
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