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  1. Oh great!! Thanks for this. I spent the last week doing some tweaks to FS9 and managed to get it running better than it has been fro a long time, then just last week I could only start FS9 on the second attempt, I thought I had broke it ! gotta love windows updates 🤣
  2. domvc10

    New FS9 scenery

    I seem to have missed something here. Looking at the map posted by Dedl I have none of these sceneries but word not allowed sure I will be downloading them now, is there one big package that can be downloaded for all or it's individual downloads? It's amazing. I have had fs9 since it was released and I am still feeling like I there is a hell of a lot of stuff I have not found to install for it yet!! (that's a nice feeling)
  3. domvc10

    Ibiza X for FS9

    EDIT: I found out the comment I made was not valid..ooops 🙂
  4. domvc10

    TrackIir 2 64bit driver

    Facetracknoir is a great thing. I have actually got it and paid for it a whole ago. It uses a bit much CPU for my liking but I did set it up on a networked laptop. Unfortunately it just does not come close to the accuracy of the trackir maybe a better camera is needed for me and i also had teh zoom issue like Luis notes above. Looks like I may ehave sourced the software now anyway so thanks for the comments. If the worst happens I will have to one day dig deeper in my pockets for a new one....
  5. domvc10

    TrackIir 2 64bit driver

    I know it has been asked in the past and natural point really do not support old hardware at all. Trackir 2 is ancient at least 12 years old. This driver was never actually released for it officially but it was included in this particular exe. I will give them a try just in case but I think it will be highly unlikely they'll send anything.
  6. Hi All I still use an old trackir 2 for FS9. I am using windows 7 32bit purely so I can use this device. I am contemplating buying a used PC which will have win 7 64bit. I have read that you can get a 64 bit driver for trackir 2 and the file should be TrackIR_4.1.028.Final.exe. This is no longer on the trackir website if by any magic at all anyone here has this file would they please be kind and share it. Also I understand I need the software for track ir 3 so again if anyone has that I would be immensely grateful.
  7. domvc10

    Real Weather still working?

    Hi I recommend getting FSGRW for weather now For AS6.5 It has not worked for quite a long time I was using it until it stopped. I found it will load weather BUT it is not the current weather, so it seems that it still works when you load it up and start flying. The only reason I found out was I kept having the exact same weather when loading. See the quote from the actual developer in this thread from when I asked about it
  9. domvc10

    Confused about scenery

    Autotrees is quite good at placing autogen trees for you in your scenery that you make from fsearthtiles. It's a bit buggy and I have never managed to get it to cover a very large area without crashing but for smaller areas it works pretty well.
  10. domvc10

    Confused about scenery

    Nice to see newcomers to FS9. Fsearthtiles is great I use it for small areas but you could use it for larger. the uk vfr scenery on CD like you have is fantastic, I have it for the whole country so if you can find the rest on Ebay I suggest buying it. I have used FSearthtiles to update some of the areas as its a little old now and for example in my home area some new housing estates where missing. There was a great project on this site, , however looking today it's no longer active. It was a collection of autogen trees so you had quite a few areas where you had proper tree coverage over your photoscenery. I have a lot downloaded so maybe I will see if I can somehow contact the author and he might allow it to be loaded into the avsim scenery library. It's a great shame we are often losing some of the great websites and there addons. I also recommend taking a look at this website for scenery it has a big list of free scenery. It covers the whole world and is updated regularly. Here's the link to the UK section. Enjoy your journey into fs9. May I recommend one additional item. Weather. You can get a couple of weather addons for your sim which inject the current real weather into your sim making it much better. If you scroll down the forum a bit you'll find a couple of topics. I recommend FSGRW but it's a bit pricey. (sorry for the topic divergence there)
  11. domvc10

    Weather for FS9

    Hi I don't think there is a feeware that will live up to ASE. I would back others comments though and if you can get Pilots FS Global Real Wx. It is really good and still supported for FS9. I bought it at the start of the year and like it a lot. It also works well if you want to run on a separate PC and network it, which is what I do.
  12. domvc10


    You are already in the official forum
  13. domvc10


    no need for sorry. I am very happy you are still tweaking and improving things for us all :-) I have downloaded and installed but with life being so busy I have not had the time to actually test it 😨Something to look forward to though!
  14. domvc10


    I see there are new files.... I need to test that when I get home. Thank you Sascha!!
  15. domvc10


    Hi Not sure why it's not announced here but according to another sim forum evo 2018 is now out, is that correct?